Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hey, Sailor! Hello, Captain!

Woo, it's late and I'm tired. And I still have to do my test-run of my Hallowe'en make-up for tomorrow. 
I saved my sailor-girl pin-up dress for today, so that I could wear it to my WW meeting - I like to wear something aspirational.

  • Dress - Tatyana "Captain" dress; purchased here in Nashville last week
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence; last seen here (5th outfit) in October 2014

I loved wearing this Tatyana dress (linking here, 'cause I love). I had loads of compliments on it. Although it's a pin-up styling, and quite body-con, it's not too low-cut and the dark navy blue helps keep it work-safe.
I trashed the crappy belt that came with it and swapped out this obi - I loved how that pulled it away from a more costume-y "sailor" look that this easily could have been. And can we talk about the shoes?

The stuff;
My background table is in use
I love these shoes so much! But I'm shocked to see that I haven't worn them in a full year! That's some major oversight right there. They were actually comfy all day, for a walk to/from lunch, and for wearing for a couple of hours at WW. I went to a movie after that, but by then had switched to my runners.

  • Obi - Smoking Lily
  • Earrings - Aldo Accessories

And now, off to make sure I can do my Hallowe'en make-up quickly and efficiently in the morning before work! Always do a "test drive"!


  1. The dress is a perfect fit, and I like the pin-uppy vibe. And you MUST wear those shoes more often! xxx

  2. love the sailor collar - and the whole look down to the almost-forgotten shoes! They are awesome. xox

  3. What a pretty dress. And I admire your commitment: doing a test-run is so smart.

  4. Gorgeous She !
    I wore a Blue Demon wrestler mask as I wore to work today… spooked a few pedestrians and drivers.

  5. Wow, you look absolutely wonderful! I love this dress on you but I must admit that the shoes stole my heart. So beautiful and looking very comfy too!
    Have a nice time and happy Halloween!

  6. awesome makeup!! you are so creative!! no dressing up for us over here in maui :)


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