Wednesday, July 12, 2017

60s Orange Paisley

One of my coworkers today was so positive she had figured out my "theme" for the week: orange and yellow! But I don't have a theme! Just wearing the new-to-me stuff I've bought recently.
 I like to wear my new stuff right away so that I can determine if it's a hit or miss. Sometimes you just know!

  • Dress - Sacony, vintage 60s, thrifted; purchased here for $18.95
  • Shoes - Van Eli, thrifted; last seen here in August 2016 with my stained glass dress
  • Jacket (below) - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here in May over my zigzag dress

 The dress is a hit! everyone loved it, and so did I. It was neither too hot nor too cold.

I washed it the other night, and it smelled horrible while it was drying (that musty old clothes smell), and I was very worried that waves of that would waft off me during the day, but it seemed to be fine. I did ask a few coworkers if they could smell me, in case my nose had gotten used to me smelling like a 55-year-old dress.
 It reminds me a bit of a vintage tennis dress, with the swooshy pleats at the bottom.

It was cloudy and cold this morning, so a jacket was needed.
"I must investigate these things while you stand there."
 Vizzini totally wanted to be in the picture. What a ham.

The stuff:
 I love these funky shoes - they were very comfy all day, no rubbing or anything. Shoes can turn on you, just like that!

Black and silver bling:
Both the black metal bracelet and the hematite bead bracelet are getting their first wears too.

  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Hematite bracelet - thrifted
  • Etched bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Silver bangle - local
  • Earrings - Le Chateau


  1. wow - that dress is really something special! so special i had to de-lurk :)

    1. Wow, thank YOU! I appreciate that - thank you so much.

  2. People who get to see you regularly in person must have theories about your clothing-choices, themes being among them. If I was lucky enough to be in that group, I'd start your fan-club!

    1. There are people who take interest and people who couldn't care less, plus those who only comment when I'm doing something REALLY weird. I'm always happy to talk to the people who I see about my clothes, my philosophy of shopping local and second-hand and making ethical choices. I talk to them about how important it is to express yourself and to feel good about yourself.

  3. Ahhhhhh wow I absolutely love it !!!!! Dress looks DIVINE.

  4. That is a beautiful dress - I'm pleased it came good after the wash as it would have been so sad if you'd had to get rid of it because of the smell!

    I like that you were new items right away too, something I do as in the past when I've bought things for later use they are never as useful as I think they will be (with a few exceptions, but mostly it's something I try not to do).

    1. Same here, Mica - I was really worried when it was reeking when wet. I have had to get rid of a few pieces due to smell over the years.

      Yeah, to me, clothes are meant to be WORN, so what are you waiting for? The only stuff I delay on are party clothes - but I wear them at the next party!

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This dress! The print is stunning and I love the vintage, somewhat flapper style. Great buckle shoes in black to add a contemporary edge. Have a great weekend!
    Xx, Elle

    1. Thanks, Elle! I love finding a great vintage dress.

  6. And now orange paisley to turn me green with envy again. Can our friendship stand this? Be warned - I'm off for a shopping spree soon, so you may be subjected to the same painful emotions.

    Looking fab in this sizzling 60's style BTW!

    Anna x

    1. Oh, I can't wait to see what you find! Our envy will balance out! Thanks, Anna!

  7. Oh man, that is an awesome dress, and the colour looks sooo good with your hair!

  8. so fabulous dress, it looks even better now that you're wearing it!, lovely pleats and lovely retro vibe (very vintage tennis dress, I agree)
    Glad that you're wearing all those oranges and yellows! so summery and cool!

    1. I know, can't you just see me playing tennis? Maybe with a wooden racquet, ha ha! I love citrus tones in summer.

  9. It is indeed a very nice dress. But it is the shoes that I fell in love with. How great are they? I bet you have a high instep. I have flat feet and a low instep which means flat shoes don't suit me. Funny how you always fall in love and notice the things you cannot wear haha. I am not suffering because of it. Don't worry (as if you would).


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