Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallowe'en! Grim Fandangal!

Happy Hallowe'en, my friends! I hope your weekend is ghoulishly good! 
L called my look "Grim Fandangal", which is a play off Grim Fandango, a PC game I used to have that had a wonderful Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) design.

  • Dress - handmade, no label, vintage 60s; last worn here for Hallowe'en 2011
  • Shoes - Half Truth Veda, Fluevog; last seen here for our rock & roll holiday earlier this month

I also wore my fluffy Noa Noa underskirt to give the dress more volume on the bottom - I twirled all over the office.
Pretty standard easy costume.

Add a wig and Vizzini looks at me cautiously.
"Must eat that flower."
This costume actually worked pretty well to function through a work day - I always have to wear my glasses too, so I have to factor that in.
I had a few odd looks while I walked around town
The stuff:
Wonderful shoes. I walked to and from town in them.

Spooky bling:
I wore four spiders!

  • Leather obi - thrifted
  • Rose - Le Chateau
  • Cuffs - Jezebel Charms, gift from L
  • Spider ring - homegrown vintage c. 1986, gift from Mom and Dad
  • Teeny spider stud - gift from Marian
  • Spider earrings - gift from Cindy

If you're interested in how I did my make-up, which was easily the most elaborate part of my costume, get ready for some giant pictures of my face. I did a test run last night to make sure I could do my complicated make-up, and I took pictures as I went along.

Hey if you're not interested, then run away now  - giant pictures of my face!

I didn't really have time for a costume, so aside from pulling stuff out of my regular clothes, I thought I could do a more fun thing and paint my face. I've been watching Face Off, and got all inspired.
I really liked this picture that I found. I had this cool glittery make-up palette that I thought could work, and I bought this two-ended felt/brush eyeliner to make it easier. The eyeliner (Marcelle) was excellent - it was waterproof, so I had no smudging all day, even through lunch. The glitter was horrible.

I started with a clean face and my hair pulled back, and put on a light base of white.
My skeptical face
I hated the feel of the white, but I soldiered on.

I used the brush side to start outlining, to get a feel for the balance on my face.
From there, I tried adding glitter to it, and it was the worst, goopiest stuff ever! I had to scrub my face clean and start over.

Then I tried to shade around my eyes with eye shadow.
Did not like this.

Start over - bare face with some BB cream and powder, not white stuff, and hell, let's try the thick felt tip, shall we?
Hey-oh! Yes, this is much better. The more you try, the more the more you see what works and what doesn't.

I added some shading with grey eyeshadow.
If one eye works on the test run, no need to waste pen on the second eye. I tried this toothy mouth.

Not quite me - how about a little bow mouth?
Oh, yes, I think we are ready!

This is what I used:
My Rimmel BB cream followed by MAC Studio Fix powder for a nice smooth finish. I drew on my face with the felt-tip end, shaded with my MAC dark grey eyeshadow (spider web and jawline), plus a bit of blue from my MAC Toledo special edition blue for the flower on my chin. All reds supplied by a nice matt lip gloss (I forget which one).

Et viola!
A totally fun make-up look in less than half an hour. Thank goodness for the test run!


  1. Oh wow that makeup is incredible! Such a great costume, well done!

    It's nice you shared the process and what did and didn't work too - often people make it look so easy like they mastered it on the first go, not sharing all the fun they had along the way.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! You look scary-fabulous and I love Vizzini's puzzled face. xox

  3. Sheila, your Halloween costumes are the best. Every year something new and interesting. You do not disappoint.
    Thanks for the makeup run-through - the error part of your trial is really useful, and the shading you used is brilliant.
    It's funny that you had only a "few odd looks" - just goes to show that you can pretty much wear ANYthing and the sky won't fall down. People here too hardly glanced at people in costume. Why is that?

  4. That's a gorgeous frock and I LOVE the make-up - great job! xxx

  5. Wow! What a great costume. Love the makeup. Didn't even recognize you.

  6. What a great look for El Dia de los Muertos! I am going to reference this in a week when I hopefully will do something fun for Tucson's huge annual parade for this holiday.

  7. What an off-the-charts awesome costume and makeup job. You look too cool and festively lovely for words!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Nice work on the skull makeup - I did a sugar skull makeup two years ago for halloween and it was a lot of fun, as I was totally unrecognizable.

    That is such a pretty dress - you need to wear it as your regular self!

  9. You did an amazing job with your make up - and like the previous commenter said: wear that dress in real life" it rocks.


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