Saturday, June 13, 2009

Casual Friday - Cool in Cream

I like to try to rotate items in my closet fairly regularly, so I'm looking lately at stuff I haven't worn for a while. It's been a long time since I wore this top, and a month or more since I last wore these jeans.
Can you believe I once wore this as a dress? Yikes!

The jeans make me laugh: every time I unzip them, it feels like the zipper is a foot long! High-waisted feels so weird.
My dear friend Caro gave me this gorgeous leather purse. What a dear she is! I love the colour - it's sort of an orangey-marigold.

The stuff:
My Fluevogs, my funky wood hoops and my black bead and rose bracelet.

Here's a shot of the purse lining (and my fruit that I took to work: kiwi, plum, banana, grapefruit and apple):
Have a great weekend!

Blouse (Vero Moda), jeans (Parasuco, thrifted), shoes (Fluevog "Ivanna Listen Ups"), earrings & bracelet (Le Chateau), purse (Tignanello).


  1. and lol to your poses! love them, as well as your dress, very pretty and springyyyy!

  2. Your pose is so sassy! I love the top--I'd probably wear it as a dress. :)

  3. Yep, I would have worn it as a dress....of course back in the day......way back LOL!

    Pretty spring colors! Love the purse!

  4. The fluevogs and the marigold purse are really the crowning glory to that outfit. It's totally cute, but those elevate it to the way cool.

  5. I love this whole outfit - you look great!

  6. Thanks, Diane! I get bored of the same old poses.

    Thanks, Erica - it's mighty short as a dress...

    Sher - yeah, it was a little young as a dress for me! Thanks!

    Alison, that's what I thought too - thanks!

    Thanks, Christy!

  7. The handbag looks just as delicious as the fruit!

  8. Well, it does look like it could be worn with leggings, but I like it a lot as a tunic top the way you're wearing it.

  9. Thanks, Mervat - yes, it looks like a luscious mango!

    Kari, I am averse to leggings: yuck, don't like 'em, never did, even when they were in style last time around. They just aren't me.


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