Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pirate in Purple and Burgundy

Yar, I felt like a pirate all day!
 Partly because of this new-to-me thrifted Danier suede shirt - it has ginormous lace cuffs inset into the sleeves. Not the best thing to be wearing when you're swabbing out the coffee carafes at the end of the day...

I bought the shirt/top/jacket here this past weekend, for $37.50. Yee haw for half price racks at the thrift store!
Due to the shape of the sleeves and the snug fit of the top, not to mention the stand-up collar, I didn't want to do a full, long or swooshy skirt. One Swoosh Factor per outfit - is that a rule? It should be.

Anyway, I went with this short, slightly-pouffed brocade skirt - ah, it's my Soft Goth look, isn't it? I've done it again. I last wore the skirt here in August (just beam me up!).
I matched purple tights to the skirt, then added my favourite burgundy boots and matching leather obi (matchy matchy heaven!). I last wore the boots here in October (with the matching obi again - so predictable!).

The stuff:
Yar, avast! It be pirate booty! Nah, it's just my Myka* necklace and earrings. I treasure these - they are hand-made in Vancouver and they are just gorgeous to wear. I know they weren't cheap (L bought them for me years ago for Christmas) but they are so beautifully-crafted. That means more to me than the cost. Oh, and L does have excellent taste!
*linking 'cause I love, and if you ever get a chance to buy some, it's worth it

Pirate shirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), skirt (Plum), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace/earrings (Myka Designs), obi (locally-made).


  1. Soft goth it is! I love the necklace--L does have great taste!

  2. Oh! Fire hazard sleeves! Those are my favorite. I love it. Rock it, ye scurvy scallwag.

  3. Sheila, I love it!! Pirate sleeves, yes, yes!!! You look great. The colors are perfect!


  4. I love your soft goth looks -- so textural and decadent -- every day we should feel decadent!

  5. Oh those dang pirate sleeves caught swabbing ye coffee carafes! Great top which lends itself well to your imaginative stylings. And I'm ogling your treasure. L certainly does have great taste but he knew his pirate queen could wear these the way they were intended.

  6. That top is beautiful! I really like the skirt too :) Such lovely colours in this outfit!

  7. Ahoy - you are a gorgeous pirate! Your treasures from L are divine.

  8. The most glamorous pirate I know!! The blouse is amazing--and perfect for you!! I love it with the purply skirt--and your pirates booty is stunning with it!! Soft Goth indeed!!

  9. L does have excellent taste. And yes, soft goth! I like it!

  10. LOVE the black top. And the boots really do add the perfect touch to an everyday pirate look.

    Also yes, L has great taste. I bet he could run his own fashion blog!

  11. I think you could have had two swooshy things in one outfit, but the top does command a lot of attention. Wow! The boots and the necklace are fabulous pirate treasure!


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