Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Outfits - WW and Fashion Show

Edit: These are some pictures from the fashion show, of the outfits made out of rubber tubing mentioned below.

The male model's entrance:
Amazing body paint (although he did have a six-pack in real life).

He started singing opera to the female model:
Every detail on their outfits is made of rubber!

Then he took off a piece of his costume and passed it to her:
I kept the lady's head in so you can see the entire outfits. Amazing, isn't it?

In retrospect, I showed a lot of leg this weekend. What the heck, I'm only 43!

On Saturday morning, I got up early and headed off to my WW group (my regular "as a member" meeting). I wore a nice light dress and some funky shoes:
I wore my long drapey cardigan over this, but it wasn't really needed. I last wore this dress here back in February in a winterized version, and these shoes here (I'm getting a lot of wear out of them!).

I ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich before I left:

The outside shoe (with sandwich):
After my meeting (I've finally managed to shake the last 3-4 lbs that I've been struggling with for the last year - yay!), L and I went for lunch, then I picked up a jewelry repair (my 40th birthday ring had cracked) and did some thrift shopping. These shoes were awesome - my feet were only a little sore after 4 hours, even after walking home from town!

Dress (Gap, consignment), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), earrings (locally made), peanut butter and banana sandwich (Sheila).

I had a nap to refresh myself for my evening out with my dear friend Elaine. She's my "friend for doing artsy stuff with" - we had tickets to the "Art Attire" event at the Art Gallery last night. Of course, I had to wear my piece of art Desigual dress:
My usual photo spot had been co-opted by L, who was building Magic (the Gathering, yes, more geekiness) decks for his own fun-filled evening. This is our deck, facing east.

I got tons of comments on the dress - many people asked if I'd made it (no! just a good eye for a beautiful dress, thank you) and I was asked to spin many times to show it off. I last wore it here (winterizing it in same link as above!).
I had been expecting to pay for my ring's repair - but to my surprise and gratitude, the shop did it for free! They gave it a lovely polish too.

With the money I'd set aside for the repair, I moseyed around the mall and looked at shoes. I know, I shouldn't do that! But do you see these works of art on my feet?
All together now: Ooooooh....ahhhhhh....They are by Locale and I found them at Feet First for $120 (they had the black ones on sale for $79.99 but the red called to me). They are leather uppers and inners and they are a suede finish.

I like how they make diamond shapes on the foot:
That high wedge was ultra-comfy - I walked to and from the Art Gallery in them with no soreness at all. I'll be wearing them again this week and will do close-ups then.

Dress (Desigual), shoes (Locale), cuff (Club Monaco), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

The Art Attire event itself was amazing. We hadn't actually realized it would be a full-on fashion show, with a runway, music and lights! Everyone was dressed up - it was so nice to be in a room with people who love fashion, instead of being the one "weird" one in the crowd! We met some amazing people, artists and performers. Check out this amazing piece (I voted for it as best in show - look at the close-ups!) - there were a few steampunk-inspired artists there.

Elaine took a bunch of pictures so I'll post a few when she sends them to me. My favourite overall art piece of the night was a two-man collaboration. They made these post-apocalyptic/fallen angel sort outfits out of recycled rubber (bicycle inner tubes, larger inner tubes). The female model came out in hers, then the male model (complete with codpiece!) came out in full white/black body and face make-up and sang an operatic solo to her! It was incredible. We got to meet and chat with them, and I gave them my blog card - if you're reading, I want to model a rubber ball-gown for you!


  1. You're inspiring! Now I want to show more leg too. Hey, we're not getting any younger, right?

  2. Look at the lovely gams on Sheila! Great legs, girlfriend. :)

    And those suede wedges are amazing. Beautiful design and vibrant color. Great pick.

  3. At first I was like yay sandwiches, and hooray for multitasking - then I saw your Artsy outfit and my jaw dropped.

    You look amaaaazing! Those shoes and that dress show off your legs to their best. The shoes are a work of art. Seriously loving them.

    The piece you linked is incredible, and I can't wait to see more pics if you get them.

  4. Those red suede wedges are stunning. I want!!!

  5. i got news girl...after 50 you can show off those legs!! Don't stop along the way! I love the dress and the shoes in the second look..really cool!!

  6. Noticed those shoes right away - amazing, wonderful and perfect in red.

    And the art costume piece is most impressive. Looking forward to more pictures from the show.

  7. You have great legs and should show them off!! My legs look so much better with the biking I was doing. The bike is in storage now since we moved again. I have to find a good park of something to walk in.

    I love both of those dresses and the Desigual was perfect for the Art Attire event and the new shoes are so cool, love them in red!

  8. You look great in those mini dresses!! And needless to say I love all Desigual! Great shoes as usual! :)

  9. Oh my, the Desigual dress is so gorgeous! With the eye on your back! I love that you show your legs, and yes, 43 is a wonderful age to do it.

    Give me those red shoes! : >

  10. You are looking fabulous in those dresses !
    Plus you are showing just enough leg :)
    Believe it or not I am totally craving a banana and peanut butter sandwich - I've never tried one.

  11. Hey, when you've got great legs you might as well show them off! I noticed those awesome new red shoes right away -- love the diamond pattern.

  12. Wendy, exactly! Show 'em!

    Ally, thank you, hon! I knew you would love the shoes. :)

    Megan, yay for sandwiches! Aw, thank you so much. I can't wait to wear the shoes again.

    PixieSam, thank you! You can probably find them online.

    Northmoon, great to see you. :) Thank you!

    Alison, aw, thanks! Good for you - that's so awesome. I hope you have some great parks near your new place.

    Dimi, thank you, sweetie. I love Desigual - I want more!

    Patti, isn't it amazing? Ha, not the shoes!!

    Lorena, thank you. Ha, you have to try peanut butter and banana...sooo good!

    Rebecca, thank you!

    Audi, thanks!

  13. I'll look forward to your photos from the shoe. I like the shorter length on you--and really love that gray dress.

    But the new shoes--amazing!

    Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are a favorite of mine too.

  14. Working backwards here...the shoes and art dress are a homerun...the banana/peanut butter sandwich and WW dress a triple. I'm not sure the Art Attire event would have gotten to first base with me...

    Oh, the free jewelry repair would be a double and drive in at least a couple of runs.

    And losing those last 3-4 pounds? Definitely a grand slam!

  15. Ha, Rebecca, are you a baseball fan by any chance? Thank you so much!

  16. My favorite combo for summer: awesome dress and a killer pair of sandals. And you kill it TWICE with these!


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