Sunday, June 7, 2009

Special Occasion - L's Birthday Party - Peacock Dress

Whew! That was such a fun party! I love the chance to get really dressed up.

This is my lovely Betsey Johnson dress that I wore for New Year's here. I decided to accessorize with gold: a fabulous antique necklace and earrings set that L bought me for Christmas years and years ago, a vintage gold cuff, a very old ring, and my gold sandals.
The necklace:
Isn't that the most amazing thing? It's like chainmail for my boobs, haha! It has a small mark on the ball at the hook clasp, but I can't read it. I'm sure it's probably from the 30s era. I think the stones are Bakelite and the gold has never tarnished so probably real gold (I've had it about 10 years and only worn it twice before now). The earrings were converted from clip, I am sure, because the two hooks are different.
This is my grandmother's (great-grandmother's?) peacock ring. It's marked "Sterling" inside but no other marks. The story in my family is that it's a woman's wedding ring from the Orient (some relative was a sailor).
Ah, I found a link to an identical ring (the head seems to have been bent on mine, never realized that before) and the stones are real emerals and sapphires. Cool, it's Victorian, so 1890s-turn of the century! Wow, this is probably the oldest thing I own.
You can see the stress marks on the silver at the neck from being bent - it probably caught on something and someone fixed it. I would guess this is a British design, NOT a wedding ring or from the Orient - people love to make up stories.

The end of the evening...around 3am:
I abandoned my gold sandals (still nursing the broken toe a bit, and my feet were sore after a 2 hour Ultimate game on Sat morning) and wore my gold thongs.

Dress (Betsey Johnson), necklace and earrings (vintage, gift from L), shoes (Guess), thongs (Naturalizer), gold cuff (vintage, Mom's), sterling peacock ring (from Mom, old family piece, vintage).


  1. You look great! That necklace is stunning.

  2. Oh Sheila, I'm so glad you were able to wear that stunning Betsy dress again. You look so beautiful. The jewelry is really amazing. If you look closely at the necklace and earrings, if there are any numbers on there that should tell you what it made of. You could also bring it into a jeweler and they should be able to tell. The ring is really cool too. So fun!!

  3. You look STUNNING!!
    Even at 3 am...girl, you got it going on.

    Love the necklace, what a great piece...How fun to dress up.

  4. Your necklace is to die for. And it looks like you had a good time.

  5. Ahhh! I'm screaming over that necklace! I just love wearing a piece that no one else will have.

    You look absolutely stunning!

  6. You look Amazing! love everything about this outfit. from your dress to your jewelry....beautiful

  7. GIRL.

    1. That dress look amazing on you.
    2. That necklace is FABULOUS.
    3. So is the ring.
    4. Seriously, you looked amazing.

  8. Thank you, Chris! Welcome. :)

    Alison, thanks so much. I have pored over the jewelry, but there are no marks other than on the ball of the hook clasp. The earrings might have been marked on the long-gone clip-ons. I might take it to jeweler, good idea!

    Erin, thank you! I tried very hard to look awake for the last shot, haha!

    Thanks, Tina!

    Sher, thank you so much! Yes, I love unique jewelry - it just has so much personality.

    Diane, thank you!

    WWWYG - thank you so much. :)

  9. Gorgeous! I love the cute pose at the begining and the real pose at 3am. I think we've all been there :-)

  10. Oh my goodness, what a fun ensemble & jewelry! How can you not have fun in that dress? You look great!

  11. You looked fabulous on Sat. night. I've heard about that jewellery but I hadn't seen it before so it was great to see it.....very special indeed. I like the 3am photo too. That's how I looked when I left at 1;30.


  12. Thanks, Hillary! Yeah, I've been there a few times. Ha!

    Kari, thanks! Isn't it an amazing dress?

    Elaine, thanks so much - it was great to have you over! It's fabulous jewelry - L has such good taste. Yeah, I think most people looked like that.


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