Monday, October 28, 2013

Good and Bad...and I Swear They Were Teal

So I didn't go shopping with my niece yesterday - she stayed home sick (get better soon, sweetie!) - but we had other drama to deal with: Vizzini puking all over the house. Ugh, at least 6 times, and he wasn't able to keep any food or water down. Due to the fact that he eats everything, we're sure he ate something that either got stuck or is blocking things up. Anyway, we took him to the vet (very traumatic, as it was less than 2 years ago since we went through the whole thing with Inigo and lost him), and we were sent home with kitty-Pepto and instructions to watch him after he ate. 

He ate. He slept a lot. He got up. He puked. 

Dang. He slept under the bed all night (I slept on the floor near him, so worried), and L took him to our other vet this morning. He is still there, and had an X-ray (no blockage they could see, and he has no tummy pain), but he still hasn't eaten anything. We'll pick him up tonight and try to feed him and keep an eye on him. 

Please send good vibes to my fuzzy little monster. He is awful, but we do love him, and want him to be home and up to no good again soon! 

Let's do today's outfit and then I'll get to the good news (it's been a crazy week).
Okay, I swear that these tights were teal when I left home! But as soon as I hit natural light, they were all like, "Hey, guess what? We're green! Don't you look silly?"

Stupid tights.

Anyway, here I am in my nice burgundy sweater dress. I haven't worn it since the March 2012 capsule (recap here), last time in this outfit under a blouse.
Today, I wore my paramecium blouse under the dress. I last wore the blouse in the October 2013 capsule (recap here), last time in this outfit with the green sweater from the weekend.
My blue slip is hanging out, but I didn't have time to pull off the whole outfit and go for a shorter slip. Arg. And look at those tights - looking teal!

The stuff:
The shoes are nicely trimmed in teal (see? I had purpose!), and were last worn here in March with blues and oranges.

I tried out my cool vintage shoe clips on them - did you notice?
I liked how the shoe clips matched the shapes on the belt.

Dress (Eric Alexandre), blouse (Jones New York), belt (Brave Belts, thrifted), shoes (Pink Studio), cuff (Shi Studio), earrings (Oscar & Libby's), shoe clips (vintage, Rad Juli), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

A couple of pictures of L and Vizzini on Saturday afternoon.
"What can I eat?"
 Vizzini is more interested in getting into mischief than having a cuddle.
"Look! A squirrel!"
I'll see you soon, buddy.


So the good and somewhat startling but also exciting news...a couple of weeks ago I got an email titled, "Congratulations! You've been nominated!" Naturally, I get all kinds of weird spam from having my email in my profile here, but I cautiously checked it out to see if it was a hoax. And no, not a hoax. I was nominated in the Style category for the Unlimited Woman Awards (link)! My wonderful girlfriends did it all sneakily.

And to my utter surprise, last night I got an email that I am now a finalist! It is down to me and 2 other (I'm sure) very stylish women, and I will find out in late November when I attend the gala with all my girlfriends if I win! This week, I have to send in a head-shot (I'm having a coworker take it for me), and on Monday, I go for the photo-shoot!

Anyway, so cool be up for a Major Award! Wish me luck!


  1. Oh noes! Warm thoughts for the little furry one!
    I think the blue slip actually helps the green tights look more teal, so it all worked out! Maybe not as intended...

  2. Dang, those sneaky tights. And hurrah for sneaky girlfriends. I'm so excited for you, Sheila! I wish I could vote for you or something because I want you to WIN this BIG TIME!! I'm sure the judges will see what we all see when we come to this blog - awesome style, sharp wit, cool interests, and dedication. Good luck.
    As for Vizzini, may he wake up cured tomorrow. The anxiety around an ill pet is horrible. I know Vizzini would be terribly annoyed having anything cramp his style. Fingers crossed.

  3. Oh your nomination is so worthy...
    Our cats mean a lot to us and I know what you are going through...
    keep me in the loop/

  4. Oh the poor dear! Still, if he's looking about and alert and not in pain, it sounds like his system is purging something nasty and it will be out in due time. I hope for the best for your family. Not being able to communicate complex ideas to cats/dogs is always the hardest in times like this.

    Bit of a roller coaster week for you. I *am* thrilled for your award nomination, though. It looks like you have a rockin' social life and lots of cool activities, and I'm sure you deserve it richly. :D

  5. Dear Vizzini, I hope the vet figures out what happened and that he feels better soon and comes home to patrol the unruly squirrels! Give us the good news as soon as you hear!

    Good luck on your nomination, that's so cool!

  6. Oh no I hope Vizzini is much better when you pick him up from the vets! Sending lots of good thoughts his way.

    Congrats on being nominated for the award, and being a finalist!

  7. Oh poor Vizzini! and I feel so deeply for you and L - I too have slept on the floor to keep an eye on a sick kitty. I hope he's home and hungry any minute. xoxox to him.
    And big congrats on your nomination! Well deserved, and so exciting to be a finalist!

  8. Hugs for you and healing thoughts to Vizzini! Poor little buddy.

  9. How awesome about the MAJOR Award!! You're the winner in my book!!

    Oh my!!! poor sweet Vizzini--sending out lots of good vibes and hugs to him.

  10. Singing "Soft Kitty" for Vizzini. Virtually that is. No one wants to hear what that really sounds like. Particularly when they're sick.

  11. Oh poor Vizzini! We went through that with Pippin this summer, it ended up being nothing more than a kitty virus, she got over it thankfully. I hope he is on the mend very soon!! Extra hugs and pats for him!

    Congrats on your nomination, very well deserved!!

  12. Of course I am sending much love to Vizzini - I know exactly how you feel, it's awful when they are ill. Hope he's home and making mischief very soon.
    Love the sweater dress on you (woohoo, fab figure!) and congratulations on being a finalist - good luck, hope you win! xxx

  13. First, I noticed the clips ! and love them. I have wanted a pair of shoe clips for a while and yours reminded me that i have yet to find the perfect pair.
    Second, the dress fits you beautifuuuly.
    Third, I am glad V is ok now. Marshmallow puked this morning so i can relate.
    Fourth..... OMG Sheila!!! congrats !!!!!! on your nomination! what will you be wearing to the shoot???


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