Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plaid Attack! With a Side of Wacky

October! My favourite month of all. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is both of my eldest nieces' birthdays. And Hallowe'en! So let's dive right into autumn, shall we?
This was quite a wacky outfit for the office. I looked fairly normal from the waist up, at least.

This gorgeous plaid dress is one of my very favourite things. I'm so glad I rediscovered it last year during the capsule challenge - it was featured in the October capsule (recap here) three times - when I realized how versatile it could be. Plus, it has a wonderful punk-ish, Vivienne Westwood kind of vibe. Anyway, expect to see it a few times in the next 6 months.
For the first time ever, I am layering a cardigan under the dress - it's this green mossy cardigan that I last wore here in February with brown and mustard. I don't like it as a cardigan that much, but I love the colour, and it's thin enough to work as a layering piece.

This outfit was partly inspired by this mish-mash of images from the fashion mags. 
The centre black-and-white image shows a waffle-weave sweater worn under a fancier dress. My cardigan is nicer than a waffle-weave (too casual for my taste), lays open at the neckline nicely. I like it under a dressier piece. And of course, all that plaid! 
Your eyes do not deceive you in the first picture: I have patterned knee-high nylons on and a slip peeking out (quite boldly) from under the dress. I am resisting full-leg tights still, and I liked the socks-with-shoes look in the above images. This is not quite the same, but I thought it gave it a fun punk sort of look.

The stuff:
I forgot to take my black leather obi off for the picture. These are my olive green Wonders Ayers, last seen in Monochromania! Week, here in September.

My new-to-me Midzo cuff:
It wasn't as snaggy as I thought it might be - it was actually great at work. The earrings are homegrown 90s vintage - I bought them at a mall store I used to work in back in about 1994.

Also: Hat Attack Time! Get over to The Style Crone's pad and show off your hat - I'll be there!

Also also: Just like last year, I'd love it if y'all would join me in dressing up this weekend for my birthday party. We're having a 70s-themed party this Saturday, so by all means, be "on theme"! Send me your picture of you in your party finery, or drop me a comment with a link to your post, and I'll include your picture in the Sunday round-up.

Dress (Plum), cardigan (Kersh), knee highs (Filodoro), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), obi (consignment), cuff (Midzo, thrifted), earrings (LA Express, 90s).


  1. Is this image legit 70s fashion? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-LLh3Urm3Do0/TiJ2q-BEsQI/AAAAAAAAAM0/qTJgtb1DtFo/s1600/5.jpg

    If so I miiiiight be able to pull this off. It looks like so much fun!

    1. Oh, sure, go for it! Everything is welcome, theme or not! :)

  2. I love plaid-who doesn;t?!-and this is a great frock! XXX

  3. Wonderful tartan dress - and I have never worn a cardigan underneath as a layer either! Loving that metal cuff. xxxx

  4. Great plaid! And the layering, plus socks gives you such a fabulous October outfit. Ooh, birthday weekend ahead!

  5. You never cease to amaze me. Love the elements of this outfit.

    And the Seventies?! Now you're talking MY time!

  6. Plaid!! Plaid is my favorite as I'm sure I've told you many times before! I adore this red plaid with the green and your awesome shoes. Very fall like and very fun!

  7. Happy birthday in advance! I will send you a picture :-)

    Love the cardi layering, I think it looks great. And the socks xx

  8. Love how you've layered the plaid with the olive sweater!! you look gorgeous!!

  9. Happy Birthday! I knew yours was coming up, but I missed this post until Tamera mentioned your party. I don't know if I'll get a photo in time, but I'll try.

    My birthday is the 13th. There's a lot of us October babies about!

  10. Wonderful plaid dress. I'm really liking this visible slip thing! Love that cuff and glad to hear it wasn't snaggy.

  11. JUST yesterday i was looking at mags and thinking i dont have any plaid... just a scarf.


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