Monday, February 11, 2019

Lemon and Leopard in the Snow

We are in the middle of a snowstorm! Batten down the hatches! 

And wear a bright colour, so that you are visible.
 Yes, even though we have had about 8 inches of snow so far, I am wearing my spring cords. I can't wait to wear new things, even if they are out of season.

  • Blazer - Helmut Lang, thrifted; last worn here in November 2018 with plaid pants
  • Blouse - Planet, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in January, layered under a sweater
  • Cords - Banana Republic, consignment; purchased here on the weekend for $10.00
  • Shoes - Hispanitas; last seen here in January with black and white and yellow
  • Coat (below) - Tahari, thrifted; last worn on Saturday here

A couple of readers have asked me about our "Castle view" - our condo has an external, but sheltered, staircase on the side where I take my stair picture. I zoom in on the Castle, which is about a 5-minute walk away.
 It's not really that close. Check it out here - it's a tourist trap attraction. I did a photo-shoot up there a few years ago when I hosted the Traveling Yellow Skirt in November 2013 (here). 

Back to my outfit! But beware, I have more snow pictures for you.
 I was happy enough with this outfit - I love the olive green with the bright acid-lemon yellow of the cords, and how the leopard goes with that. I have an olive cami on under the leopard blouse.

Our office was so cold today at work - they had HVAC issues over the weekend, and were trying to get the heat pumping. Only about 1/3 of my office showed up - all the schools were closed today.
 We are just not cut out for this weather in Victoria.

Looking at the snow falling.
 Thank goodness for pockets to keep my hands warm. I drank a lot of tea at work to warm up!

Outerwear - this is as bundled-up as I get.
 It did its job keeping me snuggly warm, although all the pieces are drying out after walking home with snow blasting in my face.

  • Fur toque/scarf - Danier Leather
  • Gloves - Cejon, thrifted

The stuff:
 I'm glad I went with flats today. It's supposed to snow more overnight, with rain and slightly warmer temps later this week.

Green and brown bling:
 All harmonious.

  • Necklace - Plum, c. 2011
  • Earrings - thrifted, Powell River
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted
  • Pearl ring - Erth, consignment

I took this picture from our bedroom Sunday afternoon - this is pretty much our view. A parking lot and another apartment building to the right, through our bare-branched Gary Oaks out front. In clear weather, we can see office buildings and more condos downtown in the distance.
 Note how dry the road and sidewalks are.

And this is the same view this morning, just before I left for work, around 8am.
 Much more snow!

I amused myself today at work by taking pictures from the 6th floor of our office building. This is the roof of the parkade next to the building, looking in the direction of home (east).
 Condos and cranes. The spire is a Catholic church downtown.

And here's the same view at 2:30pm.
 Snowing hard! The parkade was empty most of the day - usually, it is completely full.

Looking up View Street in the morning. The streets are pretty clear.
 My city has one snowplow.

And here's almost the same view later this afternoon.
 Uh-oh, the snow is sticking to the roads, even the main ones. Everyone go home!

My coworkers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Montreal all laugh at us.
 This is looking north in the morning. I like seeing the backs of the buildings. Many of these are over 100 years old.

Looking south in the afternoon. On a clear day, we can see the mountains in Washington State and the Pacific Ocean.
 This afternoon? Can't see more than two blocks!

Looking north across town this afternoon.
No reason to be out in that! I hope this goes away soon.


  1. You look great in those limey pants!! I love all your street views! I decided to move to Asheville based on Google map street views lol I'm with you as far as not being prepped for the snow!

    1. Thanks, Becky! Ha, that is a great reason to pick a city. I hate this snow, arg.

  2. The snow looks crazsy! Hope you stay cosy and warm. it's so strange lookign at that when we are in a heatwave though, I'm just thankful the aircon was fixed as it's another hot and humid day predicted tomorrow. They say it will hit 36 degrees but I hope it won't, anything over 30 it gets really hari for our aircon to fight, haha!

    Love your yellow pants - I was so excited to find a mustard pair in the opshop last week, and so upset to find out that they didn't fit. It's still on my want list, a pair of yellow pants!

    1. It really is! I know, I can't even conceive of that much heat right now! I'll send you some cold, and you send me some warmth, deal? :)

      Thank you! Aw, you'll find a pair, I know it!

  3. I love those trousers!

    Luckily it is milder in the UK at the moment - no snow in the forecast for a while!

  4. Love your outfit!! Such a great pop of colour on a cold, dreary day. I wish I lived in a place where snow shut the city down because it's so rare. Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods in South-Western Ontario, that is not the case. Your view looks like my everyday view when I look out the window. We are currently enjoying a lovely ice storm, and I am not looking forward to the ride home tonight. Oh well. Such is life in Canada.:)

    1. Thank you, and welcome, Sandra! This is really unusual for us here on the we(s)t coast, as you probably know! We need our early spring back!

  5. I remember the castle. It's funny how you say its a tourist trap. So many things here are too.
    Lovely bright cords, I think its great to add some color specially considering the amount of snow you are getting.

    1. We are a tourist town - it's the main industry here. I love living so close to such a grand place, though.

      Thanks! Yes, I needed some sunshine on my legs.

  6. Nice outfit but I would never have worn those beautiful shoes in the snow. Or did you secretly swap them for more sensible boots as you walked to the office?

    1. Of course I did, Greetje! I never wear my good shoes in the weather. My Doc Martens are serving me well!

  7. I just knew you were going to wear those trousers! They do look lovely combined with grey, and they certainly look very visible in the snow! I've had a look at the castle: it does look rather grand, and the photo shoot you did with the travelling skirt is fabulous! I'm still not envying you all that snow, and I'm sure you're thoroughly fed up by now ... Here everything comes to a standstill too whenever there's such an amount of snow, and even less. Hope your weather shows some improvement soon! xxx

    1. What you're seeing as grey is actually olive green (it is a very grey-green, though), Ann. Thank you! I can't believe it's been so long since I did that photo-shoot. Yes, we are quite tired of this weather already. Bring on the rain! Ack, did not think I would ever say that!

  8. Brrr!! I hate snow an we are never prepared for it when it comes! I thought Canada would have been all geared up for the snow; I'm glad we're not the only unprepared nation!

    I love your lemon pants! I like to wear my new things quickly too. This is a lovely outfit; I love the olive blazer and the animal print shirt with it and of course those fabulous shoes. I lust after these shoes...

    Hope the rain washes all the snow away - soon!

    1. Us neither, Vronni! Well, Canada is a HUGE country, my dear. Our area is like the south of France compared to parts back east!

      Thanks! I like to wear them right away (weather permitting). The shoes are my favourites! I hope this weather ends soon.

  9. Hallo sweetie! Man oh man, that's some great weather you're having! We rarely see snow over here, so it's impressive to see as much as this with you. Hope that everyone is safe on those roads though - does it get icy too? I liked seeing you all bundled up against the weather - I love to see the snow, but don't enjoy being cold. And yes, the outfit - the yellow trousers are super and I'd be keen to wear them asap too. Cool bit of styling with those shoes, baby :)

    1. Hello, Anna! It's so bizarre - we also rarely get snow here, so everything just grinds to a halt when we do. I hope it warms up soon.

      Thank you! I am excited to wear these in the spring. They feel very springy!

  10. All of your snow pictures look beautiful.
    The photo of the back of the buildings reminds me of the views I saw in Sydney. I never knew I'd like a city view so much! X

    1. Thank you! I love being in a city, close to everything, and Victoria is pretty small.

  11. love these trousers, their color is fabulous and fits you so nicely! and love the leopard top and the cool accessorizing in bronze, wood and green shades! brilliant!
    And it has happened to me too, that people from colder places laugh at me when I share some pics of snow on my city, which is something that happens once a year or so. Obviously, we are not prepared to deal with it!
    It's beautiful to see some snow (from home) but it's not that beautiful if you have to walk on it and go to work and stuff!

    1. I love the colour too - it's so bright in person. My city is just not good at snow - it's very uncommon for us to get this much. I like looking at it, though.

  12. The lime and leopard is both very chic and I like the alliteration. The views of the castle is quite beautiful and I am glad that even though it is somewhat distant, and you are able to see it. The plum necklace is a peach !

    Such beautiful moody snow photos!


    1. I do enjoy alliteration, Elle - you will see me use it often. Thank you!

  13. You (meaning Vancouver/Victoria residents) really don't know what to do when it snows out there. Mel was saying it was -2 and how cold she was and I had to laugh because we had been having -15 to -20 windchill days. I'm getting tired of the cold and the lack of sun. Those pants are such a cheerful colour!

    1. I know, what a bunch of whiners we are! That's very cold for us! Thanks, Shelley!


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