Friday, March 10, 2017

Funky Friday: Yeti Again, and Skirt Shop

Yay, Friday! And today was so mild that I didn't even wear a coat. All my non-whiny paid off, and the weather gods have smiled upon me. 
Ka-pow, old man winter! In your face!

  • Yeti jacket - Kimchi Blue; last seen here (2nd outfit) in November 2016 as outerwear on the weekend
  • Top - no label, thrifted; last worn here also in November 2016 with a sparkly copper skirt
  • Skirt - Tribal, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in October 2016 with the blue Muppet sweater
  • Boots - Clarks;last worn here with some Monday madness in late February

The jacket is the schtar here, I think you will agree. It's quite insane. It was warm enough to wear it outside without me being cold, but I kept having hot flashes in the office and having to take it off. On/off, on/off, all day, flashing my tattoos in this sleeveless copper lame (lah-MAY, darling!) sweater.
I loved all the neutrals in this, and felt utterly "me". That is the goal.

Outerwear? Where?
No need, just my leather gloves and fur toque (both Danier). Everyone on the bus this morning stared at me.

The stuff:
Comfy boots for a day in the office, but I did some errands during the day, running around, and then after work I went for a wee shop. My feet are tired now.

Copper bling:
My copper jewelry will be packed away for spring/summer soon, so I want to wear some of it before then.

  • Earrings - Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage fair (part of a set with a bracelet)
  • Necklace - vintage 60s, vintage fair 

I went to the WIN Warehouse store for a quick poke around, but it's a lot of winter stuff still. I'm aching for spring, so I headed over to the Patch to see if they had anything interesting. They did! 

I found this awesome white full skirt, marked at 16.95. 

It's just below the knee, which I find is a very ladylike length on me. It's also made of PVC.

I love that it has the look of athletic wear - you can also see the black contrast zipper on the back, which whatever, was that from 5 years ago?
A quick browse of the interwebz tells me that this brand was sold at Nordstrom's.

The Patch still has their buy one/get one sale on, so I was happy to find another skirt downstairs in the vintage section, buried in the ginormous pile of tried-on-but-not-put-away clothes. I always find cool stuff in the put-away racks!
Finally! I've been looking for an ethereal tulle skirt forever! This one was $22.95, so together both skirts came to $33.00. Let's say each $16.50 and call it a day.

I love the soft gauzy grey of this one - and it's that perfect ballet length. Classy.
Never heard of Li's, but I'm a size 40. Awesome!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


  1. I'm so glad you had a mild day. The weather here is plain weird and I wish to feck it would settle down!

    Loved the yeti jacket outfit and especially loved the copper bling.

    The skirts are fabulous - can't wait to see you style them.

    Here's to settled weather...

    1. It's feeling like spring a bit more now, not so much winter! Thank you!

  2. I'm digging the longer hair on you! You scored big with the skirts - both are very cool. Of course people were staring at you on the bus - you look awesome in the yeti coat and fuzzy toque.

    1. Thanks so much! it's been weird styling it. Hee, yes, I'm sure they stared because I'm so awesome...ha!

  3. oh yes, that jacket is a schtar! and you look fabulous wearing it! And I'm in love with all those copper bijouterie!
    Admiring your purchases too, those skirts look amazing!

  4. Oh wow I could see the close up of the skirt and I loved it even more. ASTR is also the brand of a light blue pvc skirt I purchased about a year ago. The tulle skirt is aaaahhhmaaazing ! I've wanted one for a while now.

    1. Awesome! Oh, that's so cool - we maaaatch! I know, right? I have been looking for a tulle skirt for-ev-er!

  5. Golly how sick am I that you've got a tulle skirt. I am aching to buy one of these, but refuse to go full retail price. This one is the business.

    Today's outfit is adorable and I'm delighted to hear that they all stared at you on the bus - quite right too!

    Anna x

    1. I know, it's so pretty! I haven't seen them in stores (not that I go into stores that much), so it was a happy find in the thrift store!

      Hee, thanks so much, Anna. Sometimes that's a fun thing. :)


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