Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thrift and Gift Week - Brown, Black and ...Grey

When I went to put today's outfit in the backpack this morning, I realized that I mixed up my shoes: the black flats I wore yesterday were supposed to go with this oufit, and these grey shoes were supposed to go with yesterday's boring outfit.

Pulled a Sheila! D'oh!
But whatever, grey's a neutral and I think it works. Heh, Inigo managed to get in the picture.

The jacket was thrifted on the same shop as the BR jacket; again only $26. It's a wool mix, so I was a wee bit warm today, but I just love the fabric, the distressed edges, the peplum bottom and the little poufs on the shoulders. No shoulder pads!

I haven't been able to find out anything about the brand, though:

Here's a close-up of the chestal region so you can see the neckline, tie detail at the waist, and the fabric:
Oh, yeah, I'm posin'!
The stuff:
Love the shoes. The grey is echoed a bit in the stones of the necklace. I used to wear the earrings in high school! They are a pair that I filched from Mom's jewelry box around 1984 (they're clip-ons - Mom didn't get her ears pierced until I did, when I was 13. Gee, I'd totally forgotten that we did that together!).

Jacket (Lux, thrifted), blouse (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt (gift from Heather), shoes (Ralph Lauren, consignment), earrings (Mom's, 70s?), necklace (gift from Cat).


  1. Those shoes take my breath away...everytime I see them! Please tell me they are uncomfortable, unmatchable with anything and that you hate them...just to make me feel better! Just kidding!!

  2. Hehe, isn't it funny how mixing up one thing can make everything FEEL off - but to the rest of us, you look amazing as usual.

    I love the cut of that jacket!

  3. That jacket is amazing! I think Lux is an Urban Outfitters brand, but could be wrong ...

  4. Hey I used to have a jacket like that in (guess what colour ...) black! Good cut.

    Those shoes look just like the steve maddens I have been searching for, except for with only one strap (instead of 3). FAB.

    Now, if I could just get my girly back ... (I should write a song about it)

  5. They're lovely, aren't they, Mervat? Truthfully, they are a bit too small; they kill my feet. I really had to squish them on after walking home yesterday and I couldn't wait to get them off!

    Kari, it only weirded me out for a little while. I didn't really care 'cause I was rocking the jacket. Thanks!

    Sal, I just love it - it was a real find. I checke out Urban Outfitters; yup, looks like their brand. Cool - we don't even have that store in Canada.

    Thanks, Alison!

    Ruth: of course you did! I love the cut. Yes, the shoes are an awesome style.

    Get your girly on, you!


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