Monday, October 26, 2015

Blues for a Manic Monday

Holy smokes, it's so dark in the mornings now! It didn't seem so bad when I was sleeping in till 8 or 9am, but when I get up at my usual time of 6:30am, you really notice how dim it is! 
Waited until the last second before I left to get the stair shot.

  • Dress - Max & Co.; last seen here in August with gold stuff
  • Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell; last worn here in March with a mishmash of pink things

First day back at work. I was missed (I always am), but it was "head down, get through these emails" for me. I had over 1,700 emails! That's nuts.
Knowing that my day would be crazy, I went with a really simple outfit: dress, tights, belt shoes. Done.

The stuff:
I love these shoes, but they are really scuffed. Let's pretend they're not, okay?

Here's my lace wrist-wrap on:
Since I have really small wrists, I love it when I find a piece that doesn't slide around. I enjoyed wearing this, and I love how it looks on.

Bling got the the blues:
Well, the obi and the ring are blue.

  • Obi - Benetton, thrifted
  • Wrist-wrap - Nashville
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

I hope your Monday was better than mine!


  1. Those shoes look really comfy too!! Cute dress.. it is purple on the back? Funky :)
    I know what you mean about catching up on emails when you get back from vacation... mega!!

  2. What pretty shoes. I have the opposite problem with my wrists -- they're too big. I can't even get most bangles on.

  3. NO, really She ?! 1,700 emails ? - OMG that takes you all day and some to go through… loving the new cuff.

  4. always hard to be back at work, but 1700 emails are Really Hard Work!, glad you were looking gorgeous, comfy&cool. Love your dress (it's amazing) and love your bling!

  5. Oh my gosh! Mornings are so dark here that my son and I are able to view planets and stars while we're waiting for his bus in the morning! I think you stopped by my blog recently,although I don't see a cast on your wrist! Hope you are on your way to mending. Love the purple hair!


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