Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orange You Glad For Summer?

I know, it's a groaner of a title, but I do love orange and I'm very happy that summer appears to be on the way, because it means I get to haul out my very favourite summer shoes.
Kitty is blocking the shoes! Bad kitty!

I really need to get some more orange and turquoise in my wardrobe. I am, however, quite full up of white/cream/off-white skirts - it's almost as bad as my black skirt collection, or my black dress collection (so kindly referenced by Kasmira here - thank you!).

This skirt is off-white velvet (last seen here), and along with yesterday's cream skirt, I also have this one and this one hiding under my dress (it's usually worn as a layering piece).

I only have one orange top, though, and this cardigan is it (last seen here).

I love the definition my legs get in the spring/summer from playing Ultimate - it's all that running around. Makes me strong like bull!

I can't stop looking at my own shoes:
In case you're wondering, they're a total of 5.5 inches. Woo! I'm tall! I like being 5'9.5".

The stuff:
I didn't put much effort into accessories with this - I just let the colours do the talking. Those are the most glorious shoes - they're called "Summer Fling."

Cardigan (Press), skirt (B.U.M. Equipment, consignment), shoes (Poetic License), belt (Nygard).


  1. Oh, I think those are the dreamiest shoes I've ever seen. They are the perfect summer shoe!

  2. I've spent weeks looking for boldly coloured shoes... I seem to have no luck this season! Fortunately, I still have some bright ones stock piled from previous years. I love those ones!!

  3. You are just all sorts of perfect this week!!! <3

  4. I love those shoes! I've had a couple of orange and white outfits saved in my inspiration folder for awhile. I don't care if honeysuckle is the color of the year, orange is where it's at!

    (Also I first wore my yellow skirt here:

  5. Those shoes are beautiful, however I would fall flat on the floor. I never think I look good in orange, but i really like the color, maybe I'll have to try it out. Unfortunately I couldnt wear those shoes here anyway-Miami Dolphins...

  6. You've got a real "sweater girl" look going on with that top!

  7. You have such fun shoes! You make me wish they all came in 1.5" or shorter versions (5'10" and a little bit clumsy).

  8. Gorgeous shoes! I love the color combo and those little hints of blue.

  9. Really amazing shoes! And I like the orange top with this skirt!! You look fab!

  10. Why would you ever want to stop looking at those shoes? They're so fabulous!

  11. Yeah, I couldn't take my eyes off those shoes either! Love how you wear velvet so casually, although I'd have to wait until it dips below 95 degrees before I attempt that here. : )

  12. I always say the world needs more orange! And glad to see you in it--you look great in it. And again, another TOTALLY ROCKING pair of shoes...and I love the orange and tourqoise~altho I could not wear shoes that!

  13. Wow! What a great pair of heels. Sometimes, you just have to let the colors do the talking :)

  14. Alison, aren't they awesome? I got them on Carnaby Street in London.

    Cara, this brand is smashing - highly recommended. Love bright shoes!

    Freeda, aw, thank you, sweetie. :)

    Megan, I love orange...I need more. Duh, I even commented on your post - what a dolt I am! :)

    Lesa, they are actually very easy to walk in (the t-strap and platform make them very stable). I wore these for our Dolphins party last year!

    Wendy, rawr, thank you!

    Lynn W, thank you so much! You can always find cool shoes if you really look. :) Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    Ally, thanks!

    Aradia, nice to see you. Thank you!

    Dimi, aren't they the best? I love them so much. Thank you, sweetie. :)

    citygirl, ha! Go search for them - they aren't hard to find. :) Thank you for reading and commenting - welcome!

    Sal, I know, sometimes I just go in my closet and pet them.

    Sal Kaye, thank you!

    Jude, thank you! It rarely gets that hot here, so I can usually wear velvet (especially cotton velvets) year round.

    Paula, it does! Thank you so much - I bet you could wear these. :)

    Laniza, thank you - I totally agree.

  15. What a fabulous outfit and, of course, I'm loving those amazing shoes!!!!

  16. I have the purple an gol version of those shoes and I love them to bits! Didn't realize they were THAT high though since they're pretty good to walk in! You look fab - as usual!

  17. Dcrediser, thank you - Google them!

    Thanks so much, Chrissy!

    Allison, they had a purple and gold version? Oh my gosh, I would have bought those! Thank you!

  18. I am so glad those shoes made their inaugural summer wearing! Love 'em with the orange.

  19. They're very you, Kasmira, go for it!

    Kristen, me too - although I guess it means they'll last longer, right?

  20. Shoe lust. Totally.
    You are looking gorgeous in that combo, it goes beautiful with your hair.


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