Thursday, June 23, 2011

Navy and Paisley

Ah, Thursday. This means it's nearly Friday!

I own very little navy blue - I'm more drawn to loud colours. However, when I touched and tried on this gorgeous thin wool cardi in the thrift shop, I was sold:
As was the sweater! To me! Ha! I'm a card. It was all of $13.50 for wool (did I mention it's a very fine wool?) - the little ruffle around the neckline is silk, as are the buttons. It's by Mango Suit, and it feels like quality.

This skirt (last seen here) is not actually navy, but I'm pretending it is. Considering I thrifted this skirt for $7 back in January and I'm on my third wear, I'm feeling pretty good about that purchase. Cost per wear: just over $2.33.

On the stairs:
Someone at work was wowed by my shoes today ("Those are so bright!"). Hmmm...I guess they missed me in the yellow dress!

I tried a shot standing at the bottom of the stairs:
Eh, the light isn't as good.

The stuff:
Oh, sweet Tsubos - they get more comfortable the more I wear them (last time here).

A close-up of the groovy necklace:
I miss Plum and all their fabulous jewelry.

Cardigan (Mango Suit, thrifted), skirt (Dex, thrifted), shoes (Tsubo), necklace (Plum).


  1. Love that skirt, and great PPW! The statement necklace is really cool. I love navy, especially since becoming a redhead, but I never seem to be drawn to it in person. Pity because navy is vastly underrated.

  2. Yellow shoes! Why didn't I think to wear those today!

    I find it hard to pick up staples like the cardigan when shopping... I think that's a great find!

  3. I've got very little navy in my wardrobe (1 dress and 1 pair of trousers I think), because it's often hard to find navy items that aren't "old lady" in my opinion.

    This cardi however is definitely NOT old lady, it's gorgeous, as is the whole outfit.

  4. Please may I come and live in your accessories bunker? I love those shoes and that necklace - fabulous! And I'm a sucker for wool, so envious of that particular find.

  5. That red necklace is absolutely one of my favorite pieces; if you ever decide to get rid of it, email me! :)

    I am going through a neutrals phase, and one of the things that I really like about them is that they give other colors a chance to shine. The navy of the sweater here really lets the red necklace and shoes stand out. Plus the cut of the neck is fab!

  6. The necklace and shoes are fabulous! Navy is one color that I don't have a lot of in my wardrobe, even though I really like it. Your paisley skirt looks great with the navy sweater.

  7. I am wearing my TSUBOS - the same ones today !
    It's the first time I take them out of the house and I agree fully. These babies are comfortable !

  8. I love the shoes--I have a tsubo pair also, but not yellow. for the boring b=color group, I do gravitate toward navy blue, and it does look really good on you~Paula

  9. Thanks, Megan! I agree, navy is underrated these days. It's due for a comeback.

    Cara, you have to wear yellow shoes! I also find it hard to buy staples, so when I find a great one in a thrift store, I've got to have it.

    PixieSam, that's more than me! Yes, it seems to be an "old lady" colour, sadly. Thank you!

    Cat, okay, sure! :) Thank you!

    Kristen, it's yours - I don't think I'll hang onto it for too long. Thank you!

    Style Journey, thank you!

    Lorena, you wore them? Awesome! I'm glad yours are just as comfy!

    Paula, thank you!


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