Friday, June 5, 2009

Casual Friday - Shorts!

I have been on the lookout for some good work shorts. I have a grey cotton pair, but they aren't that good of a quality. When I spotted these at my favourite consignment shop, I was pretty excited - and they fit perfectly.
I also picked up the newest Glamour magazine and they had some good tips for doing shorts in a classy way (last thing I wanted was to look trashy). I did the closest thing I had to a low-ish work-appropriate sandal, kept the blouse more formal and then put the jean jacket over it all.

And I used my new bag, which is a gift from the lovely Vero (via her mother-in-law's friend - thank you, anonymous lady!) for all the clothes I've passed along to her over the past year. What a sweetie - thank you!
Heh, my hair is crazyass today. I got it cut after work (just a trim as it grows out some more), so I didn't really care how it looked today.

The stuff:
The shorts have a nice pinstripe on them to keep them dressy, see? I added red accessories (including red lipstick) to pop off the neutrals. I forgot my earrings at my hairdresser. Oops.

A close-up of the bag:
It has triangles of suede, plain leather and patent. And the inside is totally soft microfibre. Lovely!

Special occasion this weekend Alert: L's Birthday Party! Woo hoo! I'm breaking out a fancy dress!

Jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), blouse (Vero Moda), shorts (I.N.C., consignment), shoes (Joneswear Jones New York, consignment), belt (Plum), ring (Velvet Crease), silver hoop earrings, bag (Liz Claiborne, gift from Vero).


  1. You look great ... professional and smart and appropriate for summer. Nice!

  2. Yep, neat shorts - with fancy blouse! Trust you to know how to put it together just right. Loved the bag - it is certainly a keeper. Have a terrific weekend.

  3. Nice city shorts! Your legs look a mile long, especially with the heels.

  4. Thanks, Stylestance (and welcome!).

    Thanks, Diane - actually, I don't. It's all an illusion!

    Bonnie, thanks so much! You too.

    Kari, thanks!


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