Thursday, October 3, 2013

Twofer: Leather Shirt and Pink Plaid-o-Rama

Hey! I didn't mean to miss a day, but my company had its annual massive global gathering, and of course, I worked it and then went out for drinks with coworkers. I may have had one Manhattan too many. Yeah, I definitely did. I had a wee headache this morning. When will I learn? Tsk tsk, drinking on a school night.

Anyway, here's what I've been wearing. First up: leather shirt.
Pretty amazing, isn't it? I last wore it in February here, over my red dress.
The skirt is a simple olive green one - I've had it for ages. I got a few compliments on my overall look as being chic and sleek.
I last wore it here in June with a black top as well. Quite a different look this time, though!

And yeah, I gave in yesterday and wore tights - it's cold in the mornings!

The stuff:
I adore these Cydwoq shoes. I need another pair of them (boots!). They were packed away with the autumn/winter gear (as was the leather shirt) - I last wore them here in March to see a hockey game. I got rid of the tiki skirt, by the way - it was one of the items I put in the swap back in September.

My outfit was basically built to show off my groovy 70s bracelet and necklace.
I wore earrings from a decade earlier.

Shirt (Danier, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), shoes (Cydwoq), necklace/cuff set (vintage 70s, thrifted), earrings (Renoir, vintage 60s, thrifted).

Thank goodness I had the bare bones of an outfit ready to go this morning. It was rather difficult to drag my butt out of bed.
Pink, burgundy and purple!

It was a lovely morning. This (as well as my neighbour in the apartment cropped out of the foreground) is what I saw as I perched on the stairs.
Isn't that glorious? I love seeing the sun on the Castle, and the sun on the oak trees.

I'm wearing my pink velvet blazer. It was pretty wrinkly this morning from being packed away, but the wrinkles fell out during the day.
I last wore it here for Pink Shirt Day in February. I love this dusty pink with tones of reds and burgundys.
The skirt is actually a cape! I have two of them, both purchased second-hand and almost never worn as capes (they tend to ride up when I lift my arms). I haven't worn this one since the final capsule in January (recap here), in this outfit here when I was sick.

Sweet boot goodness:
I KNOW. These are one of my favourite pairs of boots, just for the pure aesthetic wonder of them. They are the Velazquez Baroques (and if it ain't baroque, don't fix it, hee hee), last seen here in February with one of my wacky outfits featuring the ship dress.

Jacket (Nougat London, consignment), cami (Jackpot), skirt-as-cape (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Velazquez Baroque, Fluevog), necklace (consignment).

I actually took these pictures on Tuesday night. Vizzini was being a jerk and running around trying to get our attention. Finally he gave up.
"I'm just going to sit here in my house and glare at you."
I love the expression of outrage.
"If you put your fingers in my house, I'll bite you."
That's what he does; he's very bitey. He doesn't break the skin, though.


  1. It's like monochrome day jumped up to a new level!

    That pink velvet blazer's to die for! I've been keeping an eye out for a long time; you inspire me to redouble my efforts, and to contemplating pairing such a thing with plaid or checks. Hm...

  2. Love the colours in that last outfit - so nice! Lots of lovely textures too :)

  3. Boots! Shoes! Leather! Jewellery!
    Love it all!
    And Vizzini too. My boy cat is a bitey one as well, but I forgive him. xxxx

  4. Vizzini looks fierce in that first pic! And you look awesome in both outfits - that plaid skirt is out of this world great.

  5. I really love your pink outfit - the skirt especially, but the whole ensemble is lovely! And I've definitely had days in the past where I've gone to work with a smallish hangover. It happens to the best of us! Oh Vizzini, you just look fit to be tied!

  6. Your pink velvet blazer continues to be one of my favorites. In fact i might just pack one of my velvet blazers for an upcoming trip-

  7. Of all your many fabo clothes, that leather shirt is among my top five faves. Elegant and sexy!

    Hee, kitteh pics. Sasha is a love biter, very gentle but very possessive :P

    Love ya,

  8. that black leather shirt definitely was an awesome buy!! Love it with the olive skirt. And that copper jewelry is just AMAZING!!

    THOSE BOOTS....drool drool drool!! Love the whole outfir--the pink looks fabulous with the red/burgundies. and I'd have never known the skirt wasn't really a skirt!!

    VIZZINI!!! He is so cute...and evil. Just like our Callie-Cat (she is his tortoiseshell east coast twin)

    Here's the link to my 70's outfit for your birthday post:

  9. You live near Craigdarroch Castle? I went there the first time I went to Victoria (actually the second time), the time I met my husband. Such a pretty area.

    Fabulous clothes again, as usual. I love the copper jewelry, and that pink outfit is just lovely, right down to the boots!

  10. Ooh, grumpy Vizzini! I always think it is funny when pets get moody. They don't agree, of course.

    Yay for cocktails! I would have done exactly the same - good you had an outfit sorted. I do like your pink romantic outfits. And I am most definitely not a princess type, but the neighbouring turrets look pretty Disney-like! Xxx

  11. Lol! Spike is very bite-y too. I haven't gotten to know Watson well enough yet, but he's a licker!

    Both are gorgeous outfits. I'm always wowed by your winter shoes. Cydwoqs and Fluevogs ahoy!

  12. I just had to say I just had a dream about you Sheila! You had your own boutique, and sold me a beautiful parachute skirt and cropped bolero cardigan! I was so happy!

    I love the velvet jacket outfit - those boots are wonderful :-)

  13. Love Vizzini's leopard print digs! I'm sure he's quite aware how cool they are. Love the pink but I'm totally envious of the leather shirt! I see why you got lots of compliments with that outfit -- it is tres chic!


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