Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heh, She Said "Pants" Week - More Plaid and Some Yellow

Only one more day of Pants Week after today, and I'm saving the best for last tomorrow! I have Friday off for L's birthday - I'll include that outfit with my weekend post, which will include the dress for his birthday party. Woo! Party weekend! Can't wait!

Today, I wanted to wear this awesome yellow top that I got on the weekend: It was only $7 on consignment on the half-price rack. This jacket has been a good investment - it was $20 in late 2009 and I've worn it a bunch of times (last time here, here, here (check out the video of me and Inigo!), here, here and here.

The outside shot:
I love a patterned pant, especially a plaid. I actually don't own any striped pants (I have in the past, I just don't right now), but I would wear them. I last wore this pair here, for Leopard Week.

A shot of the top without the jacket so you can see the shape:
It's a fairly loose fit, but I like that a) it's sleeveless b) it's not too low-cut c) it can function like a camisole and d) it's washable! And it's going straight into the wash because my right armpit gets hot flashes (thank you, peri-menopause). TMI? sorry!

The stuff:
My cool shoes - I liked the mix of the snakeskin print with this outfit. You can also see a bit of the fold detailing on the shirt and the nice row of buttons down the front.

A close-up:
My mom's vintage 60s choker that she got "from some hippie" (ha!) and my own "vintage" early 90s earrings from a store I used to work at back in the day.

Jacket (Pelican Cove, consignment), top (Reitman's, consignment), pants (no label, Dots), shoes (Fergalicious), choker (vintage 60s, Mom's), earrings (early 90s, L.A. Express).


  1. Loving these patterned pantalons, too. Also, you are a consignment shopping genius.

    And finally, no. No, it's never TMI! (not in a stalker way)

  2. Great details in today's outfit. I like the yellow top. It fits you well.

    I also really love the shade your hair has faded down too. I'm definitely checking out that color you mentioned because it looks perfect to do my roots until I get around to ordering more henna.

    Happy Early Bday to L!

  3. The pants are wonderful. You look great in them - and the shoes....Wow!
    The yellow top has EVERYthing going for it, too.

  4. The shape of the top is beautiful and falls so flattering around your figure. I also love the earrings!!

  5. Dang. I do believe those are the perfect plaid pants!

  6. I love those pants! I'm always looking for pants with that kind of fit. Also, PLAID. Nothing wrong with plaid. :)

  7. That's a sexy jacket! And great find with the shirt.

  8. You know how I love my yellow, but honestly, I love everything about this outfit too. Each piece works perfectly with each other.

  9. I like the pants but have my eyes set on that pretty yellow top :0)

  10. Thanks, A-Dubs! Ha, good to know.

    Megan, thank you. Yes, I like this brand's "dye cycle" - it fades out to a nice somewhat natural shade.

    Dimi, thanks, hon!

    Rebecca, aw, thank you!

    Pam, thanks!

    Sal, they are pretty darned close.

    Rachel, thank you for commenting. I love plaid!

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Kristen, aw, thank you!

    Lorena, it's a lovely shade, isn't it?


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