Friday, June 10, 2011

Casual Friday - Urban Cowgirl

Woo! Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, I really wanted to wear this new skirt that I got at Dots (same time as these awesome polka dot pants):
I'll be wearing this under other skirts come cold weather, but it's fully lined and was wonderfully breezy and cool to wear today. I love the sheer strips layered with the solid strips (you can see them a bit in the above picture).

The skirt (like the polka dot pants) is also Noa Noa (I'm a total convert - their clothing is superb quality), and it was also $18. It was regular Dots price of $49.99, and regular retail of $125.

Check this out - it was a salesman sample:
I love the colour names. This skirt is Honor and I bet Jeep is an olive green. What colours do you think Cadet, Memoria and Sweetheart are?

The outside shot:
Isn't that a lovely blue?

The blouse is this one (lots of detail pictures - I'm Queen of Faeries!), and this is one of my denim vests (last seen here).

The stuff: I liked how the "urban" accents in the accessories kept this outfit from looking too country or too girly. I last wore these boots here.

Vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), blouse (no label, consignment), skirt (Noa Noa), belt (Gap), shoes (Libby Edelman), bracelet (Jacob).


  1. Fabulous full skirt. I wish I knew of some place to even check out Noa Noa irl. They seem to have tons of funky awesome clothes. Those boots are awesome. Cowgirl with an edge.

    I bet Cadet is maybe a light blue color, Memoria mayyybe purple? and Sweetheart is probably a pink or red. Just guessing.

  2. I love the way you styled this skirt!! Any time you visit us here in Texas, wear this outfit and you will fit right in!! I also love the names of the clothing...makes it a bit more fun! You look fabulous!

  3. Thanks for the support in your last comment, Sheila. I was getting a little worried that maybe I alienate people with my language. That's why I chose that letter to address in the first place. You put my mind at ease.

    Sweetheart HAS to be pink! Cadet is probably military-color (drab olive or brown) and Memoria is possibly maroon. Fun game!

  4. So pretty. I do love the Noa Noa stuff you and Audi have. Romantic and edgy at the same time. I'll have to keep my eye out to see some in person. My new love is to shop the Goodwill $1.49 sale days. I bought a brand new Merona dress last week and wore it to an interview. (I also walked away with 3 black skirts too, cuz you can never have enough completely different black skirts...hehe!!)

  5. That is one fab funky skirt, and the price is unbelievable! Good going! You look smashing; Debra Winger, eat your heart out (are you old enough to remember her in that movie?) xoxox -Patti

  6. I love finding samples at Winners or the thrift store. It makes me feel like I am part of the design process... and it's kinda special because it might be the only one available. I am a sucker for that 'I am the only'crap....:)

  7. I like your Noa Noa items, that brand is unheard of here.
    Those names are so much fun -
    I am thinking cadet is blue, memoria is mustard and sweetheart is probably a light pink.

  8. Blogger, please lemme comment!!! Grrr!

    Next try:

    I love the outfit! Because it's cowgirly and I really, really love outfits with a cowgirl-feel to them.

  9. Thanks, Megan. Aw, I hope you find some 'in person' - the quality is A+. Good guesses!

    Pam, thank you, hon. That's good to know!

    Ally, no worries - please ignore those people, they are not worth it. *hug*

    Thanks, Alison - Audi inspired me to look for this, and I'm lucky that my local store has some. I wish our Goodwills had those days!

    Patti, thank you! Ha, yes, I am old enough!!

    Jentine, me too - I know, I am such a sucker for something if I think it's unique.

    Lorena, thanks, that's too bad! Ooh, memoria as mustard, interesting pick.

    Sal Kaye, has it been messing up again? Thank you!

    Kristen, I know, I love them.


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