Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mondo Weekend Edition: The Boob Purse, A Cat and a Tat

The last few days have been jam-packed. First of all, it was Friday, so I had to haul out some casual clothes:
Nice and simple; my Casual Friday uniform of long-sleeved tee with a funky tee (sparkles!) and some sort of denim (my awesome swapped skirt from Caro, last seen here). I wore my comfy sandals too - gotta have comfy sandals! I last wore the tee here, and the sandals here.
The purse is a new-to-me item - it was $7.00 in a thrift store. I snatched it up when I checked the inner tag and saw it was leather! The lining is also beautiful. I checked online and saw that Hype purses are in the $100-200 range, so score! I'm so not a purse person - I've never heard of the brand, but it looked like quality, and I needed a summery-coloured purse.

However, see how I'm cupping the purse in the above picture? It totally looks like a pair of saggy boobs! One of my girlfriends said it also looked a bit like E.T. Ha!

Long-sleeved tee (Plum), sparkly tee (Lisa International), skirt (Bebe Sport, swap from Caro), belt (Brave Belts), sandals (Indigo by Clarke's).

For the last couple of weeks, we've been corresponding with a local animal rescue organization to adopt a kitten. We had to fill out a huge application, be visited an approved as adoptees, but then on Friday after work, we went to see a little boy kitten who was up for adoption.

Can I resist a kitten?
Um, no. This is Vizzini. Vizzini, meet the blogosphere.

His name is from "The Princess Bride", one of the favourite movies of L and I. Here's a picture of (from the top) Fezzig, Inigo Montoya and Vizzini. Inigo Montoya is of course whom Inigo is named after. Vizzini is a vocal and adventurous sort (both the character and the cat). I hope this kitty has a resistance to iocane powder, though, heh heh.
He was very excited to explore our house, including climbing inside a wine rack as Inigo looked on dubiously.

He attacked Inigo's tail:
I'd forgotten how tiny kittens are!

He quickly became exhausted from his adventuring and crashed on my robe, where Inigo got a good sniff of him:
After an evening of socializing Vizzini with Inigo, I got up early on Saturday morning, and put on my baggiest dress:
I last wore this dress here, and I've been saving it for this very purpose: my next tattoo!

For comparison, here's my bare back (although since I have a tattoo on one side already, it's not really bare):

Three hours later, I was sore and swathed in plastic:

Of course, I headed off to Winesday with my fabulous women on Saturday night! I couldn't wait to show it off.

Here's a proper shot of it:
I love crows, and this was inspired by this painting that I bought a couple of years ago:
It's done by a local artist. Thanks, Leroy, for your fantastic work on my tattoo! I love it!

Dress (Lady Dutch, consignment), shoes (Wild Diva, swap from Caro).

Today, we just hung out with our boys:
They're still a little cautious around each other, but I think they will become firm friends.

Inigo likes to keep an eye on Vizzini from a safe distance (my lap):
Vizzini explores the deck.

Two kitties wait for dinner time:
Vizzini is mostly black, with a little white goatee, white whiskers, white tips on his front feet, a couple of white spots on his chest and tummy, and white boots on his back feet.

Isn't he adorable?Welcome to our family, Vizzini!


  1. Your new purse really does have that saggy boob quality, haha! And Vizzini is soo cute!!

  2. Oh my, Sheila, you are the Luckiest Woman in the World. That kitten is yummy, yummy, I want to nom him. It's great that Inigo (kinda) likes him already.

    I suspected Inigo was short for I. Montoya, and now we know. PB is one of my favorite movies also -- our trivia team is named "Rodents of an Unusual Size". : >

    Your new tat is gorgeous, so artistic and expressive. Like you!

  3. So much in one weekend. My head is exploding a bit. Fantastic bag, I laughed at the saggy boob comment. The color is really great.

    Omgomgomg, new kitten! He. is. so. cute! I can tell just from the photos that he and Inigo will be best buds.

    The new tat is gorrrgeous! It looks like it's 3d on your skin. The artist did a fantastic job.

  4. Love the dress!
    I was up-dating my blog-roll and could not find you !
    Now i have, than goodness :)
    ps. we have more tickets to Lucinda in July !

  5. Tattoo is lovely. Now. Thirty years from now, not so much. Enjoy 'em while they look good! Lynn

  6. Vizzini, LOL, what a great name. He is beyond adorable, and you can tell from the photos he and Inigo are going to have many adventures together. Perhaps with rhyming, too. Hee!

    Welcome to the internet, Vizzini! Hope to see more of you soon!

  7. Wonderful, wonderful news that you have adopted a kitten. I've been wondering if you were going to get another cat.

    He is a handsome boy, so nice that Inigo doesn't have any major issues with him.

    And that tatoo is amazing, so beautiful. If I lived closer I'd be asking the contact info for your artist.

  8. Ahhh A new kitty... Inconceivable!!!! They make a handsome pair.
    The tatoo is lovely artwork. Do you intend to plan some outfits to show it off or mainly keep it to yourself?

  9. Adorable kitten and gorgeous tattoo! What a wonderful weekend!

  10. Kitten! He is sweet and adorable. I love cats of all sizes, but babies are cute because they're all giant head and belly.

  11. I'm not one for tattoos (something about fear of needles... fear of pain... fear of commitment... oh that last one might just be because the wedding is in less than 2 weeks), you make them seem so appealing! I love the colours in it!
    But the cat... that's a commitment I can get behind! SO CUTE!

  12. When I read the tittle post I HAD to check out that "boob" bag ! Ha - now I understand why you have called it that name - I think it's fabulous and the price is even better. I can see your thrift habits continue ...
    I think your new kitten is gorgeous !
    I have never had a cat at home, but in our building there was a cat name Garfield whom everyone had "adopted".
    One of the neighbors took it to the vet, the other brought him food, another one bought him a bed, he was so spoiled ! and fat ! the little guy would greet us all and was the guard's day and night companion.
    Then one night a car ran him over and after being in the hospital for over 2 weeks he died and is now buried in the building's front lawn. It was really sad.
    Oh and just by looking at your tatoo pic, I hurt. HURT.

  13. Adorable kitten! I always forget how small they are too. It's been years since mine were so small. I love the tattoo! I want to get one around that area so that I can show it off more that the one on my lower back.

  14. Holy cow! What an amazing tattoo. It's exceptional, which isn't a surprise since everything you do is touched with beauty.

  15. Wow, congrats on the new kitty and on the fabulous new tattoo! I love how vibrant new tattoos look. And how cool that you got a crow -- a clever, interesting, and tough bird; not like some frail little sparrow. My next one is going to be a turkey vulture, if I can ever figure out exactly how I want it depicted.

  16. Love your new kitty! Totally adorable, and what wonderful matching names from such a great movie.

  17. Awwwww....congrats on the kitty!

    And I do see ET in that purse!

  18. Oh Man so many awesome things to comment on! Love the new tat and cat both are beautiful! It looks like Inigo doesn't mind him too much. I'm sure they will grow to be great friends. Can't wait to get another tattoo. It'll be a while though as I still need to solidify my idea.

  19. What a beautiful boy Vizzini is - we're down to one cat here now, which just isn't enough, particularly as the cat we do currently have only comes in for food then leaves! Hubby isn't being persuaded though :-(

    I love your new tattoo - I keep thinking about having a second, my first is a bit of a sad excuse for a tattoo, but I can never decide what or where! I want something I can actually see - my two butterflies are on the base of my spine and no matter which way i twist and turn they're never visible! ( and ignore Lynn, it will be beautifully aged in 30 years time :-))

  20. Gah! I so wish I wasn't allergic to kitties!!! I want that cat! Or any cat, for that matter.

    Alas, it is not to be. I guess I'll covet your tattoo instead. Now if I could just get over my fear of needles...

  21. Kitten - Awwww!
    Tat - Wow!

    I hope the next one will be Fezzik.

  22. Wow what a tattoo! The coolest bird ever. And the bag really looks like ET when it's on your shoulder :)

    The kitten is cuuute. Did you really have to fill out forms and someone came to check out your house? Though Vizzini is totally worth it.

  23. Hi Sheila! This is a message, not a comment. I would have e-mailed it but I don't know your e-mail address. You can delete this after you read it.

    On Monday night, I posted the biggest and best post of my blogging-life. It was two months in the making and it turned out wonderfully. I'm eager for you to see it, although I know how busy you are. There's no rush to look at it; I just want you to know I care about your opinion. I hope you don't think I'm being a nudge; this is a special occasion.

    I posted again today, so I'm talking about my second-to-last post. Hugs.

  24. Laniza, isn't it hilarious? But such an awesome purse.

    Patti, I know, I'm so happy they get along. Ha, I love your trivia team name - Princess Bride rules! Thank you, hon!

    Megan, yeah, tell me about it! Crazy stuff, man. Thank you! I love Leroy's work.

    Reva, thanks, hon! Aw, glad you found me - I will come see you soon. Awesome, Lucinda was so good!

    Lynn, thanks! Ha, "enjoy 'em while they look good" applies to so many things...boobs, legs, husbands. :) I hope I'll still be alive when I'm 73!

    Kristen, thank you - we are making all kinds of rhyming jokes with him. :)

    DM, thank you! Ha!

    Thanks, Alyx!

    Northmoon, isn't he lovely? Yes, we've been trying to find a kitten for a while now - I guess all that spaying and neutering is paying off for the SPCA. Thank you! If you ever come out here, I'll hook you up with Leroy.

    Susan, ha, thank you. I will be showing the tattoo off, but not so much for work, at least not until they know me better.

    Kasmira, thank you!

    Rebecca, I know - you can see when Vizzini's eaten, because his tum gets all round.

    Cara, that's cool - to each her own. :) Ooh, you must be freaking out! Soon!

    Lorena, isn't it hilarious? But it's such an awesome bag - so soft and it holds tons of stuff. Aw, kitties are wonderful, but I know you love your dogs. Poor Garfield. Tattoos are only painful for a little while. :)

    Thank you, Charlotte! I like being able to show a peek of my tattoo.

    Ally, thank you! Aw, you're such a sweetheart. :)

    Audi, thank you so much! I love the colour on this one - it makes me want to colour up my salamander some more. I love crows - they are so smart. A turkey vulture would be awesome.

    Thank you, ABD! And thank you for reading and commenting!

    Thanks, Anat - we debated calling him Fezzig but Vizzini suited him more. Thank you for commenting and reading my blog. :)

    Wendy, thanks! Ha!

    Alison, it's been a little insane! Thank you! Take your time on the tattoo, no rush.

    Tat, thank you - aw, no more cats for you? Thank you, re: the tattoo. I know what you mean - my first one was the one that meant something, but this one was the one I really got into. I do miss being able to see it!

    Erin, I'll post lots of pictures of him - it will feel like you have a cat, ha! Go for temporary tattoos - all the fun, no committment. :)

    Thank you, Jude. We thought about Fezzig for him, but Vizzini was better.

    Tanya, thank you! Ha, ET the bag. Yes, we really had to fill out a 4 page form, and we were visited by a lady to check us out.

    Thanks, Paula!

    Thank you, Jodi!

    Ally, you are totally not being a nudge. I feel bad for not stopping by sooner. :)

  25. Beautiful tatoo, and I love that it was inspired by original art!

    The purse reminded me of a butt in baggy leather pants!

  26. Thank you, 'Doll! Ha, the purse does look like a butt!


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