Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday in Teal (and Adieu to Some Shoes)

Why does a Tuesday after a long weekend feel like two Mondays? Arg. 

It's been great weather lately, so I wanted to get in a wearing of this new-to-me sleeveless jacket with bare arms at least once before next year.
"Hello, neighbour, nothing to see here, move away from your kitchen window"
I bought this at the WIN Boutique back here in September for $13.50. I love the cut and fit of it, but I'm not sure how to wear it. Any ideas?

The blouse is my lovely blue sleeveless (last seen here in August with a shark) with accordion pleating around the neck.
The skirt is a crackle-finish leather - I love the distressed "Indiana Jones jacket" look of it. I last wore it in the November 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it last here.
The tights are cool - I'm going to be sad when these finally wear out. I've had them for several years and no holes yet!

The stuff:
Oh, classic teal pumps, you are going in the donation bag. My feet are killing me and you're just too high. Sad face.

I have not worn these since the September 2012 capsule (recap here), where I did wear them 3 times. But every time I go to put them in an outfit, I end up choosing a different pair. So, buh-bye, pretty shoes.

The jewelry is the lovely set L bought me for my birthday at the Vintage Expo. Loved wearing it today!

Sleeveless jacket (Sandra Angelozzi, thrifted), blouse (Mexx, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Me Too), necklace/bracelet (vintage, gift from L), earrings (local).


  1. You're so good for getting rid of what doesn't always work!

  2. wear the sleeveless jacket over a patterned, long-sleeve dress? or layer over a black long-sleeved top with some texture to the fabric (eg lace) to create sort of mixed-media jacket effect with sleeves?

  3. I think you styled it perfectly! A hint of the gorgeous neckline and color peeks out from it. I'd love to see it over a cream or light-colored shirt with puffed, interesting sleeves, too.

  4. I see that sleeveless jacket with a white long-sleeve pirate blouse under it for a soft steam punk look. But you clearly didn't need any help styling it here. You look great! The neighbour seems addicted to you now....

  5. Shame about the teal shoes being so uncomfortable, as they look cute! :)

    I really like that vest, it would be easy layered over a dress, or over something long sleeved too! :)

  6. Your good-bye to the painful, beautiful shoes gives me courage to donate my painful, beautiful brown heels. You look gorgeous in this mix of textures and colors!!

  7. I love the outfit--and wow to the gorgeous jewels!!
    I think the jacket is more like a vest and can be worn that way over long sleeve tops.
    Sadz on the shoes--they are gorgeous!!

  8. Too bad about the teal shoes, because they're a gorgeous color. Maybe there's a replacement pair waiting for you somewhere.

    The vest/jacket is lovely - so nicely tailored. I bet a blouse with billowy sleeves would look smashing under it!

  9. Aww, I'm sure it's hard to let the shoes go, but if they're not comfy, they're not worth it!

    I like the look of the skirt! The finish of it is neat!

  10. OMG, I lurve your hair. I went a little too short with the last cut, so am aiming to grow it out to a little more 20s bob style.

  11. Ah, shame about the heels. The sleeveless jacket is a similar shape to a jerkin so try it as an alternative to your vintage suede ones. I agree with the comments above that it would look great over something with flowy, dramatic sleeves. Lovely outfit, and stunning jewellery set. xxx

  12. Oh I love those teal shoes but I know what you mean about being uncomfortable in them, they must go. BTW - was your neighbor really looking out of his/her kitchen window?

  13. Awww sad about the shoes! Alas, maybe they'll be somebody else's big score. Love your sleeveless 'jacket'. The fit is really nice.

  14. Gah, nosey neighbours! (that aren't cats). We put frosting on our kitchen door because I got fed up of them being able to see me dancing around in my pjs!

    I'd like to see the sleeveless jacket with your lacey piratey shirt with the long cuffs.

    Well done for passing your shoes on, hope they will be comfy on someone else. Shoe karma coming your way now! Xx

  15. Interestingly enough I am also letting go of my teal pumps this month.
    I realized that many of my shoes are falling apart.... the humidity in my closet is killing them.


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