Monday, September 27, 2021

McQueen Blue, Copper and Brown Linen Flashback

Happy Monday, my friends! We are in the home stretch - this is the last week of my spring/summer wardrobe, so I'm eking out a few outfits before we jump into autumn. 

I classify this blue top as a warm-weather item - it is best worn on its own, not good for layering (maybe a thin blouse), and I have at least one blue sweater in this colour that I'll be pulling out for fall. Ergo, I needed to sneak in an outfit featuring it before I store it, ready to discover it anew in March 2022 (which feels very far away).
This skirt is also getting packed up for another season - while the colour is firmly in the fall palette, it's linen, so I relegate it to warm-weather wear. 

  • Top - Alexander McQueen, early 00s, consignment; purchased here for $65.00
  • Skirt - Andrea Jovine, vintage 90s, thrifted; last seen here in April with beaded linen and ruffles
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here in July with black and more blue
  • Coat (below) - Cache, consignment; last seen here in May with read

The blue top is indeed by Alexander McQueen, likely from around the same era as my trousers (Flashback here). 
It is cut in a cropped style, so it stops at my waist - I noted when I bought it that I would need to wear it with something high-waisted. 

The top is fully lined, and you can see the nice sleeve shape here. 
There is an additional seam on the sleeves, midway down the shoulder, which gives me extra mobility with my arms. 
It's a thoughtful detail - I've owned many non-stretchy tops that I could barely move my arms in. 

Masked up - it's navy blue with copper sparkles. 
I am not usually a fan of linen (due to wrinkling), but I make an exception for this beautiful skirt. We'll have a Flashback on it shortly.

  • Mask - by Mom

Outerwear - after a day of nothing but rain on Sunday, we're back to sunshine and warm temps today, but the clouds are rolling in.
It's still chilly in the morning, so I wore this light leopard coat - it's perfect for our changeable seasons.

Thin gloves and a snuggly scarf. 

  • Scarf - gift from Mom, Italy
  • Leather gloves - vintage, thrifted

It rained all during the day, but was clear for my walks both ways - hooray!

The stuff: 
I'll be keeping these shoes out - they are good all year round. Such a fantastic colour! 

Copper bling: 
Wearing my new-to-me copper set, and some other favourites. Did you spot the brooch on the skirt?

  • Bracelet/earrings - Renoir, vintage 60s, consignment; purchased here for $26.00 for both pieces
  • Necklace - Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Modern copper cuff - Karen's
  • Copper rings - Glee
  • Copper brooch - thrifted 

I have a ton of copper jewelry, and pull most of it out for fall/winter. I should do a post showing you all of it - would you be into that? 

Flashback: Andrea Jovine Linen Skirt

I found this skirt at the Women in Need (WIN) Boutique on Quadra Street, here in June 2019. I recognized the quality of it right away, despite all the wrinkles. 
It's a faux wrap - the wrap pieces are securely stitched into the side seams so that it doesn't gape open. I also really like the "pass through" of fabric near the waistband - I'm fond of putting brooches there. The back side of the skirt is lined (the front wrap parts are not). 

It's by Andrea Jovine, who I'd never heard of. She's still around, but seems to be focused on interior design more than clothing now (about her here, link 'cause I love). 
This is a pretty early piece by her - as it was made in Hong Kong, and they went back to China in 1997, I can confidently say this is at least from before 1997 but it could certainly be from the 80s. It was $34.95, which is a little on the pricey side for thrift stores, but I also found this article here from July 1988, noting that her skirts were around $100 then - that would be about $190.00 today.

As noted, I only wear this in spring/summer, but it's been a few years, so let's have a look at some outfits, shall we? 

This is an outfit from June 2019. I still have both that green sweater and the green shoes (Flashback here). 
"You also still have this cat."

I put a pin on the gathers, and I'm wearing copper jewelry! What a shocker. 

This outfit is from August 2019 - I bought this faux wrap top in Vancouver that spring, and liked how it went with the faux wrap of the skirt. 
I didn't keep that top (it was a very short crop), but I do still have those pink Fluevogs. 

I wore this outfit out for lunch with my former WW colleague Betty in June 2020. 
I layered my same leopard coat over it as today. 

I'm fall-ifying again here, in September 2020, getting in a wearing of this velvet tasseled kimono. 
I don't wear those sandals too often anymore - they are very high. I still have everything else. 

And here's the last time I wore this skirt, this past April 2021. 
The jacket is in the giveaway pile. I see I did a brooch on the gathers again here. 

Mathy stuff: Today's outfit marks the 6th wearing of this skirt, which brings us to $5.83 per wear. I am fond of this piece and am always happy to rediscover it every March, so it's not going anywhere. 

How do you feel about wrap skirts? What are you looking forward to wearing this autumn? 


  1. Hello Sheila, just wanted to say hi and that I am about to have a big Sheila world catch up ( family sagas and life mean I have been slack in checking in on all your wonderful outfits!) anyway loving todays outfit and I better make myself a coffee!! hugs Shaz. ps love the new hairstyle.

    1. Shaz, so good to see you, my dear! I'm glad you are still out there. Thanks so much on all counts.

  2. This wrap skirt looks gorgeous on you Sheila. The blue top and heels is a wonderful pairing as well. You look gorgeous.

    I enjoyed flashback with this skirt. My fav look is the one with the green top. Paired with that lovely brooch, this combo gives me Star Treak vibes. I also love it with the white ruffled shirt.

    1. Thanks, Ivana - I'm not usually a fan of wrap anything, but this skirt is wonderful.

      I like that one too - lol, it does look very Star Trek!

  3. I love how you book-ended the skirt with that gorgeous Alexander McQueen top and shoes. I can't see the brooch, though, you must be hiding it well ... ah I see, you must have pinned it on top of the gathers ...
    My favourite outfits with the skirt are the two top ones, even if you didn't keep that top you'r wearing in the second one.
    And oh yes, I'd love to see your copper jewellery collection! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I did indeed pin it through the gathers, but should have done a picture where you could see it better, my bad.

      I liked that look too, but the very cropped top just did not work on me.

      I'll do a gathering of my copper jewelry when I do my closet swapover, then. :)

  4. I'm currently looking for a pre loved leopard print coat like that. It's so gorgeous. And I love everything wrapped!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I have been looking for one like this for YEARS - they are not that easy to find! I know you love wraps! :) I think of you whenever I see a DVF dress!

  5. Elegantly lovely skirt. It is fall time perfection (all the more) with copper jewelry.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. It is a really nice skirt, very good quality, Autumn. Thanks so much!

  6. You wear this wrap skirt so well and I love the bright blue with it! :) I have a couple wrap dresses with skirts like this that I love (but haven't worn as they are mostly an office piece for me) but the stand alone skirt I've tried never seem to work for me!

    1. Aw, thanks, Mica! Wraps can definitely be a pain - and I do not do wraps much, although I've tried many of them. They are just too fussy most of the time.

  7. Love today's outfit, and I would love to see all your copper jewelry. I know we have some of the same pieces!

    1. Oh, how cool, Cynthia! We are twins! I will do a big shoot of them when I do my jewelry swapover.

  8. I really like the wrap skirt and your idea to brooch it. I’ve never thought of doing that and shall have a go!
    I love a ‘wrap style’ skirt and dress as I find them flattering and easy to wear.
    Love the shades of blue with yours.

    I’m looking forward to wearing leather pants in Autumn and shorter skirts with opaque tights and boots! x

    1. I love adding brooches in unusual places, particularly on skirts, Phyl, thank you! I'm glad it inspired you. I like this specific skirt, but most wraps are a "no" for me.

      Ooh, yes, I am excited (and trepidatious) to see if my leather pants still fit, lol.

  9. You look fabulous in that shade of blue! And, I love it with the copper accents. I have a copper bird brooch my dad bought for me decades ago. I should get it out and wear it on a skirt (though my bosoms would probably overshadow it). Thanks for the idea! I cannot wait to see your jewelry all at once!

    1. I love this cobalt colour, thanks, Marsha! Copper is my favourite jewelry metal - I'd love to see your bird brooch, and I hope you'll get it out and wear it! I've posted my collection.

  10. That top... oh my that blue top... heaven. And having shoes to go with it, is even topping it.
    The skirt, although lovely, would scare me. I would be afraid of revealing more than I want to.

    1. Isn't it fabulous? Thanks so much, Greetje! I love anything in cobalt shoes - I had to have these ones!

      The skirt is actually sewn down along the seam, so it can't open up any further than you see here. It's very secure, and I am not a fan of real wraps.

  11. That wrap skirt is really lovely. I never wear them - I've got wrap dresses but no skirts. I dunno, in my head they need a defined waist and I don't have one. You've got a good waist.

    1. I am not a fan of most wrap skirts, but this one is securely stitched down along the inner seams, so it never fully opens. Aw, thanks, honey!


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