Sunday, June 14, 2020

Saturday Brunch Returns, Plus Vintage Skirt Flashback

Hello, my friends! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and thoughts and virtual hugs for our dear friend Karen. Much appreciated and welcome. 

A small sign of normalcy has returned for L and I: our brunch restaurant, Pluto's Diner, has reopened! 
We happily got dressed for being in public. As many people commented to us, "You guys look so great!" I can only conclude that it's not just me who is sick of seeing leggings and old t-shirts!

  • Wool sweater - Pringle of Scotland, vintage 60s, thrifted, Powell River; last worn here (5th outfit) in February with plaid pants to see two movies
  • Skirt - Alex Coleman of California, vintage 70s, consignment; last seen here in April 2019 when I dug up some history on it
  • Shoes - Effortless Bebe, Fluevog; last worn here in May with firecracker linen

It was a nice sunny morning by the time we finally got out of the house. I've gotten used to taking my time getting ready, and L was impatiently chiding me to get a move on.
I took advantage of the cool, windy day to wear this lovely teal wool sweater again, and to break out this wonderful skirt for the season. We'll be taking a look at how I've worn it below, in today's Flashback.

I was slightly disappointed to see that my favourite Huevos Rancheros was not on the reduced menu at Pluto's. It's two corn tortillas, with two sunnyside up eggs, baked beans, melted cheese, garnished with loads of pickled jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, and a dollop of sour cream and homemade guacamole. My mouth was watering, but I had tofu/mushroom eggs Benny on English muffins with a side salad instead. Nearly as good (but I really wanted my Huevos!).
From there, we picked up more cat food, and ran into both my colleague Sherri - who made the earrings I'm wearing - and our best bud Casey. It's so good to see people!

I had a lengthy snooze in the afternoon, and then we had our Zoom call with our friends. Karen is taking visitors, so we're going to try to see her this week. After our hour-long call, L and I played boardgames and listened to music until the wee hours.
Sunday's a quiet day of more music, reading, and blogging (both writing and catch-up on post comments and others' blogs). There will probably be another nap in there.

The stuff:
Another awesome and frequently-worn pair of Fluevogs. I'll do a Flashback on them at some point - they're relatively new in my closet, being the first pair that I bought when our Victoria store opened. That's an easy heel, and these were fine for walking for a couple of hours.

Gold bling:
My bracelets rattle as I wear them, which I find comforting sound.

  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Circle bracelet - Butler Fifth Avenue Collection, consignment
  • Crystal/silver ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy
  • Silver/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Earrings - gift from Sherri


So, let's take a look at all the times I've worn this amazing skirt. I bought it in February 2015 (here), so I've had it for 5.5 years. I knew when I saw it at the Velvet Crease (at their old location), that it was special. You can see some close-ups of the fabric and labels here, along with a bit of a history of the label/designer.

It's challenging to style, as I'm pretty much limited to teal/turquoise, pink, black, gold and white. This is my first wearing of it, in March 2015 for an Urbanite at the Art Gallery. I see my hair is red with a blonde streak, and shaved on the sides (that's how I discovered that it was actually white!).
I wore it with copper accessories, my leather obi, and those fuzzy balls at my neck continue down my back - that's a fur piece that I have had for ages. I have given up on cowl neck blouses since these days, as they do not suit me.

This was in August 2015 for my "to the field and brunch" Ultimate Frisbee outfit (I change into my gear at the field). This skirt only gets worn in the warm months, as it's cotton and not very warm. If I had a smaller number of clothes, I'd wear it more!
I still have those sandals, but I let go of that tee and that necklace some time ago.

Another light summer look, with black and white and turquoise accessories, from July 2016.
I started dyeing my hair purple in May of 2016. I loved those shoes, but they cracked quite badly.

I'm standing very awkwardly here in September 2016 because I've just had my left arm's tattoo completed that day and my entire arm is puffed up like a sausage. I can barely move it.
Pink accessories there, with a black jacket. I wore this to see a play at the Belfry with Mom.

The same lace top as above, with simple accessories and shoes - this is in June 2017.
I've started growing out my hair. I am sure this is another Ulti outfit, as I see our bag of gear in the hallway behind me, and I'm wearing sunglasses and contact lenses.

I layered a now-gone-to-Yvonne black tunic over it here in July 2018. My hair is clipped back, but the colour is fading here (and I have my fringe/bangs).
Comfy low sequined loafers, my magenta tassel earrings and this vintage gold necklace to match, all still favourites in my collection (the shoes are in the fall/winter season right now).

There's that necklace again, in April 2019, and my hair nearly grown out.
I might go back to fringe - I like how it covers my wrinkly forehead!

I paid $40.00 for this skirt when I bought it in 2015, and I've worn it 8 times now, so down to $5.00 per wear. That feels much better than $40! Although I typically only wear this once or twice a year, it's still a keeper - vintage pieces that are this nice are always worth a special home.

I'm also reminded that I haven't checked on the Velvet Crease lately - oh, good, they are reopening on July 2nd. I'll be there!


The colour was off due to the lateness of the hour, but Vizzini helped L while we set up our game.
"I'm watching for elastic bands!"

He recently grabbed an entire deck of cards (with an elastic around them) and absconded to the bedroom with them! What a little monster!


  1. Sunday brunch! I can only dream (big sigh). I feel as though I am living vicariously through your experiences; there is zero to do here at the moment (grocery shopping does not count, lol).

    That skirt is incredible! It seems as if you've figured out all the possible combinations, but I particularly like it with the teal accent.

    Cats and elastic bands, lol! Maybe they get mistaken for worms? Maybe it's the smell? Maybe it's just to annoy? Who can figure out the mind of a cat?

    1. We have really missed our brunches (I've been making them myself, but it's not the same). Sounds like you are several weeks behind us still - good luck!

      Thank you - I hope I can still find some interesting combinations going forward.

      Vizzini just loves to chew on things, and he especially likes string-y things like, elastics, shoelaces, that sort of thing.

  2. Sheila, I'm loving your flashbacks! I find your sense of style so much fun (and inspiring), and continue to be amazed by all your great finds. Glad to hear your friend Karen can receive visitors. Sending positive thoughts.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia, I'm glad you are enjoying them. They are fun for me too! We're hoping to see Karen soon, thank you.

  3. It's funny how changed our perspectives have gotten in a relatively short period of time. We're now thrilled to be eating in a restaurant whereas that event was utterly routine just a few months ago. Anyway, enjoy your return to "normalcy."

    1. Yes, I don't think we'll be taking these things for granted any time soon. Thanks, Ally!

  4. it's so nice you've been able to go out for meals again! We haven't done that yet. It's a rule here that you are only allowed 10 people in a restaurant and with us being a family of 4 I feel that's a bit unfair to others! We've already found out that we exceed the limit of the doctor's waiting rooms and that some stores have a 4 person per aisle limit that we also meet, haha! it's a strange world to navigate!

    I do love this skirt on you and it's so nice seeing the ways you've worn it in the past - it's such a pretty mix of colours! :)

    1. Ah, they haven't limited the numbers in restaurants yet, just as long as they can maintain physical distancing. It does take some getting used to, doesn't it?

      Thank you so much! I love the colours.

  5. Going out for food, something we used to take for granted and for us in the Uk, it's still a distant dream. What a treat you have brunch out, I'm salivating at the sound of the food on offer, too!
    That skirt is gorgeous, I love it in every outfit you've worn it with especially with the black tunic and yesterday's teal jumper. Your hair looks particularly full and fabulous in the first photo.
    Love that photo of Vizzini helping L deal the cards! xxx

    1. We have both really missed eating out - getting DoorDash is not the same! We are grateful that we are able to do it safely.

      Thank you! I love it too. Aw, thanks, Vix - it was windy there!

      Vizzini is always vigilant, ha ha!

  6. Oh man, I miss Sunday brunch something fierce! I know a lot of people around me have gone back to normal but I'm so uncomfortable with that.

    1. You have to go with what you feel comfortable with, Krysten, and not worry what others are doing. Be safe!

  7. Vizzini is so helpful...

    What a fabulous skirt - it's new to me and it looks great. I loved how you styled it and those pink shoes are not only gorgeous but look incredibly comfortable, too.

    How fab to have restaurants opening!
    Take care

    1. Lol, he really is!

      Thank you so much, Vronni - I don't wear it that frequently, so glad to show you something "new."

      It's been awesome! I hope it lasts!

  8. Oh, that's skirt is a delight! It's wonderful to see it again, and to drool over the flashback with it in a starring role! The Pringle of Scotland sweater is just perfect with it. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to dress in a hurry again. I love being able to linger over it, and anything else really. It must have been lovely being able to go to your favourite brunch place again, even if you had to go without your favourite Huevos Rancheros. Cats! Helpful as always :-) xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I love this skirt, and it was so fun to revisit its various outfits again.

      I know, I can barely get ready for work on time! The thought of 5 workdays a week seems outlandish. I certainly need at least an hour to get ready for brunch! ;-P

      I do miss my Huevos, but I'm just happy to be eating out.

  9. Love your gorgeous skirt! The whole outfit is gorgeous! Awesome that you got to go out and eat at Pluto's. John and I went out our favorite burger place today for our anniversary. It was fun to eat out again. We're so full now we won't have to make dinner! So glad Karen can have visitors now. Sending healing vibes her way. Vizzini looks helpful. Maybe he wanted to make sure the cards were in the right order...haha! Funny cats!

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryene! It was so good to be back there. Glad you and John got to go for burgers! Doesn't it taste better when someone else cooks?

      Thank you for your kind wishes. I hope to see her soon.

      Don't be fooled: he wants elastics! We know his tricks.

  10. That skirt is phenomenal...and it looks like it was made for you. I always enjoy a good flash back but this time even more than usual. That skirt is such a statement piece, the pattern is stunning and the colours soooo beautiful. I love that you wore those red heels with it.
    I'm considering a fringe too but I might not do it because my hair is a bit on the oily side.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana. It's such an amazing piece. I had to go back - red heels?? Ha, the colour is a deep cherry-pink colour, so it does skew red on some monitors.

      Yes, same here! However, I don't like seeing my big forehead creases either!

  11. Such a lovely outfit, I love particularly this shade of teal with your fabulous skirt, and so deligthfully matchy shoes!, they work together so nicely!
    Love to read that you can go outside for a fancy brunch! and seeing people! ;DD
    Great recap, I think that this skirt goes well with a lot of colors actually!, and love it with golden accents for an oriental vibe!, but also with pinks and teals!

    1. Thanks, Monica! Matchy is so fun. Yes, things are really opening up here. It's wonderful to be able to see people.

      I agree, it does actually go with a lot. I'm always on the lookout for things that will go with it.

  12. I love the drama of this skirt and am pleased that you were complimented on it. I think so many people have drifted into easy/casual dressing that it really shows when someone makes an effort - well done.

    There's no place open to eat out over here yet, but that may change on the 4th of July. We'll all savour these opportunities much more when they come around again I'm sure!

    1. Oh, I know, I see so many casual outfits, that they barely pass as outfits! I stick out in a sea of spandex and Lululemon! I adore this skirt, and love wearing it.

      I hope that changes for you soon!

  13. You look SUPERB,Shiela! I'm sure everyone at Pluto's was eyeing your gorgeous outfit.

    Huevos Rancheros sounds delicious! I'm hungry now, I better leave the blogging world and have some breakfast. X

    1. Thank you so much, Jess! It can be weird to be the only dressy person! I miss my huevos - they are so good.

  14. That skirt is such a wonderful statement piece, and you've styled it in many more ways than I could imagine.

    I haven't been to a restaurant in probably over 6 months - since my Celiac diagnosis, in fact. Don't know when I will be going again, but it won't be anytime soon, Sigh.

    1. Aw, thanks, Shelley! It's been worn more than I would have thought!

      I'm sorry to hear that - I hope you will be able to eat out soon, Celiac and all!

  15. Oh wow that is great news that you could go to your fave place for breakfast even if the full menu was not available. Those huevos do sound amazing.
    And yet another item you've gotten a good cost per wear, although I am pretty sure you'll take it even lower as that skirt is a keeper.

    1. They're back - I had them yesterday! Oh, agreed, on the skirt - it will continue to get good wear.


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