Monday, June 15, 2009

Halfway There! Thrift and Gift Week - Dress Code Violation

I am nearly halfway through my year of No New Clothes and Shoes Resolution! It will be 6 months at the end of June, but I thought I would give myself a challenge this week: to only wear new-to-me clothes and shoes, including consignment or thrifted clothes/shoes or swapped/gift items, including jewelry and accessories.

This theme was a lot harder than I thought it would be once I decided to include accessories (not underwear, that's just gross if you think about, I won't go there!). I pre-planned all my outfits, but had to do a lot of creative outfitting (is that a word?) in order to stay in the parameters of my challenge.

But I do love a challenge!

This outfit violates my company's dress code, bwahahaa! (as Wendy B would say):
Action pose! I'm running from HR! My vest is a dark denim, which we are not allowed to wear except for casual Fridays. Screw it! I still dress better than 75% of my coworkers (and I'm being generous).

The stuff:
The lace blouse is new this week - I watched "Pretty in Pink" the other night and I was all inspired by Molly Ringwald's thrifted chic, which included a lace blouse in nearly every outfit. How lucky to find one when I went shopping yesterday! And it's a very slim and short cut, so I could wear it open as a jacket top.

Vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), lace blouse (Express, consignment), skirt (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Predictions, consignment), choker (vintage 70s, Mom), earrings (Book Club anniversary gift).


  1. That is such a great challenge, and congrats for sticking with it so long. I will be on a shopping ban for an indeterminate amount of time this summer (depending on how long I'm in between jobs), so I tried to stock up on needed summer clothes while the income is still steady. I won't need too much more for Fall/winter unless I have a major lifestyle change.

    I love your red shoes! Aren't they just the best way to brighten your day? I smile every time I look down at my feet!

    That's surprising that *any* dark denim would be banned except on Friday, even in a very smart, structured vest. I actually wouldn't have thought it was denim at all! It's incredibly cute.

  2. Congratulations on this Milestone! I love your naughtiness in violating the Work Dress Code!

  3. How does it violate your company's dress code? I think it looks so professional! And you action shots are so much better than mine. Do you give lessons? LOL!

  4. I'd forgotten you were going no-new for the whole year. What a star you are!

  5. fo shizzle? it's against policy to wear a denim vest??? hahahahha. that reminds me of some of the redonkulous rules at my olden jobben. and i was still totally way more fashionable than any of those peeps. w3rd.

    this outfit is really cute! i'm very impressed with your no shopping resolution! maybe one day i'll give it a try! i'm not sure how long i'd last though!

  6. Congratulations on making it 6mos into your challenge.
    This outfit is great. Can't believe they don't allow the denim vest, you look so nice.

  7. Bah who cares what HR says! You're a rebel and can wear what you want...especially when you look that good! :)

  8. Thanks, Kari! It actually hasn't been that hard, although I really miss shopping in my favourite department store. And dresses. God, I miss buying new dresses. Yeah, I love red shoes! Denim, period, is not allowed.

    Sue, thanks! Heh, I felt so subversive.

    No denim allowed, Sher, but I totally agree. For action shots, I put on music and vogue.

    Sal, it's been a fun challenge! Woot!

    Yes, eednic, unbelievable, eh? Thanks so much. It's been a good far!

    Thanks, Chris! I know, but if they allow one denim item, the next thing you know people will be wearing acid wash. And then we're all in trouble.

    Kaylyn, I know - that is my attitude. Fire me for wearing a denim vest, HR! Thanks!

  9. This is my fav of the week thus far (it's Thursday) -- a really good look -- loved it.

    I'm going to wear my demin vest too!(when the temperature in the office goes down :)

    -one of the 75%

  10. Thanks, Ruth. I'd love the see the denim vest! And you are one of the 25% who dresses decently, so shut it.


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