Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heh, She Said "Pants" Week - Polka Dots (and A Couple of Other Outfits)

Sorry for the delay - Pants Week wasn't quite done. As you can see, I saved the most fun pair for last:
Yep, those are navy blue satin polka dot trousers. With pink polka dots. And pink trim on the cuffs.

Check out the back:
They were $18 at Dots (I had a coupon) regular $59.99 Dots price. As they're Noa Noa, I'm sure the regular retail was even higher.

I did them with my thin pink sweater (last seen here), and my fabulous Fluevog Listen Ups:
I last wore them here, for Fluevog-A-Day. Heh, guess whose tail that is?

I've also got my Smoking Lily obi on (this one), and I topped it with this cool jacket when I was outside:
I last wore the jacket here. I got a few "wow" comments on the pants, but I think most people just looked at me askance. Heh.

I know the pants look like pajamas, I know, but they are more like a throw-back to the mid- to late-90s palazzo pants (anyone remember those? I had floral ones!). Also, they do have a waistband and zippered fly:
As always, superb construction on the Noa Noa brand products. Look at that lovely waistband.

I wore some of my vintage jewelry:
My mom's bracelet and my grandmother's necklace.

Sweater (Esprit, consignment), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), pants (Noa Noa), shoes (Listen Up O'Haras, Fluevog), necklace (Grandma J, 80s), bracelet (Mom's, 60s).
After work on Thursday, I shopped for L's birthday presents, and then L and I headed down to the local pub for dinner. Although the Fluevogs were fine to wear around the office, they were not friendly to my feet for an extended shopping trip, so I changed for dinner:
Much better! This is my leather vest (last seen here), my plain cream sweater (last seen here), and my tiered flowy skirt, which I don't know if I've worn before here...I thought I had! Well. I got it a couple of months ago for $11.99 on clearance at the Bay. The shoes are my Kenneth Cole Reaction flat sandals. Love!

Vest (CAbi, consignment), sweater (Trina Turk, consignment), skirt (Jones New York), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction), bag (Matt & Nat, consignment).

On Friday, L did his annual day off for his birthday - Happy Birthday, love! We met up with Nick, Casey and Cat and wandered around town. It was lovely. We had breakfast out (with special coffee), drank some beers and ciders, played a little pool, met up with Caro and Ronnie, and were finally joined in the evening by Karen for drinks at a rooftop restaurant as the sun went down over the mountains. I vaguely recall going to bed at 2am.

Anyway, this is what I wore all day:
Comfy shoes again!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), t-shirt (Montmarte, Paris), jeans (Jackpot, gift from Caro), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction).

Today, we played Ultimate for two hours in the hot sun, then grocery shopped, and then cleaned house, as tonight is the big birthday party! I have a lovely dress that I bought last fall that I'll be wearing. Pictures tomorrow!

I'm off to array the food attractively. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The polka dot pants are so cute and the way you styled them saved you from the pajama look! So cute!

  2. I think the trousers are adorable! I think they're actually really on trend for the "pajama pants" that have cropped up on runways (and I don't even pay much attention to "official" trends). I really love the color scheme you chose. Pink, navy and rich green.

    Sounds like L had a lovely birthday. Happy Birthday, L!

    I instantly remembered that tee was from Paris. I think clothing from trips can be that much more special. Can't wait to see your new dress!

    And speaking of new things, I must share my thrifting goodies from today. I found a BNWT Michael Kors yellow top and a Versace skirt for $4 total!!! My mind was blown.

  3. What a coincidence -I tried on a pair of high waisted navy polka dot trousers yesterday. They were from Urban Outfitters, but I didn't think the price at all reflected the quality (too expensive, not particularly well made). It's hard to spring for full price when you are used to thrift/consignment!

    But yours are so *lovely*! Like you said, Noa Noa are always good quality.

  4. Amazing! You can even work pajama-like pants!! The first one is my favorite! I'm becoming more and more curious about how on earth can you fit all your clothes and jewellery in just one house!! Teach us how to make our wardrobes work... oh great fashion guru, you!! :) :)

  5. Polka dot pants + killer shoes = FABULOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  6. cool polka dot pants- like the pink trim on them as well.

    I admire your style a great deal- and have to say that I always notice how you radiate confidence and self acceptance in your shots.

  7. You are smokin' in those palazzos! And again, the best shoes ever--just love those sandals in the last outfit. As ever--a style maven!

  8. I love the satin pants! Susie Bubble had a pair of vintage satin pajamas that she wore OUT to a show in New York City--a baby blue and pink. Yours are much more sedate. I love how you've styled them.

    Hope the birthday party goes/went well.

  9. Please tell L "Happy Birthday" from cyberland!

    And at the risk of sounding like a complete whack-a-doo, I have got to say that I want to 'pet' that green velour/velvet jacket! It looks like it would feel sooooo soft.

    I love the way you gave this outfit a subtle hint of 1930's Busby Berkeley starlet- the pants, the shoes, the obi- not overt, but v. effective none the less. So swanky!

  10. I have a leather vest too. Come to NYC so we can be leather vest twins!

  11. I love those polka dot pants! They are gorgeous and so are you! great outfit! I had a pair of floral palazzo pants and wish I still owned them!

  12. Those pants are really fabulous - and I love that brand too. You styled them *perfectly* too, and with confidence. Go Sheila!

    It's Inigo's tail : >

  13. Satin polka dot pants? I had no idea such a thing existed! They are so cute, and they look great on you!

  14. I've really loved all your Pants Week posts, Sheila. Not a trace of stuffy or boring in the bunch. These Noa Noas are the perfect thing to cap off the week -- what could be more fun than satin polka dots?

  15. Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes to L - he says "Thanks!"

    Thanks, Pam! I was pleased with the look.

    Megan, thank you! Ha, oh no, pajama pants are really coming back? Scary! Ooh, can't wait to see your new stuff!

    Secret Squirrel, how fun! I agree - I rarely pay full price anymore for anything. Thank you!

    Dimi, thanks, hon! You can always take a whirl through my closet - there are a couple of links on the right sidebar. I'm no guru, but thank you.

    Sarah, thank you!

    Alecia, thanks! Aw, that's so kind of you - you know a lot of it is "fake it till you feel it."

    Paula, thank you!

    Thanks, Terri! Wow, that's awesome! I felt pretty daring just wearing mine in public.

    Rita, thank you! Ha, I actually do regularly have people petting my clothes! Yes, that 30s look is awesome.

    Wendy, you know I will be coming to NYC again as soon as I can! And I'll bring the vest!

    Yvonne, thank you so much! Ha, they would probably look dated - wait for them to come around again!

    Patti, thank you! Hee, yes, it is Inigo's tail. :)

    Anne, they do exist - aren't they insane? Thank you!

    Audi, aw, thank you so much. I can't bear to look stuffy or boring.

  16. What Audi said! What a great week!

    Also, I'm heading off to stalk those comfy sandals.

  17. Thanks, A-Dubs! They are awesome sandals - I hope you find them.


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