Thursday, October 22, 2015

Where Have I Been? On a Rock & Roll Football Holiday!

As you may have guessed, I've sneakily actually been on an actual vacation away from home/my real life during my "blog break". 

Can you figure out where I was? 
Hint: that's the Space Needle as seen from a very small plane
How about this? 
Seriously, you don't need a hint, do you?
 Look at that face.
"You are not permitted to go away, you awful people! How dare you leave me!"
Yup, L and I jetted off to Seattle and Nashville! Herein are a mix of outfits and vacation pictures. Skim as you wish - I mostly do these bigass wrap-ups so that I can remember where I've been and who I met. I'm getting old, ya know.

Travel outfit:
I packed 3 dresses total, that's it.

  • Dress - Dept., thrifted; last seen here in December 2014 with blue legs
  • Boots - 1883 Lucchesse; last seen here (3rd outfit) earlier this month going cowgirl

I took two belts, a pair of microfishnet nylons, a pair of black tights, a vintage slip and two pairs of shoes, including these boots. One pair of earrings, my watch and a leather wrist-cuff were the only accessories. Add in my delicates and a shirt to sleep in, and that's that - I'm a light packer.
I like not having to think about my outfits too much when I travel.

I took this white leather jacket as my only outerwear piece.
We generally pack very light - you can see our only backpack and a single suitcase. We carried another empty backpack in the suitcase in case we needed it (we didn't), and I took my cross-body purse. Easy-peasy, and no checked luggage!

It was a clear and pink-skied morning when we left.
Weather in October can be unpredictable - we were really lucky...for nearly all of our trip (yes, that's foreshadowing).

I'm used to taking the float planes to Vancouver, but see that itty-bitty plane with the yellow?
Zoiks! Really?

Holy selfies! Yes!
Complete with fashionable and much-needed orange ear-plugs.
It was a teeny-tiny plane.
With us in the back seat, two people in front of us, and one passenger up with the pilot...yes, that's a small plane!

Coasting out of Victoria's harbour.
What a lovely day!
Hey, I can see my house!

Mount Rainier as we come into Seattle.
I love the haze of clouds below it.

There's Seattle.
Our friend Casey notified us that Frank Turner (link, 'cause I love) was going to be in Seattle - did we want to go?

Did we? Holy smokes, yes! Love Frank Turner!
The historic Neptune Theatre was the venue.

I got a kick out of "Garfunkel and Oates" playing later on that week.
Heh, it's an inside joke.

Casey drove down and met up with us in the afternoon. L and I wandered around in the U-district, then we got ready for the show.

  • Sequin-bottomed dress - no label, consignment; purchased here in April 2015 for $12.00.
  • Shoes - Half Truth Veda, Fluevog; last seen here a couple of weeks ago with green 

I had put this dress in the giveaway pile, having not worn it since I bought it - yes, this is its first wear! I packed it intending to wear it for evening, and then leaving it behind when we returned home (we do this when we travel - it saves a ton of suitcase room). However, I wore it twice and loved it both times, so it's going back in my closet.

We'd splurged and gotten "The Club" seats for the show.
Yeah, I'm 2nd in line. We had a major hassle with getting one of the tickets (Casey was in General Admission) - they sold out of them, and I had a huge amount of back-and-forth with the ticket vendors over the past few weeks/month. I still ended up having to pick up one of the tickets at the Box Office.

Heavy pink lighting inside the Neptune.
Wearing my Club sticker on my chest - we actually had seats for the show. I am not good with big crowds, so I was super grateful to be in an enclosed area away from the moshers.

The Neptune is a lovely old building.
"'Phins Up!"
L is giving the stained glass Neptune's dolphin the Miami Dolphins salute.

I was spooked by the glowing eyes of the faces up on the ceiling.
"You will enjoy the show!"
Our opening act was a solo dude called "Beans on Toast" (link).
He was entertaining. I was totally impressed that he started on the dot of 8pm, and stuck to his time.

He was followed by Skinny Lister, another English band.
She drank from that jug and passed it around.
They were really energetic, bouncing around.
They reminded me of the Pogues.

The stand-up bass player crowd-surfed...
...with his bass!

Frank Turner came on next.
He is sort of like Billy Bragg, and although pretty much unknown in North America, the fans that do know him, adore him.
Every person in that venue knew all the words to every song.
L and I knew most of the songs (we'd been repeat-listening to his CDs for a few weeks), but not to the same extent as the big-time fans.
The couple who sat next to us (hello, Bobby and um...nice girl?) had seen him a couple of times.
Even though our seating area was elevated, there was always one uber-tall dude.
He was awesome, and played for a solid two hours. Damned good show - if you get the chance to go see him, do it.

Selfie afterwards with Casey:
Casey drove down to Portland, Oregon to see Frank again two days later!

Next day, time to travel some more.

  • Dress - Karina, swap from blogger meet-up, was Patti's; last worn here (2nd outfit) in September 

I left this dress behind, did not bring it home with me. I don't like the synthetic fabric, and it doesn't fit me right in the waist and boobular region. I raided the giveaway pile at home for this item.

Good thing I wore my boots - we flew direct to Nashville, Tennessee!

Check out the centre courtyard of our hotel.
Looking down from our room. Mom, you would have hated this! It even gave L a bit of vertigo.

Looking up from inside the elevator.
It really was lovely, but not if you're not cool with heights.

Well, we're in Nashville...
What would Dolly do?

She's probably go look around.
We strolled down to Broadway, which is like a strip of Vegas.

There were a ton of Miami Dolphins fans in town.
Including this dude aggressively waving his flag.

Lots of neon, drunk people and jostling.
I didn't do well with it - I don't like Vegas either. Get me a drink, stat!

We hung out at Legends on the Corner.
Of course a gun can be a guitar.

We watched this guy butcher the lyrics to "Copperhead Road."
Apparently, Dan Marino (famous Dolphins' quarterback and idol of L's) was at the bar next door doing karaoke. Bummer!

Up bright and early the next morning.
Although Nashville was sunny, there was always a constant cool breeze off the river.
I wore my coat every day. I wish I'd brought a scarf.

We met up with Megan Mae!!
About frickin' time! 
We have been blog-friends for close to 7 years - almost the whole time I've been blogging. I awarded her "The Half My Age Twin" title in my 2010 Major Awards, so I met her in 2009.

After breakfast - a shout out to the Frothy Monkey (link), where we ate every day we were there - she took us through the Arcade, an enclosed walk-through with tons of art studios.
Guns on pillows? Sure!

We loved this wonderful gallery:
"Why, yes, I am reading this Simon Pegg book in a nook."
Megan was an absolute doll, and wonderful hostess of downtown Nashville.

We found this lovely boutique, where L discovered his inner cowboy.
Hee, glitter pink skeleton!
He bought it, of course. So awesome.

The boutique had two house kitties!
"Just stay away from my ball."
We petted them and cooed over them, missing Vizzini.

After a fun afternoon,  L and I napped then got ready for another show.
Same dress for going out, but with boots.

We went to a great little club, 3rd & Lindsley (link). We'd scouted out how far it was the night before (walkable distance) and strolled out early so that we could score a good table.
We had dinner and then Brian Whelan opened up (link). He's the former guitarist for Dwight Yoakum, and although he was good, he didn't stand out too much (i.e. we didn't buy his CD).

We were there for Lera Lynn (link)!
Glitter pants!
If you've seen the 2nd season of the TV show "True Detective" then you've seen her playing guitar in the sleazy bar. She has a wonderful smoky quality to her voice - she was also really funny with her banter between songs.
Check out this YouTube link here from this concert - it's only 2 minutes long and is a gorgeous a capella piece.  L and I are about 12 feet away on the right, and I'm one of the people yelling "Woo!" at the end.

We chatted with these two friendly Kentucky gents.
Hello, Zack and Logan!

We got our picture taken with Lera afterwards, and she signed one of our CDs.
What a lovely lady, with a lovely voice! We had an awesome time at the show!

Up early again on Sunday morning.
Number 54, Zach Thomas, retired player from a few years ago
Are you ready for some football? Heck, yes! I've been to a Dolphins game before, here, when L and I went to Miami in 2010. I wore this same jersey!

We walked to the game after breakfast (mmm...Frothy Monkey). Such a gorgeous day!
I like that the Nashville skyline is a mix of old and new - it reminds me of home.

There was a big pedestrian walkway over the river to the stadium.
"'Phins Up!"
When there are dozens of people doing this, it ceases to be silly and becomes an interesting part of the day's sampling of the culture. NFL football games are major spectacles.
Not a cloud in the sky!

I'm always boggled by the size of everything.
This is a Tennessee Titan
Nothing exceeds like excess!
We got there nice and early and were able to really take in the whole thing. Also, with my issues with crowds (don't like 'em), it helps me to have my seat and not feel surrounded or squashed.

We had great seats, just above the sign banner, above the red section.
We were in the first row, so no one in front of us to block our view.

Sunny selfie!
We both wore sunblock, but that sun did a number on both of us.

By the end of the game, about 4 hours later, one whole side of my face was pink.
L ended up with a burn on his wrist from an area he missed sunblocking.

You might have noticed that L is wearing number 14's jersey.
And there he is, Jarvis Landry, doing warm-ups.

I liked watching them all run through their drills.
When the game is on, it's so chaotic, that you often miss stuff.

It was also cool to be able to pick out our favourite players.
 Time to huddle up!
The Dolphins have been sucking this year, as have the Titans. This is our team's first game with a new coach.

Eee! So exciting!
Jets zoomed overhead (too fast for my camera)! Music blared! Announcers announced!

Fireworks went "BOOM!"
I jumped.

I like to watch what's going on along the sidelines. I was majorly creeped out by this weird peanut monkey thing with the long arms.
He wandered over to the cheerleaders and was being all grabby with them. I watched him until he left the field, and missed part of the game.

Because I also check out the sidelines, once the Dolphins were getting way ahead near the end of the game, I noticed Mr. Red Scarf in the Black Tracksuit down there, lingering near a tub of Gatorade.
"Nothing to see here. Not going to dump it on our new coach, nope."
Mr. RSBT was totally the ringleader.
The coach got his bath, and we won!
We crushed the Titans in a 10-38 - victory! There were a lot of very happy Miami fans carousing through downtown Nashville that night.

Because L wore his new cowboy hat, I wore the hat he brought with him. 
After chilling in the hotel room and watching more football on TV on Sunday night, Monday we slept in.

We strolled around a different area and found the Songwriters' Hall of Fame. We didn't go in, but we browsed around the shops.
L and I are both big Emmylou Harris fans - this is the outfit she wore on the cover of "Here, There and Everywhere" (image link). Very fashionable! I would wear this.

After our stroll, we headed to the airport to catch our flight back to Seattle. We'd had total good luck on the trip - all our flights connected, no delays, great concerts, a win at the game - but our luck broke down in Seattle. Our midnight flight back to Victoria couldn't land due to fog (cursed October weather!) - we circled our house 3 times ("please, just drop me off here!") before we headed back to Seattle at 1:30 in the morning.

By this time, the sinus cold I'd woken up with was wreaking havoc with my eardrums, and with all the take-offs and landings, my ears wouldn't pop. We were rescheduled onto another flight for the next day, but we ended up having to sleep in the airport - so disappointing! I had a rough night, only getting an hour or so of sleep. Our rescheduled flight would have gotten us home a lot later (we were worried about Vizzini getting fed - sorry for the 2am phone call, Uncle Nick!), so I suggested we try and see if there was a possibility of getting us on one of the full flights - hey, you never know.

And we lucked out! Yes, we could be on the next plane out, and be home in a little over an hour!
"I thought you were dead!"
I have never been so happy to be home. We gave Vizzini lots of love and crashed for a long afternoon nap with him.

So these are all the accessories I took with me.
I probably could have gone with just one belt, and could also have skipped the wrist-cuff, but I like having some options to make each outfit unique.

  • Leather belt - Club Monaco
  • Red leather belt - Plum
  • Cuff - Rimanchick
  • Earrings - Frances Jewelers, gift from L
  • Dangle earrings - gift from Megan

And here's what I got while I was away.

This awesome dress is a reworked treasure from Megan Mae, made by Megan of Cirque du Frock (link).
I love the sack shape - and such an awesome neckline! It's a light cotton and unlined, so this might not get a lot of fall/winter wear, but I love it.

Megan also gave me these brushed silver earrings, which I wore to see Lera Lynn.
They have the perfect shape.

While shopping with Megan, we found a great little clothing boutique where I fell for this lace cuff.
I love all the sparkle - it does up with the button.

On our last day of wandering, L and I went into a pin-up boutique.
He bought me this fabulous dark navy and white sailor-style dress. It's amazing on - can't wait to wear it! The belt is toast - I have a way nicer one.

And there we go! I'm home, and I'm chillin' on vacation until Monday. I hope you enjoyed my travels - I did, except for that last part, oh, and plus I'm still sick, blech! I'll be back on Sunday with my at-home shenanigans!


  1. That looks like loads of fun, and you packed in so much - in terms of what you did rather than what you wore! You do travel light, I'm impressed! Hope you feel much better soon. xxx

  2. Nashville??? oh thats the COOLEST!! I've never been but what a cool trip.. Sounds awesome!!
    I LOVE that patterned dress and your cowboy boots.. those are fantastic!!! LOVE
    And the black sequin dress... gorgeous and looks so good on you. You have such a great eye for clothes that fit you and your body type so perfectly!!! I cant wait to go shopping with you!!!!!

  3. Once again! So so glad to have met you and L. It was a great time, and I'm glad you enjoyed the trip to the fullest (and got home safe). ;D I'm snagging a couple of pics for my own little blog, if you don't mind.

  4. Megan, please help yourself to the photos! So awesome to have met you!

  5. Oh wow you had a great break, and managed to fit in a lot!

    I'm sorry you're so sick though, I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Wow, girlfriend, you have traveled and lived life large this trip! I love the pics and esp love seeing Megan with you. Great clothes and shoes throughout - you really know how to pack and I have seen your carry-all : >

    Hope you feel better very soon, xoxo


  7. What a marvellous adventure SHe !
    I was wondering where you were.
    And you got so much done… concert, movie, fellow blogger, game, sightseeing… wow !
    Oh and I am so glad you're not getting rid of that dress with the sequins.

  8. Aww you look like you had the best adventure!! And isn't Megan the sweetest? I love her so much. I'm so glad you guys got to hang out!! Thank you so much for the shout out :-D


  9. I enjoyed this little read through your enormous adventure. How frustrating to circle your house three times! My kingdom for a parachute!
    I grew up on those little Cessna planes. Back and forth to boarding school and elsewhere in PNG. My Dad fixed them for a job...aircraft engineer. Just like cars but noisier!
    Love your cowboy touches for Nashville.
    I too hate crowds so would not even have made the game. Well done you!
    Rest up from your busy time and get well soon. I'm sure Vizzini will forgive you soon!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  10. If I commented on all the things I like about this photo rundown of your Big Adventure, it would be as long as your post. You and L look so happy! That's best thing. Huge crowds freak me out too. I love them for short bursts, but when I want out, I want out NOW, which is never easy. And it's great to see Megan. How cool to meet after these years of knowing each other.

    Did you make it onto the Jumbotron at the game?!

    And Vizzini, so sweet, I'm sure with some big furry welcome-home tail swipes. And all the freshness of the pre-trip home-cleaning to greet you as well. Wonderful. I hope the cold abandons you quickly!

  11. so great to see your trip afterwards. thanks honey, that was a fun read:) xoxocaro


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