Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wrap-Around Skirt of the Gods!

It is still hot as stink. I'm mellllltinnnnng...

Normally, I detest wrap-around skirts. They don't have enough overlap and they open up when you sit down. I can't imagine why designers keep making wrap skirts that blow open at the slightest gust of wind and put our hoo-hahs out on display for all to see.

However, I love this one:
The inside edge of the wrap is all the way over on my right butt-cheek, where my hand is at my waist! Now that's some smart fabric engineering. It's also silk...but doesn't wrinkle.

I love the muted yet still vibrant colours in this: the green, taupe cream and brown/black. And another cool thing, the underneath taupe layer (with yellow and red accent bits) can also be worn on the outside. Pretty pattern:
Ah, amazing what a little Googling will find. Apparently, this is one of those "make a bunch of outfits out of this simple piece" clothing items - check it out here (click on "Vintage" and go to the 4th slide, ooh, and there's a video on the different ways to wear it, cool). I'm going to have fun with this...this would make a great item to take on vacation.

I also love knowing I got a bargain: I paid $22 and they sell for $59. Ha!

See? I was not exaggerating: Skirt of the Gods! Or goddesses!

The brown tie-top is also new-to-me, from taking in a bunch of my clothes to my favourite consignment shop for credit.

The other stuff:
Good 'ol Naturalizers, Mom's choker and some vaguely Indian-looking earrings.

Cover-up top (Guess Jeans, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Kariza, consignment), shoes (Naturalizer), choker (Mom's, 70s vintage), earrings (don't remember).


  1. Gorgeous skirt! I love the pattern and material!

  2. That skirt is glorious! And I agree that typical wrap skirts are just aggravating ... who wants to flash their ladyparts to the world at every step?

  3. Amazing skirt! I would definitely need the video to learn how tie it in different ways.

  4. Love the skirt. Be sure to post some vacation pics where you wear it in other ways.

    I always laugh at your "its hot" comments. Its been over 32 (90+ w/ 80+% humidity) here in Houston, TX since May 3 and will be almost every day until mid-late October. We've already hit 96 twice.
    Today is actually a great day. A high of 33 (92 w/66% humidity).

  5. Hey, welcome back, Hillary! Thanks!

    Sal, thanks - I have had so many wrap skirts and they are annoying as heck.

    Sher, thanks! Yeah, I'm going to have to study the video.

    Thanks, Lain! I will. Heh, well, we are pretty wimpy about the weather up here - it just doesn't get that hot in the Seattle/Vancouver area.

  6. I am totally in love with that skirt!! I want one. The colors and patterns of yours is really cool too. That green is one of my favorites.


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