Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ruby Crystals and Teal Slippers

Did I say you can't wear rhinestones to work every day? Well, how about two days in a row? L gave me this gorgeous crystal necklace for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I put it in with my Grandma J's rhinestone set and totally forgot about it.

Never wore it. Until now!
I'm doing the "La la la, I got engaged" pose to show off another really old piece of jewelry (more on that in a bit). I haven't worn these pants for a while and they are feeling a wee bit snug in the thighs. Now, I'm good with my thighs as I've said, but this does serve to remind me that I am still trying to get rid of the few pounds that crept on at Christmas that I have not been able to shake.

As you might know, I lost 50 pounds over 2 years ago, and I still go to my Weight Watchers meetings every Saturday. I worked really hard this week, since I was starting to creep up to my goal weight (I like to be about 8 lbs under it), and lost 3.2 lbs - hurray! Even after my "free" day of Saturday (since it's weigh-in day) and Winesday (and know I was into the wine and the yummy food with the gals), I'm still working this week to get another 2 pounds off.

Anyway, wearing these pants was a good reminder not to get complacent. Bison burgers and corn on the cob for dinner tonight! Yum! And popcorn (with 1/2 real butter and 1/2 olive oil) for my late snack. Maybe a square of chili chocolate. Maybe not.

The necklace and the big ring:
The stones in the necklace alternate between pure red and irridescent finish (it's a strong turquoise colour, which is why I chose to do turquoise shoes).

The stuff:
I love these shoes! The flower popped off while I was on the phone today at work, so I glue-gunned it when I got home (it's missing in the top picture).

A close-up of the necklace and ring:
The necklace is stamped "Made Austria" on the hook, so I know it's the genuine article. It has a good weight to it, and I know L paid a bit for it.

The ring came via Mom, and I think it might have been Gram S's or pilfered from Mom's jewelry box in the 80s - I'll have to ask her when I see her on Friday. It is a very pinky gold (so high copper content in it), and has been repaired at some point on the band.

The setting is very old-fashioned with the prongs, and the stone is very worn down at the edges. It looks like it's been worn a lot. My research points to either garnet or red tourmaline - those are both fairly hard stones, but this ring has been around the block a few times. I suspect Victoria era.
It's stamped inside "BLG & SON" and "GOLD SHELL".
I couldn't find anything on the "BLG & Son" relating to jewelry, but found out that a lot of Victorian jewelry was gold shell and 9K gold.

Blouse (RW & Co., consignment), cami (InWear), pants (Club Monaco, consignment), shoes (Le Chateau), necklace (Austrian crystal, gift from L), ring (vintage), gold hoop earrings.


  1. Gorgeous necklace and love the shoes! I know you can reach your goal. I am truely inspired!

    Have fun at dragon boat! I've done it before. My brother was on a team here in Houston and he dragged me out there early one morning. I just couldn't make those early morning practices! It was a lot of fun though and a great workout. let me know how it goes.

  2. Nice the color combo of those with that top.

  3. I enjoy the background of your jewelry. Each piece has a past and a story to tell. And I'm eyeing that red top wow! I love that!

  4. Gorgeous jewels, lady. I'd love to see some shots of your entire collection sometime ...

  5. Love the jewels. Do it some more! Wear more rhinestones to work, I dare you! HA! I have been searching for the rhinestone necklace I wore to prom one year, I'd love to pair it with a scoop neck tee and beat up jeans. Heels too, of course! The shoes are really cute.

    Great job on losing the 3lbs! I lost 2lbs, 8 more to go!

  6. Sheila, I admire your resolve in keeping your weight down. I never had to worry about mine until I turned 50, then gained about 25 lbs. I lost 9, but have gained 5 back. It doesn't help that the husband is a great cook.
    You have the best jewelry! I love this necklace. I have some flashy rhinestone and crystal pieces from my Mom that she wore back in the 50's and 60's.

  7. Again, another great pair of shoes! And I seriously want to come raid your jewelry box...along with just about every other reader of your blog I'm guessing!

  8. i absolutely love (and will soon steal the idea) the color combination you used today. red top, turquoise shoes, gray slacks!!! perfect! all colors, i might add, that are very flattering on you with your skin tone.

  9. Thanks, Hillary! I'm trying. I'm excited about dragon boating. The practices are after work (and are 1/2 block from my workplace) and on Sundays at 10, so not too early. I will post about the races.

    Thanks, Wendy! I thought it was inspired.

    Thank you, Sher! I like preserving the history of my pieces and finding out more about them through research.

    Sal (love the new picture), thanks. That's a great idea. I'm off part of next week and I've been meaning to go through my jewelry boxes...

    Alison, I will! I'm not sure how much rhinestone I can get away with. I love old jewelry. Thanks so much for the encouragement - good for you! You can do it!

    Thank you, Chris. It's a constant struggle, as you know. It's why I keep going to meetings. Thanks - I love interesting pieces, especially antiques. I would love to see your old pieces.

    watergirl, thank you! I am just starting to realize what a great collection I have. My nieces will want to get into my jewelry when they are older, I'm sure.

    Eednic, please do, I'd be flattered. Thanks so much.

  10. Hey I recognize that pose! I did the same one on my blog last weekend. Hehe.

    As always, I am drooling over your vintage jewelry.

    Congrats on staying on track. You really are an inspiration.

  11. Love your outfit! Also, love the star outfit from teh following day. A fitting tribute.

    Based upon the color in the photo (looks like a deep wine red, more purple/brown than pink/blue), I think the stone is a garnet. Rubelite Tourmaline is a pinker color (more rasberry or violet ruby than wine). Rhodolite garnets also come in a more berry red that are similar to tourmailem, but with a stronger violet undertone. Depending upon when it was made, it could be a created ruby. I have one from the early 1950s that is a perfect ruby red, but lab created. ps... I'm a jewler.

  12. i would so dress like this for work if it were allowed

  13. Tina, I was thinking of you! Thank you. I'm off to my weigh-in shortly...wish me luck.

    Lain, thanks! I love that you're a jeweller - you are my go-to person now! After researching, I also thought the stone was probably a garnet. I asked my mom about the ring last night and said it was her great-grandmother's, so it's probably from the 1910s/20s.

  14. Love this whole outfit too - and I'm for rhinestones, anytime!

  15. Thanks, Christy! You can never get enough rhinestones.

  16. I forgot that you had successfully lost and kept off such a large amount. After two years, that's *really* an accomplishment. WW is such a good plan - I'm trying to get my family (and myself) to go back on it this summer.

  17. Andrea, sorry I missed your comment. Why can't you dress like this for work?

    Kari - I do find I have to remind people because they forget...and it was such a difficult thing for me to do, and to maintain. It's important for me. Good for you for taking control of your health, however you do it!


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