Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rampant Lion, Kitty Update

A much better day today, both tights-wise and cat-wise. Vizzini seems to be his old self (although he lost a big of weight and is still a little tired): he's eating small amounts of food and is back to his old habits, like waking me up at 4am. I am relieved. Hugely relieved. Thank you for all your good vibes! 

And so, today:
Fresh red hair!
The top half of this outfit is basically a copy of this outfit from the November 2012 capsule, although I last wore the jacket here in April with purple shoes and tiger stripes (rar!).

The little sweater shell underneath is my Ellen Tracy, last worn here under my faux Hermes scarf with kitchsy 70s colour.
The skirt is just so amazing - I'd forgotten how awesome it was! I last wore it in the January capsule (recap here), with the last outfit being this one with my killer red boots.
It has crazy points and corners sewn into it, and the hem is up and down. The front has two low big diamond-shaped pockets that are a little too low for hands ("long monkey arm pockets" my coworker calls them). And it has a weeny little zipper in the front (it's super high-waisted) which makes it very hard to get over my hips. Regardless of all these quirks - or because of them! - it's a totally unique item that I love. I picked it up on consignment last fall for about $40. Not worth it as it's not even lined (I have a half-slip on), but the design is so cool that I forgive it!

The stuff:
The shoes were last worn in my "Beam me up" outfit here in August (shiny!). I thrifted them back in May for $24.00 (score!) and they are breaking in nicely. They were better with tights than barefoot, that's for sure.

The bling:
Every time I wear this Pringle of Scotland belt, I get an email from someone asking me to sell it to them. Dude, no, you can't have my belt! I'm not even close to being tired of this fab made in England, leather and pony-hair LION BUCKLE (rar!) belt.

First wear of my sputnik earrings. Bought them locally, and they were made locally. Go, me!

Jacket (Alison Wonderland, consignment), top (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (La Fleur de Mon Secret, consignment), shoes (Ramon Tenza, thrifted), belt (Pringle of Scotland, thrifted), earrings (local), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), floral ring (vintage 70s, Sarah Coventry, thrifted).


  1. I was catching up with your blog, and had to skip ahead to find out about poor Vizzini. I'm glad he's feeling better and hope he's on the mend. Puking cats are no fun at all.

    I do adore the drape of that skirt - so fabulous!

  2. O, no, I just caught up on Vizzini!! The poor darling, thank goodness he's coming right. Do give him a gentle tickle from me!
    That is a great belt, and I love this colour scheme! XXX

  3. Phew! Thought about Vizzini a few times today and hoped he was doing better! And it's always the best compliment when someone likes something you're wearing so much they want to buy it! (the closest I've got is someone wanting to steal my skirt)

  4. So, do you want to sell your belt? : o JK, you look fabulous wearing it and that skirt really has amazing lines. I am so, so happy that V. is feeling better, what a relief. xo

  5. I do covet that belt but it would be too small for me...loving that skirt.
    Hope V continues to improve...our Chester wakes us at 4am too.

  6. Oh what a relief! So happy for you all.

    That is a crazy skirt (in a good way)!!!!!

  7. I am so glad that Vizzini is feeling better! Getting back to his old naughty habits is a great sign! :)

    That skirt is such a wonderful piece too, love all of the details!

  8. Glad your cat is better. You look fabulous, I love your hair color and cut.


  9. Whew, so glad to hear about Mr. Vizzini, may he continue on the mend!!!

    Beautiful outfit - love the shapes, skirt draping, and belt / shoes combo.

  10. Totally thrilled that Vizzini is on the mend!! He will soon be back on patrol!!
    That skirt is fantastic--you are so right that the unique cut makes it interesting.
    The Pringle belt is stunning!! I can see why so many people covet it!!

    rub vizzini's chinny a bit for me!!

  11. Yay for Vizzini feeling better! I'm glad to hear it was short lived!!

    I love the belt, seriously it's awesome. I also really like your jacket.

  12. You look fantastic! The shoes are beautiful:) i love it . Kisses Beata

  13. So glad your cat is doing better...you look lovely and not worried at all,Shelia!

  14. I have been a little MIA but from what i read V was a bit sick - hope all is well now.


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