Friday, November 21, 2008

Casual Friday - Red Boots

Okay, you know you have a lot of clothes when you forget you own things. Aside from the red boots (which I "found" when I cleaned out my closet a few weeks back), I totally forgot about this lovely black cashmere sweater!
I thought I'd go simple and classic with the pop of the red boots and the punch of the purple leather belt.

Since I walk 45 minutes each way to work Monday to Thursday, I don't wear most of my outerwear very often. This is my treasured red cashmere coat and my fuzzy hat. It was supposed to be really windy today.
A shot of the boots:
And a shot of the accessories. I paid around $30 for this belt and it was REALLY discounted. I got it in a very expensive store (naturally I made a bee-line for the sale section). It's by Brave Leather, a Canadian company. It's a very stiff leather, and so the purple colour has cracked quite a bit since I've owned it (about 3 years).
My mom's "I bought it from some hippie in the 70s" choker.
Happy weekend!
Sweater (Expression), jeans (Esprit), belt (Brave Belts), boots (Pino Ferri), choker (vintage, Mom's), gold hoop earrings. Coat (Planet), scarf (gift from Mom, London), hat (?, consignment).


  1. The boots are super cute! Also does your hair look different? I like it alot :)

  2. Those boots are sensational. How can you have forgotten about them?

    Thank you so much for all the time you spent trawling through my blog, the comments have really helped!

  3. I love the combo of red boots and reddish-brown accessories with black. I will definitely try this - thanks!!

  4. Ha! You look warmer than i did on friday. Love that coat and your red boots!! You look fab!

  5. Your hair looks great straightened! I always wished I had curly hair and could do it either way....

    And your outfit looks so the boots! It's exciting to find something you forgot you's the high of shopping, but so much cheaper. :)

  6. My hair? Ha! My hair is actually straight (in this picture, I've added a gob of mousse and then just blowdried it straight), and I normally curl it. I'm in the process of growing out a pixie cut (go back a couple of months and check it out). I own a flatiron, but have only used it once (I just don't have time in the mornings to play with my hair).

    I've been doing messy/curly hair for a couple of months, just playing with my natural texture - again, I don't have time in the mornings to do much with it. I walk to and from work 45 minutes nearly every day and that tends to wreak havoc on any kind of actual style.

    Thanks everyone for the kind words, and welcome to ebinbaby.


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