Monday, December 14, 2020

Gold and Green: Velvet, Sequins and Tights, and the Big Tree: Santas!

Just a quick outfit post today, plus a few more of my Christmas decorations. I'm all in golds and greens, from my jacket to my tights! I'm skipping a Flashback on both this velvet fancy jacket and this stunning sequined skirt, as neither of them have been in my closet very long.

I am, however, going to share my collection of Santa ornaments from the big tree. Despite my love for Santa, he's easily outnumbered by other categories of ornaments on my birds and fruit. Yes, fruit. We'll get to them at some point. 

Going through my sparkly things and deciding what to wear. 

  • Jacket - Pink Tartan, consignment; last worn here in February with a swirly blouse and leather pants
  • Lace top - Tangerine Jill, thrifted; last seen here layered under a dress in September 2019
  • Sequined skirt - Banana Republic, consignment; last worn here for our Book Club adventure at the Castle in September
  • Boots - Coffee Kope Tiam, Fluevog; last worn here in October with a jungle dress
  • Leather trenchcoat - vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here a week ago

I have actually paired this velvet jacket with this skirt before.
I don't usually do repeats, so I changed up the top underneath to this lace one. 
And I wore green tights and my neutral taupe boots. 

I wasn't feeling particularly inspired. I have only a week of work left, and then I'm on vacation for two whole weeks.
I think I saw 4 people today.

Masked up - this is a green one from Mom. 
I wore the jacket open all day, sitting at my desk, and only buttoned it up when I put my coat on. 

Outerwear - I should remember by now that it's cold once the sun goes down. 
The thin gloves were not very warm. 

  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff: 
Love these boots. They're simple but elegant. 

Gold bling: 
Did you notice my alligator pin riding on the top of the jacket pocket? 

  • Necklace - D'Orlan, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Brooch - vintage mall
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Silver/smoky topaz ring - Anneli Neuman, Sweden, vintage mall

The Big Tree - Santas (and a couple of elves)

As noted, I don't actually have that many Santa ornaments, but the ones I do have are all rather unusual. 

Carrying on in the "celestial" theme - I have a set of blue "wizard" Santas that I cluster together on the tree. This wizard is the largest (he can actually stand flat) at around 7" tall. 
I like the "action" of his beard and robe blowing. His staff has a moon on the top, and there's a star coming out of his hand. Oh, looks like his hand's been repaired at some point. He was $24.95.

I have two little wizards - one in blue and one in silver - that are about 2" tall. You can see a bit of this fellow in the picture above.
His "crystal ball" is a little iridescent bead. 

The silver wizard Santa is the same. 
They were $5.95 each. 

I really like this giant snowflake with the wizard-y Santa in the centre. 
It's big - about 5-6" across, and was around $14.95. That is a most excellent flowy beard.

This guy's beard goes into a spiral icicle shape. 
I remember doing a tree with all of these wizard Santas on it, and being annoyed that all of them are so HEAVY. They are all solid resin, so they weigh down the branches (another reason why you should anchor a tree into a corner or to a wall - it's heartbreaking when a tree falls down!). 

Of all of my ornaments, this Santa riding the goose is fairly low on my "favourites" list. 
But it's still a nice ornament...
...and someone has to go on the back of the tree! He was about $4.95.

Now Santa is climbing to the top of an icicle. These were $5.95 each, and came in different designs of Santas. 
I bought this one because Santa's butt sticking way out made me giggle. 
It still does! Hee hee! Santa's got a big ol' butt. 

This Santa IS an icicle. 
He is actually made of wood. These were $7.95.

I like the twisty shape of this Santa's beard. These were $5.95.
There's a frog looking at me! 

This Santa is a clarinet! And he's playing a guitar. 
I don't remember other Santa instruments, like a saxophone - I would have bought them. I think he was around $9.95.

This is a small Santa face by Jacqueline (she of the porcelain Santa and angel figures). 
These were ubiquitous - I must have sold hundreds of them over the years. They were $2.99 each. 

This wood-textured Santa moon is also by her. He was $9.95. 
I like his face. 
Of course, being into moons, I had more than one Santa moon (and Moons are one of my ornament categories - there are more coming!). 
This fellow is big, and I really like the full round crescent of him. These were $4.95.

Snorkeling Santa! These were very popular later in the 90s, Santas doing different activities. 
He was $9.95.

There were 3 different models of this Santa On a Rope ornament. 
The little Santa is porcelain. 
Again, that's a sweet face - those little pince nez glasses! These were $8.95. 

Oh, the Skydiving Santa! We had these hanging from a fireplace mantel, and SO many of them got broken from people bouncing them up and down. 
He's on a spring, very sproingy. He was $5.95, a great price, except...
...people (kids and adults) would pull them down and let them go, so that they smashed into the others, and the hands and legs would break off. SIGH. "Please pay half of the cost of the ornaments you/your child just broke," I would ask (per our breakage policy, just to make our cost back). 

"It wasn't me/my child!" they would always huffily retort. Of course, it always was. I would stand there and watch them break things, and then they would deny it to my face.

Hey, who let these elves in here? I only have a few elf ornaments, so I'm putting them in with the Santa collection. 
I have always loved this fellow, who looks rather overwhelmed by it all (often how I felt after a frazzly day of dealing with customers). 

He has such great detail. 
He was $5.95, and was one of the earliest ornaments I bought. 

I also have an elf fairy. 
I like her boots. She was $3.95.

This wooden and fabric elf has always made me smile. The teddy looks like Pooky (from the Garfield comic) to me.
He and the teddy bear are in deep conversation. 
Probably about who's on the naughty list!

That's it for Santa and elves! Do you have a favourite? 


  1. Love the elf fairy! And the green of your outfit.

  2. Morning Sheila, I have just caught up with the last few posts with my morning coffee and as usual all your lovely pictures put me in a good mood! That coat yesterday STUNNING and loving today's outfit too. The green and gold just shouting Christmas. If this you "not feeling particularly inspired" well you do make me smile. I love the icicle type Santas.Great post as usual Shazxx

    1. Hello, Shaz! Glad you enjoyed them - it's been a lot of work. Thanks so much - I am making myself feel cheery through my clothes! I like stabby ornaments, heh heh.

  3. I'm not surprised you wore the sequin skirt with the velvet blazer before. It is a great combo. Metallic and sequins match well with the green. Plus, these colours make me think of Christmas. Lovely outfit as a whole and as always your face mask is chic as well.
    The decorations for your big tree are wonderful. Now, I'm going to catch up with your weekend post.

    1. It's such an easy and great combo, isn't it? Thanks, Ivana! Enjoy!

  4. Velvet is so Christmassy whatever colour. Looks fabulous on you.
    What a fine collection of Father Christmases. WE have a couple.
    I have Santa envy now!!!

    1. I agree - aw, thanks, Jane! No need to envy - every Santa is good and right.

  5. I love the green and gold combo and it's such a nice mix of textures too! :) It makes it seem so festive for Christmas :)

    It's so good seeing your Santa decorations! We had a similar Santa, on a spring, but a different pose, and my eldest broke it tugging on it too much, the spring got all warped, haha! It's still up on our tree though, just a little higher and near the back so it tempts the kids less, as it was a gift :)

    1. Thanks, Mica! It did feel festive.

      Oh no, that's what happened all the time in the store too! I love that you just moved it up out of reach. :)

  6. Love the outfit and the accessories. I have a similar green mask, with a Christmas theme, from etsy.

    1. Thanks, Anca! I love matching my masks to my outfits, don't you?

  7. Sheila, you are so cute! First, I am dying over that gorgeous green velvet blazer! Styled to perfection, of course. And your Santa ornament collection is so fun! Santa's got a big ole butt! Hahaha. I have a large collection of bird ornaments because when I was a very young child, I was terrified of the little feathered bird ornament that my mom always perched at the top of our tree. My older sisters thought it would be funny to torment me with the thing that I thought was a real dead bird (I was 4 or 5 at the time). Then it became a practical joke of sorts and my oldest sister and I have gifted each other disgusting little feathered bird ornaments for the past 40 years. So I have acquired quite the collection. Now they make me laugh in a similar way that Santa's big butt makes you laugh!


    1. Thanks, Shelbee! I also have a really big bird collection, but not because of something so traumatic! Ha! I love the stories that come with decorations. Awesome.

  8. Cracking legs, Mrs! I love the green and gold combo and those tights are gorgeous with it.
    I cannot believe how many decorations you've got, you could start a museum of Christmas. Your Santa head with a snowflake background looks remarkably similar to the Green Man wall plaques in my garden, you could always paint him green if you ever go off Xmas! xxx

    1. Thanks, Vix! It's a nice bright mix!

      It's a lot, isn't it? I definitely could! And wait till you see some of my gems! Yes, I'm sure a lot of Santa images were co-opted from older sources. Great idea!

  9. That jacket is delicious, and never mind you wore it with the skirt before. Definitely worth repeating, although I'm hearing you: I try to avoid that too, but some combinations are just too good to only wear once! It'll be my final working "week" (err, two days) of the year next week as well, although it all feels very different this year. I have definitely mislaid my Christmas spirit. Tree going up on Thursday, finally. And speaking of the latter, my mind boggles at seeing your collection of Christmas decorations and I do agree with Vix: you could definitely start a museum. I love the crystal ball Santa and the elf fairy is so cute! xxx

    1. Sometimes an old combination is soothing solution, thanks, Ann! Doesn't it feel so weird? This time last year, I was busy busy busy, and doling out hugs to my coworkers. This year...nothing! Putting the lights up really did help - I hope they give you a boost too. I know, it's a lot!

  10. Ah yes, sparkle and shine! What a amazing combination that skirt and the green of the velvet blazer. Very warm and rich. I still can't find a good sequin top. So annoying. Well you can't have it all can't you. Have a great evening!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Sequined tops are trickier than you'd think!

  11. Ah-ha! So you too are sparkling brightly in gold and green my dear ... I love, love, love that sequinned mini skirt and feel a emboldened by the sight of you in this that I may wear my sequinned mini skirt next week too. That's if it still fits of course! You look wonderful in the skirt and jacket combo and it was a wise move to choose the neutral boots - let the outfit take the glory!

    Thanks for your kind and wise Christmas wishes Sheila. I hope you enjoy your two weeks at home and trust that there will be much fun being had in your happy household xxx

    1. Sparkle on, Anna! Thank you - it's right up your alley, so I'm not surprised to hear you have one too! I was tempted on gold shoes, thanks for the affirmation.

      I'm trying, thanks, hon.

  12. You have an impressive collection of Santas- all more an unusual than any I've ever seen before. I actually like Santa on a Goose best because er- why is Santa on a goose? Very cool decorations!
    I love your green and gold outfit- it reminds me of a traditional Santa outfit from originally before it got changed to red- like the one in Santa Claus the movie at the start. So pretty- that skirt is a corker- so lovely- like wrapping paper!

    1. Good question, Kezzie! There are some weird things in the décor world! Thank you!

      Yes, I agree - it's also what Buddy the Elf wears!

  13. Ooohh, this is my favourite assortment of ornaments you've shared with us so far. I especially love those in which Santa calls to mind everyone from the Oak King to the Green Man - not to mention, aptly some might say, Father Time as well. Your entire Christmas collection is so beautiful and a true treat to see.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks, Autumn! Of course, as you know many of the Santas are actually stolen from older folklore. Any kind of "giver" can be identified as a Santa! Thank you.

  14. You are right, the boots are simple but very elegant and will go with a lot. You keep on showing more and more Christmas ornaments, all so good. Where do you store all this?

    1. I never thought they would be such a good purchase, but sometimes you just want a simple boot, right?

      I store them boxed up, then in paper shopping bags, then lined up inside our hall closet (which is HUGE).

  15. Lovely green and golden ensemble, and lovely accessorizing!. No wonder this jacket and skirt have been worn together previously, they look fab!.
    So delightful collection of Santas!, they're all of them amazing. I love to read your comments on each ornament and anecdotes on your experiences in the shop (customers can be so annoying sometimes!) ;DDD

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! I love the rich greens and golds in this outfit.

      I love my Santas. Ha, glad you like that - I've been enjoying remembering it all!

  16. Hello!! Do you happen to know where I can buy the clarinet Santa?? I had one as a little girl and it was my favorite. It got broken early in our marriage and I have not been able to find another anywhere.

    1. Sorry to hear about your clarinet Santa, Stefanie. Unfortunately, it's a 30+ year old ornament. Your best bet is to keep looking online for an old one or watch antique/vintage fairs or even garage sales. Mine's not for sale.


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