Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday Week! Flashback: 90s Dark Florals

Birthday week continues! Thank you everyone for your kind wishes - the big day is tomorrow!

And so today, I dragged out something...really old (like me, hee hee).
My second stab at dark florals (following this blouse outfit here last month) revolves around one of the items in my "Closet Archives" - this black and small red and white floral print dress. I've had the dress for at least 15 years - bought it on consignment (on the sale rack) for about $24.00 back in the late 90s.

There is one picture of me wearing it back in around 1999 in this post of my Closet Archive dresses. It's by Laura Ashley, and it's likely from the late 80s/early 90s - it has baggy shoulders from someone removing the obviously large shoulder pads.
This brocade jacket, however, has stupendous shoulders. Look at that nice shape! I am thrilled to have this back in my wardrobe after the spring/summer on closet holiday. I last wore it here in February with my leather pants and purple combat boots (I still need to replace those).
I liked the high contrast of the cream and black, with the pops of dark red. I'm wearing a full, flouncy vintage cherry red slip underneath for extra Swoosh Factor.

The stuff:
Beautiful boots. Get used to 'em, I wear them a lot, including just last Monday here, with the Holy Ship! dress.

Killer bling:
Zippers and skulls, 'cause that's how I roll (especially in October!). Do you have a Hallowe'en costume picked out yet? I do!

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), slip (Suzette Lingerie, vintage, consignment), dress (Laura Ashley, vintage 80s/90s, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), zipper rose (Victoria & Albert Museum Gift Shop), earrings (local), spoon ring (About Tine), red ring (Oscar & Libby's), obi (local).


  1. I'd call this "Soft Gothic", since it does have the dark florals, the blood coloured boots, but all are lightened by the jacket (whose texture does still go with the richness of the Gothic era). It's great!

  2. Soft goth, yes, that's good, and it defines this outfit perfectly! Gorgeous textures and colors, very sensual.

  3. I love how you've paired the light jacket with the rest of these dark rich colours. I think of mulled wine. Soft goth, nice imagery.

  4. Oh I look forward to seeing that Haloween costume you have picked out! :)

    Really like the print of that dress, and it's so nice layered with that belted jacket. Such a lovely look for cooler weather :)

  5. Oh, love this Victorian (Soft Goth) look, those dark florals really flatter. The perfect footwear, as per always with you, Sheila : >

  6. I'm another fan of the Soft Goth description - it's perfect!
    Love the way the ox blood obi and boots tie it all together. The look is soft and elegant, yet dramatic. Gorgeous! xxx

  7. I love the different decades you've been pulling out! I haven't seen anything Laura Ashley in a long time! This is very elegant and pretty!

  8. Soft Goth--AWESOME!!! The dress really works as more of a skirt here!! The dark red of the boots and obi are paerfect!! and the jacket is just gorgeous!!

  9. Soft Goth is a brilliant description, Victorian and elegant without the piercings and cider and black.
    Those boots are gorgeous and that obi shows off your teeny waist a treat. xxx

  10. Another cheer for soft goth - the rich reds and dark florals are gorgeous. Have a fantastic birthday, now! Xx


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