Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yellow and Grey - and Five of My Least Favourite Things

Firstly, I have to give a big thank you to my friend Elaine for giving me this lovely dress! What a sweet thing to do.
Secondly, mental note to self: do not wear the polka dot bra under this. The lining is not opaque.

Thirdly, I really like yellow and grey together! Woot! Here's some yellow and grey stuff:
That big bangle is a real gem.

Fourthly, Tessa Scoffs tagged me with one of those award-type thingies. I like being singled out, and I like to talk about myself, but I'm terribly lazy and don't want to pick favourites out of the blogs that I browse (at least not until it's time for Major Awards again, heh heh), so if you feel like participating, please do. Fill your boots!

Five of My Least Favourite Things (in no particular order):

1. Parsnips. Mutant carrots. Horrid alien white roots. Yucky taste. Don't even try to convince me otherwise.

2. Cleaning. My mom taught me that there are more important things in life than having a spotless house. She taught me that you can pay other people to do it, for one (ha!). I do periodic massive cleans (and I get right into the details, dusting with a paintbrush even) but eh, *shrug*, I really just don't like it. Thank god for dishwashers.

3. Intolerance. I am really a "live and let live" kind of person. As long as what you do doesn't harm other people, I have no problem with it. One of the worst feelings in the world is finding out someone you know is closed-minded or intolerant of others' beliefs/habits/sexuality/gender...you name it. I try to live by the Golden Rule and be a good person - I'm not religious or political and I don't want to get into all that on this blog, but wouldn't the world be a little better if we were just a little kinder?

4. Babies. Now, now, settle down - I am not a baby hater! They are lovely...for other people. Or when they are old enough to wipe their own bums and speak coherently. Then I like them. Other people's kids are great. For me...not so much.

5. Bad Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar. Especially in a newspaper, book or magazine, or advertisement or other professional publication. Hire a proofreader! I deal with written correspondence daily - emails, letters, legal documents - and I am appalled by the horrid lack of regard for the language. I'm not out to change the world; I recognize that language is fluid. But at least try to make sense. Gah!*

*Ummm...and I also recognize that I am as fallible as the next person and sometimes make minor errors. I'm talking about the really horrid stuff, like "Ladie's Fashions" in a store window, not typos.

Suit jacket (Max Studio), Dress (Jacob, gift from Elaine), shoes (Fioni, thrifted), earrings (don't remember), bangle (thrifted), flower (Roberta's Hats).


  1. That dress is magnifico! Please let Elaine know that I take donations as well ...

    My dad calls parsnips "poison potatoes." I never thought they were THAT bad, but still understand the sentiment. ;)

  2. Love, love, love the yellow and gray. Very cute dress and the bonus that is was a gift makes it even better.

    I'll say I agree 100% with #4. Just not for me either. I have dogs. They are my furkids.

  3. Such a great friend to give you such a fab dress. I was thinking about yellow and grey today; I must have been channeling you.

  4. Love this print, I remember when patterns like this weren't considered retro........showing my age I guess.
    I agree with #4 also, kids are great as long as they belong to someone else. I'm like Alison mine are 4-legged and furry.
    Sheila, I really like your blog, thanks for stopping by mine.

  5. Fab outfit! And I can't stand close-mindedness as well...

  6. Great list! I wish I had written bad spelling/grammar on my list.

  7. Thanks, Sal, hah, I will. Yech, your dad is absolutely correct!

    Alison, thanks! My kitties are as close to kids as I'll ever have.

    Tina, isn't she? Can't wait to see what you wore!

    Chis, thank you, yeah, I remember that too! You're very welcome!

    watergirl, thanks! And what is up with closedmindedness in this day and age?

    Tessa, thank you for the inspiration! These are fun.

  8. this is absolutely fabulous and very flattering. you look HOTTZ!

  9. LOL! Babies :D But I kept telling myself, it's only 3 yrs then they can do it on their own.... right?

    Love the print on your dress :)

  10. Sher, see, that's the trap they lay for you.



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