Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Plaid, Blood Red and Head Shot

Ah, it's late and I need my sleep. After work tonight, L and I met up with Cat and Ross and Nick and Karen to go see Neil Jordan's film "Byzantium" (Wiki link for info) at the university theatre. We generally get together and watch a scary movie every Hallowe'en, but with it being mid-week, this worked better. 

I enjoy working the bloody, spooky theme into my clothes - so blood red! 
It's so dark in the mornings now!

Boots first, because I didn't take a picture of them - I last wore these blood-red beauties here earlier this month, and that is a very similarly-constructed outfit to this one!
Lurker in the background: to poop or not to poop, that is the question
This wonderfully swoopy skirt is actually a dress! It didn't make it in to the 30 For 30 For 12 Wardrobe Challenge, except for one Wild Card Outfit and it's been packed away with my fall/winter things, so it's been well over a year since I've worn it.

Here we are, let's cast our net into the past:

  • November 2012 - the aforementioned Wild Card outfit. 
  • November 2011 (2nd outfit) - for Celia's afternoon tea pre-wedding shower.
  • October 2011 (3rd outfit) - for dinner out with L for my birthday

I tend to wear it with red because the pale blue/white/black plaid has a thin red line in it. I bought it at Dots, a local sort of clearance outlet for samples. I don't shop there anymore because nearly everything there is made in China, but they do have some really cool and interesting clothing lines that come in. It was $30.00 and is by the UK brand Naughty - my dress is called the Tartan Fling.
This is my first time wearing it with navy blue, specifically this navy cotton velvet blazer. I last wore it in the October 2012 capsule (recap here), last time in this outfit here. This is the 4th time I've worn it, and I paid $12.00 for it in the Beacon Thrift Store (while taking a mental health break from work one day in August 2012), I am down to $3.00 per wear. That is excellent cost-per-wear in my book!

The stuff:
I never get tired of my wonderful soft leather obi - it's locally-made, bought for me by L and it gets softer every time I wear it. The usual assortment of cuffs, creepy-crawlies and skulls accompany my zipper rose.

Jacket (Armor Jeans, thrifted), dress (Naughty), boots (Miz Mooz), obi (locally made), leather cuff (Rimanchik, local), metal cuff (thrifted), silver/red ring (Oscar & Libby's), snake/spider rings (homegrown vintage, 1985-6), skull earrings (local).

I am excited about this Unlimited Woman awards*/celebration thingy - and yes, I do have my outfit picked out for the photo-shoot on Monday already! Stay tuned - it's very me.
*linking 'cause I love being a finalist! Wee!

I had to send in a head shot to them, so I got one of the guys at work to take my picture. No selfie for this one!
Wah! That's red hair, man
Another co-worker held the big light reflector thingie (I know all the technical terms, ha ha), so I let them both nibble off the catered lunch today as thanks. Scott (photographer) and Trevor (helpful assistant), thank you so much! I don't think I've ever looked that good.

Off to bed, although circles under my eyes will be easily hidden by my Hallowe'en costume tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful head shot :-)

    Is your hair a different red this time? It looks more red, than ginger if you know what I mean! Lovely!

  2. That headshot of you is great! So nice of your colleagues to help :) Hope you have tons of fun at the photoshoot :)

  3. I love how unique you are. Really. You are one of a kind.

  4. Great head shot, Sheila! Your hair is such a fab color and the glasses are so *you*. Have a wonderful, candy-filled Halloween. Hey to Vizzini, great to see him. xo

  5. So much to love about this post. The ruching in your skirt, the gorgeous blood red accessories to your ensemble, and your stunning head shot. Inspiration always!

  6. Congratulations on the Unlimited Woman thing! You certainly have unlimited style and energy (and a bottomless wardrobe)!

    That skirt is gorgeous, and yes, your obi is too. Another fabulous outfit!

  7. Your headshot is FANTASTIC!!!! You are seriously gorgeous!! Love the purple specs (so much my new ones are purple!!)

    Those boots are freaking amazing--and perfect with the tartan swooshy skirt!!

  8. Great photo! You look fabulous.
    I had never heard of Armor jeans but just scooped up a grey skirt made by them at WIN.
    Good luck at that event, my fingers are crossed for you.

  9. Congrats. I giggled at the above "unlimited wardrobe" comment. And every piece totally fabulous!

    Beautiful headshot. I've got photography lights on my Christmas wish list. I do love to play with my Nikon.

  10. Aeee! I love that we're hair twins again. Your headshot turned out lovely! Lookin' gorgeous, Sheila. Happy Halloween!

  11. You're looking at your red hair, I cannot but admire your gorgeous eyes Sheila :)

  12. You look so lovely! This may be my favorite outfit of the fall :)

  13. You look so lovely! This a fantastic outfit, and it suits you perfectly :)

  14. Oh, a beautiful head shot! I will be crossing my fingers for you. I looked at the site - what a damn good idea for an award! xx

  15. You look gorgeous!!! A huge congratulations on your award nomination! I'm sure you'll blow their socks off. Glad to hear your sweet boy is feeling better too xx


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