Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Megan Skirt

I love having the same clothing item as a fellow blogger - it makes me feel connected to them. I bought this same skirt for Megan a month or so ago after she admired it on me. Look how stylin' she is in it (here and here)!

I can hardly measure up, hee!
I adore yellow, almost any shade, always have. It's one of my power colours, for sure. I first wore this skirt here, and this fab top here.

I liked how the dark red of the shoes and belt pulled that colour out in the top.

The outside shot:
Considering how cheap the quality of these shoes are (not leather) and how cheap they were ($18), they are superbly comfortable. I've had them for years.

The stuff: I just wore plain silver double hoop earrings with this.

Off to a Strata meeting!

Blouse (Jones New York), skirt (BB Dakota, consignment), belt (Plum), shoes (Predictions, consignment).


  1. Great color combo! You rock the yellow skirt just as well as Megan, too.

  2. Yes way, Sheila! That's totally awesome. I love the way you paired this. That top is great and I love those red kitten heels.

    In fact, you just gave me another styling idea for that yellow skirt. (This blouse) Thanks again for the skirt. My "Sheila" skirt will always be a sure favorite in my closet.

  3. Thanks, H!

    Megan, yeah, we're style twins (although over 20 years apart!).

  4. I love this! That skirt is divine! I too really like how the shoes and the belt bring it all together so flawlessly.

  5. Let me know if you're still taking orders. ;)

  6. Yes you look powerful in yellow! And let's hear it for inexpensive shoes that we wear for years. That makes me happy all over. Have a super-happy weekend. xoxox - Patti

  7. Thank you, Keely! I was quite happy with how the dark red looked with it.

    Sal, I'll take a look. :) Can't promise anything though - it was mostly Megan-sizes left.

    Patti, thank you! Amen, sister! You too. :)

  8. Love the yellow skirt, of course. :) I never would have thought to use the blood red and oranges with it, but you definitely make it work!

  9. Thanks, Kristen! Ooh, I like "blood red and oranges" - such an inspiring phrase!

  10. I am loving that skirt and how you added those ketchup shoes (is that even a color?)
    I am going to check Megan out ....

  11. Thanks, Lorena - sure, ketchup is a colour! I know you will love Megan. :)


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