Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Vacation Week Treat: Showing My Drawers

Actually, I'm showing my jewelry boxes. Shame on you if you thought anything else, ha!

This is where I keep my jewelry:
On the left is my Bombay Company jewelry box. It is massive and gorgeous. On the right is my Gram S's jewelry box, and there are various bags and boxes and things laying about, like my yellow and grey snakeskin bangles and my hairbands.

Gram S's jewelry box is where I keep my vintage jewelry. I asked for this after she died - I have a few pieces that are hers, like the green/yellow rhinestone brooch below. This is the bottom tray, that pulls out:
I keep my plain longer necklaces on the left, my mid-lenth necklaces in the middle and my brooches on the right.

The top tray:
Bracelets on the left, necklaces and more bracelets on the right.

The smaller tray that sits on top:
I keep my earrings and small pins in here.

The big yellow silk bag is where I keep all my metal bangles and sturdier necklaces:
I love big, bold jewelry. That's like a treasure pile!

The smaller bags and boxes:
And now the bigass Bombay box. I have to apologize, the pictures are dark - my bedroom is not well lit.

I had to put this one in - I am totally cross-eyed, ha! The box open:
Starting from the top:
The top flips up, there's a mirror inside, and I keep all my good gold earrings and my stand-by hoops in there, along with my two pairs of studs.

The first drawer is rings:
I like that there's a jumble area, and a display area.

The next drawer is divided into three sections:
These are my brooches and some of my good sets that L's bought me.

The next drawer is dived into four. I store the bulk of my earrings here, sorted by colour.
I often dump this out and rummage through it. Fun!

The last drawer is halved. I keep my larger pendants, jangly bracelets and large earrings in here.
The bottom section is actually a deep drawer. It holds mostly bracelets.
The sides of the box open up and have three hooks per side for hanging necklaces:
Work neckaces.

Some vintage, my pearls and big necklaces:
My jewelry box is so much fun to root through - I often find inspiration in it for an outfit.

L also has a jewelry box, by the way:
It's also a Bombay Company box. We bought them for each other for an anniversary a few years ago. His holds his cufflink collection, a bunch of rings and some pins/brooches.

This is the top of my lingerie chest (which matches my dressers and our jewelry boxes):
That's another little jewelry box on the left, and those are my perfumes. I almost never wear it, but these scents have meant the most to me over the years.

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene - that belonged to my dad. I gave it to him for his birthday sometime back in the 80s and I think he wore it all of twice, for me. When he died, I asked to have it. When I miss him, I smell it. Grass by Demeter. I loved the Gap's Grass perfume, but they don't make it anymore. This is the closest I ever found. Salvador Dali's perfume. Shi by Alfred Sung (because a few people call me She). Tribu by Bennetton (it smells like tea).

Check out the Salvador Dali perfume bottle:
Cool, eh? I bought this in 1986, and it still smells amazing. It makes me think of going clubbing, wild carousing and kissing dangerous men. *happy sigh*

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tour of pretties. I'll be back on Thursday - I took a few days off work to recharge my batteries.

Tomorrow is Canada Day! Woo hoo! Happy birthday, Canada!


  1. You're so organised and have allot of jewelry.Can I be just a litle bit envious :)
    Happy Canada Day to you !!!

  2. What beautiful jewelry boxes! And a lovely collection! My husband doesn't want me showing off my jewelry. So limited photos from now on from me.

  3. Oh my God! It's like a jewelry store. And so well organized. I don't have a quarter of what you have and can't keep that untangled! I bet it would be fun to rummage through it............

    Happy Birthday Canada, ours is right around the corner too!

  4. Wait.. .where is the WENDYB JEWELRY?!?!?

  5. Sheila, this is a marvellous collection! I am so awed and in love with your Bombay Company boxes!!!

    Good job :)


  6. WOW! That is a helluva collection, lady. Thanks for showing us your gorgeous gems.

  7. Let's switch jewelry boxes, hah.
    Yours are so much more fun.


  8. Nurmisur - thank you for commenting! Yes, you can be envious. That's 20+ years of jewelry there. Happy Canada Day!

    Sher, aren't they lovely? I had a really crappy one from when I was a kid, so L and I made these lovely gifts to each other.

    I can understand not wanting to share photos of the jewelry. I have no diamonds or really valuable pieces. This is all costume stuff.

    Chris, glad you like it! I like to be organized with my stuff - it makes it so much easier. And I do weed through it periodically. Yes, almost the 4th for you! Woo hoo!

    I know, Wendy, it is a sad sad lack. I have to get L on it for my birthday.

    Thanks, Jen!

    Sal, you're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Robin, I'd have to see yours first...ha! Thank you so much for the comment - enjoyed your blog!

  9. Oh no, I have a jewellry box exactly the same as your Grandma's. Oh well, age is nothing, right! Beautiful boxes, beautiful contents. Thanks for sharing! B

  10. That is an awesome jewelry collection and organization skills! No wonder you always have such great accessories.

  11. How fun! This is like browsing through a treasure hunt jewelry store. I had no idea that your collection was quite so big.

    I have a bunch of earrings (about 30 pairs) and several necklaces, but most of my pieces are small & delicate. I've been branching out slowly into bolder & chunkier jewelry.

    Part of the fun is having a relative who creates, collects, & hand-me-downs jewelry. It makes for an a much better collection than I would have otherwise had.

    Happy Canada Day!

  12. Bonnie, that's awesome! It's a great jewelry box.

    Thanks, BAM! When I was poor, I relied on my jewelry to keep my outfits fresh-looking.

    Kari, I was a little stunned myself when I started taking pictures!

    I'm not a fan of delicate jewelry - it's doesn't suit my personality so much as big bold stuff. I am so grateful to have so much cool stuff from my grandmas and my mom.

  13. The Gap and Gap Outlets are (again) carrying Grass perfume!!!! It was my favorite, too. It's about $28 at the Gap proper and only $14.99 for the Exact. Same. Thing. at the Gap Outlet. I stocked up in case they decide to do something foolish like discountinuing the line.

  14. Your drawers has a good story to share. I love the way you express it.
    I know that some will just ignore it but me, I totally like it.

  15. I can tell that you a great person. I can see it in your things. You are so organize on everything. I love all your jewelries. They look gorgeous.

  16. Thanks, baby crib! That's very kind of you.


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