Sunday, June 7, 2020

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Pub Brunch and Shop, and Fab Floral Park Party, Wonders Flashback

Hello, my friends! This vacation has been so lovely - how can I ever go back to work? But let's not think of that just yet! Let's revel in the good times. What have I been up to? Well, lots of reading, watching movies and playing games. 

But on Friday, L and I checked and found out that another local pub has opened up, so so we went for lunch at Christie's Carriage House.
As is our Birthday Week tradition, we went to Turnabout after and had a wee shop. Knowing I'd be trying on clothes, I went with easy shoes for walking and removing, and a simple jammy dress.

  • Dress - Talbots, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) with yellow in June 2019, to the Ulti field
  • Shoes - Aldo, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in March with a picador
  • Coat (below) - Club Monaco, thrifted; last seen here in May

I love the zigzag pattern of this dress - it is actually woven lace over a cotton lining.
 That's actually black thread and cream thread, not a print.
It's really lovely quality, and perfect for a light stroll on a windy/cloudy/sunny spring day.
It was so good to be back at Christie's! I also saw that our neighbourhood pub (the Fernwood Inn, aka The Winchester) is open, so we'll be heading down there one of these afternoon/evenings soon. Hurray!

Sunblocked with a light jacket and ready to go.
 I took this opportunity to use my new-to-me leather purse.
It was pretty good - it slid off my shoulder a few times, so I ended up looping the handles over my head so that I could have my arms free while shopping.

The stuff:
My shoes had a few admirers at Turnabout - I love that they have zips up the back. If I had to deal with all those buckles, I'd be chucking them across the room.

  • Purse - Nancy Lucia, consignment; purchased here for $35.00
  • Earrings - thrifted

As we got ready to head out, I looked for Vizzini.
"I'm right here, Woman."

He's been mostly sleeping while we've been off, although he's been very happy to have us around the house this last week. He's going to be a handful when we both go back to work on Monday. His fury should be amusing.

I thought I saw Dr. Bonnie Henry at Turnabout - she's in the New York Times (link here)! We're so proud of our local hero! She even had a pair of shoes designed in her honour by John Fluevog himself (link here) - they sold out in minutes (I didn't even try - they were too high for me). Anyway, she lives here in Victoria and she's pretty stylish, so it could have been her!

Did I buy anything? Well, if you must know...
I'd looked at this very cool vest the last time I was in Turnabout, but had reluctantly put it back. I'm happy that Turnabout has regular sales, and seeing that it was marked down 20%, so I grabbed it at $44.79.

I think it is a reworked men's blazer, evidenced by the internal "suit" pocket.
You just don't see those on women's clothing! It's all fully-lined, with an extra strip added on the sides.

I love the metal tubes that are sewn along the lapels, shoulders and pockets. Very badass.
I also like the ragged edges.
This is by Religion - it says on the label, "Falsification of any statements made herein is punishable by fine or imprisonment or both." This probably would have been in the $200+ range new.

I've also eyed this tweed plaid jacket before and put it back too (I can't always afford everything I want!), but it was marked down 50% off, so I bit.
I love the pink and orange tones mixed with navy/black, a line of green and a bit of white/cream.
Also, extra goodies! The appliqued butterfly has sequins, and the flowers have embroidery and beading.

It does up with 3 big snaps but the collar lies open to show off the floral brocade lining.
The interior of the jacket is partially-lined, as you can see.

It's by Marc Cain, and I'm tickled to add another silly size to my collection. I'm an N3! That translates to a size 8 US.
This was $45.00. Zoiks, this would have been around $350.00 new! Not cheap!

I am unable to resist a big floral dress.
It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but I adore this very Ted-Baker-ish large-scale floral.
It's fully-lined in black with a big slit up the front thigh.

It's by Cachet, and was 20% the original $89.99, so $71.99.
It's a brand former mall store Melanie Lyne carried, and I'm guessing it was purchased for someone attending a wedding (it has that look). It was likely in the $300 range, so I'm happy with my price!

I gasped when I saw this coat on the rack. Oh my, yes, I had to try it on! These indoor pictures are not really capturing the glorious rich emerald green silk satin - it's absolutely amazing!
It's double-breasted with same fabric-covered buttons (one on the inside to help them lay flat, and has pockets.

Is it a coat? Or is it a dress? Is it both? It has enough fabric at the front that when done up, it doesn't open up on me, and the back vent allows modesty in the rear area.
As L noted when I modeled it for him, the sleeves are really pouffy. I tried a big belt with it, and loved how it looked, so I think I'll probably wear it more like that.

It's by Escada, size 40, and was made in Germany.
Doing some label research, this is a more modern piece - I wondered it if was 80s or early 90s (doesn't it have that vibe?), but there is no evidence of shoulder pads. I believe it's from the late 90s to early 00s period - I found the same one on a resale site (including the original wide self-tie matching belt, there we go!) for $300+, and similar quality jackets on Escada's site are in the $2,000.00 range.

I paid $149.99, and I think it was worth it.
100% silk - it feels amazing on. I'm excited to wear it!

I always scope out Turnabout's accessories, as there are always a few gems (ha ha). I really liked these brass hoops edged with aquamarine-coloured stones.
They are quite light for a metal bejeweled hoop. They were $14.99 (marked down half price). They look and feel like quality - not flimsy.

As I wrapped up at Turnabout, I noticed that House of Savoy across Oak Bay Ave was open! I have to support all my favourite shops, so of course, I went in.

Yet another piece that I'd reluctantly put back a few months ago, but this time around was marked down 50%.
Instead of $89.99, this gorgeous light coat was $45.00.

And as you suspected from that glimpse of red at the neck, it's fully lined in red.
Pockets too!

It's by Cache (cash-AY!), and it was made in the USA. This company went out of business in 2015.
I see it ranging on resale sites from $80 to $140, so I'm happy with what I paid. I LOVE this coat!

I also spotted a pair of green leather gloves.
Great colour!
They are lined inside the wrist areas with rabbit fur (must keep these from Vizzini!), and were $35.00. They'll get a lot of use in fall/winter, but are stashed away for now.

On Saturday, we met up with our friends at Beacon Hill Park. This would have been L's big birthday bash, so I wore what I would have worn for his party.
Like I could hold off on wearing this dress! It's too pretty to save!

  • Dress - Cachet, consignment; purchased above for $72.99
  • Shoes - Wonders; last seen here in August 2019 with grey windowpane plaid
  • Coat (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here on Monday

I curled my hair in twists while I did my make-up - by the time I did the stair picture (the last one, chronologically), it was much flatter.
This dress is SUCH a great fit! It's perfect in the boobular region, but I did put a small safety pin at the cleavage area just to prevent any gaping.
It zips up the back and has a matching long sash tie.
Showing off the slit.
This dress was a delight to move and walk in - it billowed all over the place, and I felt like a floral goddess. It was actually perfect for sitting on a blanket - I had lots of fabric to cover myself as needed and didn't feel restricted at all.

Saturday was sunny/windy/cloudy, so I took and wore layers.
Cashmere pashmina for sun coverage and warmth, coat for walking and warmth.

All ready to go - of course, I did not walk there in my heels! They're in my bag, along with a tub of watermelon and cherries.
I've also clipped my hair up to keep it from blowing in my face the whole way. Our friends were amused that I bothered to bring dressier shoes, just for standing around in a field and walking to and from the bathroom. I'm leading by example - yes to dressing up!

The stuff:
I completely adore these wonderful leather/wood shoes. We're going to do a Flashback on them shortly.

Sparkly bling:
The dress has tons of colours in it, including aqua, and various shades of purple. I had to wear my new-to-me earrings! They were great, although I lost one of the backings at the park.

  • Cuff - Swarovski, consignment, gift from L
  • Earrings - consignment; purchased above for $14.99
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Flashback time!

Here's a look back on my pink metallic leather Wonders shoes' history so far. I bought them in April 2017 for $100 new (marked down from $225.00) at local shoe store Footloose, one of my favourite haunts for good quality funky footwear.

I first wore them in April 2017.
I had that "Herb Talek" (WKRP in Cincinnati reference) blazer for ages before I finally gave up on it. This was an early inkling of how useful pink metallic shoes could be.

I wore them again only a month later, in May 2017, with this fun skirt (which I still have), and a denim shirt.
They go well with my pink Sherman crystal necklace and earrings set.

They were helpful in showcasing this crazyass 80s pagoda-print jacket in July 2017.
These shoes remain the only item I still have from that outfit.

Look how fast my hair grows! This is in August 2017, and was probably one of my "dressed for the field" pre- and post-Ultimate Frisbee outfits. I miss Ulti!
I do have that dress/tunic still - it'll be worn this summer at some point!

You might recognize these silk trousers - this is the first time I wore them, in April 2018. As they are sandals, I only have them out for 6 months out of the year.
I still have that vintage Armani silk duster - I'll have to wear it again soon.

This June 2018 outfit features my Sherman crystal set again.
I didn't keep that skirt (it's Kate Spade, BTW) - it didn't go with enough in my closet.

One of the best features of these shoes is the substantial platform - they work really well with long skirts and trousers that would otherwise drag on the ground.
Both the long cardi and the silk pants are still with me, but that blue top did not work. This is in August 2018, and my haircolour has gradually lightened up substantially.

I wore these shoes 3 times in 2019, starting with this gorgeous blossom skirt in May 2019.
That pink sweater was a difficult colour - gone!

Here are the silk pants again, in June 2019.
Although that white lacy duster was a practical item, the quality didn't work for me. I also let go of the teal t-shirt - I'm just not a t-shirt-y kind of person.

And back to my last outfit in August of last year.
I love that the shoes get to be showcased here. I could duplicate this entire outfit today!

I've now worn these shoes 11 times, so I'm under $10 per wear and they are still going strong.

End of Flashback!

We found Vizzini out on the deck before we walked down to the park.
"I have the best sun."

He's been sleeping on my art chair his throne nearly every day, catching bits of sun, but under our corner table is a new spot.

Nine years old, and still full of surprises!
"I have to keep you both on your toes."

There's never a dull moment with this feline.

Here's L with a knapsack full of blanket and beers (and a thermos of tea for me).
He's wearing his new Fluevogs, a giant koi fish belt buckle, a Frank Turner tour shirt (Be More Kind, how appropriate), one of his many awesome floral shirts, and a Kangol hat in Miami Dolphin colours. Such a snazzy guy!

I couldn't resist a picture of these gorgeous peonies on our walk down.
 So big and fat!

These ones are some other variety (ha, I'm so good at flowers).
I almost wanted to pluck one and put it in my hair, but I dared not risk the wrath of the garden's owner!

A few pictures of our Park Party. Here's the whole crew. From left, clockwise: Caro, Yvonne/Randall, Ali/Chris, Cat/Ross, Greg/Rosanna, and L.
With the Island not reporting any new cases of COVID for a month (woo!), Ali finally ventured out to see us in person. She works at an elder-care home, so she's been ultra-cautious.

We still maintained distance, and big thanks to Yvonne and Randall for use of their bathroom (keys in alcohol, lots of hand-washing and wiping of surfaces).
Look at those groovy kids!

We had a lot of company at the park, with a volleyball group setting up a court and net at one side (seen below, behind Rosanna), rugby players, disc golfers and assorted dogs, kids and other folks just out enjoying the day.
There was also a group of families behind us (I saw a lot of ladies with crowns on), distancing and partying. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying our beautiful park.

Caro rode her bike over. We all got our Vitamin D when the intermittent sun came out - it felt so good.
We hooted and hollered when a bride and groom wedding car drove by.

L, Greg and Chris tossed a disc around for a while.
Nice catch, L!

L and I walked partway home with Cat and Ross, then stopped in at Subway to grab a quick and easy dinner.
This is the corner of Cook and Fort Streets in Victoria. I waited outside the Subway, as I am much more paranoid about distance/my personal space than L.
This is a new building, called the Black and White. I like how the floors are offset, creating cool interior and exterior balconies. There is a restaurant that just opened on the ground floor - we'll have to check it out.

Vizzini missed us terribly while we were gone. He immediately took over the blanket that L had aired out on the benches.
"I claim Blanket Mountain as mine!"

We hung out and played games all night.
"I helped."

He was very affectionate and cuddly, for a change.

And that was my weekend! Thanks for this awesome pic, Yvonne!
Back to Real Life tomorrow! Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Great clothes and pictures. You're ahead of us in re-opening. Normally that'd make me want to head north but the border between our countries is still closed.

    1. Thanks, Ally! Yup, sorry, no border crossing right now!

  2. So many gasp-worthy lovelies! The floral dress, even on the hanger--immediate gasp. The leopard coat--gasp again. The silk print pants, every time they showed up in your retrospective. And a skirt...and a top. Gorgeous! So glad you wore the dress immediately. Restaurants are allowed to open in my part of Michigan this week, but not all will. I'm with you on the personal space...I'm a natural social distancer, I guess. Thanks for all the happy stuff to see today!

    1. Aw, thank you, Pam! I love that dress, and the coat too! Not everything is open - some are definitely opening slower than others, which is fine. Glad I'm not the only one who needs her space!

  3. You got so many great things in the sales! I'm glad you wore the maxi dress right away, it does look perfect for a picnic! It's stunning on you, and looks like you had a really fun time with friends! We had a birthday party for our not-so-little one on the weekend and it was nice seeing people in person again although so very strange having all those people in our house, haha!

    1. Thanks, Mica - I love that dress so much, and it was wonderful to wear it with our dear friends. How fun having a party - I bet it was weird. I still am not used to having 1-2 people in my house.

  4. It's been so long since I went shopping I'm loving seeing what you've bought, I can shop vicariously through you!
    That green silk coat is gorgeous as is the leopard print jacket and the tweed beauty and the Ted Baker-esque dress looks absolutely killer on you. Religion is popular and pricey here, too. The gloves are such a great colour.
    I love your shopping outfit, the red shoes are perfect with the dress. You prove that you don't need to schlep around in leggings and a sloppy teeshirt to go shopping and try things on.
    I'm glad you were able to meet the gang, visit another pub and hang out in a park, those things we used to take for granted in the olden days!
    The action shot of L is brilliant.
    Isn't Vizzini funny? Stephen does the same, finding a completely new place to sleep (usually after Frank's discovered it first). He does look a cuddly boy with his Dad and he's adorable snoozing under the table.
    Hope real life isn't too trying! xxx

    1. I have missed shopping, even though I've kind of been doing it here and there, Vix. I love the green coat-dress - I can't wait to wear it. Thanks, I loved wearing the floral dress, and I'm excited about the Religion vest.

      I would find leggings and a tee horrible for shopping - you can't feel good about yourself in sloppy clothes.

      It was wonderful to see our crew, for sure. Pubs - yes! I'm so happy they are back.

      Yes, cats are such bizarre creatures. Vizzini is always finding somewhere new to crash.

  5. I miss shopping so much. I mean, I'm still shopping online but it's not the same as actually GOING somewhere. But around here I just don't trust people - too many people not wearing masks, not respecting boundaries. Maybe one day....

    1. I don't shop online at all, so I've missed it too. I hope you get to a time when you feel comfortable soon.

  6. I'm pleased to hear that you've had a lovely vacation, and I do hope that going back to work wasn't too much of a wrench. With my four-day weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, it's always a wrench to go back, I must say. Working only 2 days is like being semi-retired. How lovely that you found another pub that had opened, and that your lunch was followed by a shopping trip to Turnabout. You've found some fabulous stuff, too, my favourites being the tweed jacket, the floral maxi and that amazing green coat/dress. The leopard coat is gorgeous too. And oh my, don't you look fabulous in that floral maxi. Just wow! And absolutely perfect for meeting your friends in the park. It's fantastic news that you haven't had any new cases for a month. I do wish it were the same here. We're going down day by day, but there are still far too many cases every day, which is a bit disheartening. Love that photo of you and L. at the end. You're such a cool and stylish couple! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann - going back was not too bad. It has been very much like being semi-retired, and I like it! We had such a fun day, and I was so happy to find so many great things. Thanks - I loved wearing that dress for our picnic in the park. We've been so lucky here - I hope things start to get better for you. Aw, thank you!

  7. I must say you seem to be very lucky in your meet ups viz the weather. It always seems to be bright and dry - long may it continue until you can meet indoors again.

    Both you and L looked fab and if you can't dress up to see your mates when would you? You seem to have got your money's worth out of those shoes and very nice they are,

    I loved both your purchased jackets; the fab animal print coat; the wonderful Escada dress. The earrings were very unusual. Green gloves - yes please! So Vizzini likes rabbit fur as well as tassels and shoe laces; he is one weird cat!

    How brilliant you've had no new cases I hope it continues. Ours are reducing but still far too many.

    Are you back to work on Monday as per normal? I bet you enjoyed your holiday all the more if that is the case. I've felt on permanent holiday since out lockdown began even though I've been retired for 6 years now! Strange times...

    Take care

    1. We have been really lucky - this is often a very rainy month for us. Thank you! Exactly, we have to dress up at every opportunity, in my opinion. I love the pink shoes and I'm really happy they've worked out so well for me.

      Thank you! I am excited about the Escada dress, for sure. Vizzini likes anything that used to be alive, and "kitty spaghetti" (anything stringlike) is very attractive to him.

      We've been very lucky - some great planning from Dr. Bonnie. No, I'm back to my 3-day week still. It'll be a long while until our office is sort of back to normal. It feels like being almost retired!

  8. Glad you had a wonderful vacation! You certainly made out like a bandit at Turnabout! You look amazing in that flowered dress! That is a great picture of you and L in the park :) You look very, very happy and relaxed.

    1. Thanks, Nana! I did so well there - I loved wearing that dress.

  9. When I was that maxi dress, the first thing I thought was:gosh that one would look good on her! And it does! It is gorgeous! Breath taking! And I cant wait to see you wear the green coat and the Leopard one! I envie you and your meetings with friends in the park! Would love to do that!

    1. Oh, thank you, Nancy, that's so sweet - I did love wearing it. I wore the leopard today, but I'm not sure when the green one will be unveiled.

      I love the park meet-ups - that's the only way a larger group can gather right now. I hope you get it soon.

  10. Love all the local content - reminds me that EVEN though it isn't England, Victoria is a lovely place but then I've only been here 30 years so I'm a bit new! I read Vix's posts and long for all the various Weatherspoons we visit on our trips back, but yes must get back to Christies and our favourite the Prairie Inn which is the closest to us.We live on the peninsula and are lucky to have a big outdoor space, but I am so impressed with how you downtown dwellers are using and enjoying the park. So thank you for the clothes sharing which is amazing, but also for Victoria!

    1. Aw, thanks, Josephine! I'd love to go back to England one day, but it's Victoria right now. I've been to the Prairie Inn a few times - I don't drive, so I don't get out to the peninsula very often. How lovely to have a big space! We've been seeing so many people using the parks, and it's really great.

  11. I'm glad you enjoyed your week off. My employer has been urging us to take vacation days as many of us have a lot banked and they are afraid that people won't take them in the summer because we can't go anywhere. I'm ok with taking a day off here and there just away from my computer.

    The floral maxi is the perfect "park party" dress, and I would have wrestled you for the emerald green coat/dress!

    Sylvester is 9 years old too, although I think he is going to be 10 in the fall (the rescue organization didn't have an exact birthdate for him). He sleeps most of the day but can still do a full-on Zoomie around the apartment.

    1. Yes, ours has too - I am getting enough time off with my weird schedule, but it was nice to have a full week just the same.

      Thank you - ha, yes, and it would have looked amazing on you, I'm sure! Vizzini crashes when he sleeps, but he's still a VERY active kitty. Hee, Zoomies.

  12. Aww! That last photo really is something extra special! You two look so happy and like you were making the very best of these final days of spring in the great outdoors.

    And, my stars, is that flowy floral print dress something incredible! I don't think I could have held off on wearing it for long either - especially now that the all-too-brief chapter of warmer weather has returned to our corner of the world.

    Autumn Zenith šŸ§” Witchcrafted Life

    1. I love that one too, Autumn! I know, isn't the floral dress amazing? I felt like a million bucks in it. When else am I going to wear it, anyway? I hope it starts getting warmer soon!

  13. What a beautiful outfits. (THAT DRESS!! As if it was made for you.) But of course the nicest thing is to chat with friends again and sit outside in the sun.
    I adore the green jacket/dress. That's another one for putting a red sticker inside with my name on it. I am drooling over it.
    The leopard with red is another one making me wish there were second-hand stores like that in the Netherlands.

    1. Thanks, Greetje - I couldn't believe how great that dress looked on me, what a find. Seeing my friends is the best, for sure.

      I'm excited about that green dress - yes, okay, it has your name on it! Ha! I really did well on those coats.

  14. That floral maxi dress looks amazing on you. I also love that first dress, that's a beautiful black and white tread, isn't it? I love that you paired it with red shoes. The bag is also a fabulous piece.

    1. Thanks, Ivana, I felt awesome in it. That first dress does look like tread! Thank you!

  15. Love your chevron dress, its texture and shape are amazing and it looks so fab with those red shoes!, such a cool & comfy outfit to go shopping!
    And I'm so glad that you were so lucky in your shopping, so many fab purchases (amazing quality Ć­tems!, the cool vest and the Escada dress/coat are such fab). I'm missing my usual rummaging through second hand stalls!.
    You look so fabulous in your floral dress with the fab Wonders sandals. Lovely colors, lovely styling and lovely You!. I also love this brand of so comfy shoes, and enjoyed your recap (loving particularly the silk trousers ensembles!)
    Great photos of your meeting with friends, so joyful!.

    1. Thanks, Monica! Gotta love a comfy shopping outfit, right?

      I did have some excellent finds - I will be wearing the vest and coat-dress soon, probably. I miss rummaging at the thrift stores - no word on those yet.

      Thank you, my dear! Wonders are...wonderful! It was great to see all our friends.

  16. What a lovely post! It's great to see what you've been up to with L and your friends. AND, you've been shopping! That coat was such a wonderful bargain. But goodness, what a floral goddess indeed you are in the glorious maxi dress. The fit is blooming perfect - it looks made to measure on you. Happy days Sheila - you look so well xxx

    1. Thanks, Anna! Oh, yes, shopping is happening, for sure! I missed it. I love the coat, but yes, that floral dress...when I first put it on! I twirled for the sales staff. I definitely felt like a goddess in it. Thank you, my dear!

  17. Oh wow Sheila I felt in a way I was able to "shop with you" - you got some amazing pieces, my favorites being the Escada green dress - coat, I too believe its from the 2000s, i am looking forward to seeing it on you.
    The Ted Baker huge flower print dress was also an amazing find and I agree with you, worn is when the magic happens.

    1. I hope you enjoy the way I wore it! It's an amazing piece. Thank you - I loved, loved, loved wearing that dress.


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