Sunday, October 6, 2013

OMG, It's a 70s Party! (Oh, and There Were Other Outfits and Cat Pictures Too)

Ohhhh, wasn't that a party??
"Don't tell me you forgot."
 Our 70s party is now in the history books. Words like "epic" and "oops" and "ohmygod" were tossed about.
70s make-up!
Yup, that's me - pretty crazy, eh? I did gold and copper make-up to go with my blonde wig and my gold and copper jewelry. I'm wearing fake eyelashes with clear beads on them ($1.00 at the WIN thrift store).

L and I have had these crazy sunglasses since the early oughts. I forwent my glasses (and I don't have contacts), so I was blind all night. It was kind of fun.
Big gold earrings and big gold hair! The wig was picked up on Saturday at Heart's Content boutique in Fan Tan Alley. Not second-hand; new, made in China (*sigh*) but awesome.

I felt very disco in it.
Many of my friends didn't recognize me at first.

After all, the legging were rather distracting.
"Bam! I shot you."
My best "Charlie's Angels" pose. I'm linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style. Visible? Oh, hell, yeah.

I was caught by my across-the-hall neighbour in this get-up. He looked startled.
Fortunately, the other-building neighbour didn't see me.
The outfit was thrifted while on our last trip to Powell River, back in August here, for $2.00. I got the belt when I was there too.
It's a top and hot pants! But because I am leery of letting my oldish-lady thighs and butt hang out, I bought a pair of liquid gold leggings from the local adult boutique. They were $29.99 and sadly are also made in China.
I actually pulled the bottom of the tights over my foot, as they were too long on me. I liked how they blended into the sandal.

The stuff:
I saved the gold Coach sandals from the summer pack-away, because they are awesome and you never know when you might need gold platforms. I last wore them here (2nd outfit) in July with my strapless yellow dress (gave it away in the swap recently).

The wig is good quality, and I can see myself wearing it again for a costume or a party. I like the shades of gold in it.
It was $69.00. Wigs are expensive.
A mix of newish and vintage.

Top/hotpants (handmade, vintage 70s, thrifted), belt (thrifted), earrings (Aldo Accessories), copper necklace/cuff (vintage 70s), gold ring (90s), floral ring (vintage 70s, thrifted), leggings (Leg Avenue), wig (Heart's Content), sunglasses (00s).

There are more pictures of the party way down below, but first, the other outfits that I've been wearing since Friday. This is what I wore on Saturday morning for breakfast and some shopping:
This outfit is pulled from one of my inspiration looks from the September fashion mags:
 I did a grey plaid circle skirt instead of solid grey, and I added a pop of red. It was a nice casual outfit.
 My black boyfriend blazer was last seen in August as a cover-up for my strapless dress (here, 3rd outfit).
 The lovely wooly skirt sees the light for the first time in 6 months (and no moth-holes, woo hoo!). I last wore it on Dec 28th, 2012 (here) to go see "Les Miserables" with my two eldest nieces, as part of the December capsule. I wore it three times in the capsule (recap here).
I layered up a little in the morning, with my fingerless gloves and my skull scarf, but by afternoon, it was sunny and clear. My boots are the flat black riding boots (good picture here), a style that I love - it's immensely practical for walking. They've been in storage for 6 months- I last wore there here in March when I was blonde for real.

Cuffs and rings.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), cami (RW & Co.), skirt (Mister Leonard, vintage 70s/80s, thrifted), boots (Aldo, consignment), belt (Plum), cuff (thrifted), ring (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (white gold, handmade).

And...casting our minds all the way back to Friday, this is what I wore to work. It was a semi-chilly day with off and on clouds.
I was excited to wear this cotton velvet Gap jacket - I wore it once back here in April with my swoopy swirly skirt, just after I thrifted it for $7.99. It was too hot to wear for most of the spring/summer. I like it buttoned all the way up.
I added this bell-shaped denim skirt, last seen here in August with a bustle-shirt.

The peplum on the back of the jacket matches the slight flare and seaming on the back of the skirt.
I liked how the ends of the scarf trailed down my back.

The stuff:
Oh, glorious boots! I adore these Babycakes Minis, and am so happy to have them back after their rest this past spring/summer. I last wore them in February with the Holy Ship! dress, here.

Bling things:
Vintage silk scarf and odds and ends.

Jacket (Gap, thrifted), skirt (OptionElle, consignment), boots (Babycakes Minis, Fluevog), belt (Club Monaco), scarf (The Vera Studio, vintage, thrifted), gold/green ring (consignment), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), earrings (Foxy).

And! I was out and about on Friday (purchased gold leggings, above) and Saturday. I found a few things while I was on my brief wander.

I found the false eyelashes and some Hallowe'en make-up (the first party is next weekend!) at WIN, then noticed this amazing shirt in the men's department.
It was $8.50. and is a woven polyester.

Take a better look at the paint-swirl pattern:
Isn't that amazing? Judging by the wide pointy collar and the groovy vintage label, I'd say this is from the 70s.

One of my coworkers scored at Footloose Shoes the other day, so I've been jonesing to go there. I was not disappointed.
I have been on the Quest for the Perfect Red Shoes for a long time now. I adore a classic red pump, and these ones are amazing.

They are made by Marc, same as these booties that I love, and they're manufactured in Germany (hurray! ethical production!). They are suede with the patent leather strap over the top.
There were only 2 sizes left and they were marked down hugely - I scored them for $111.00. I can't wait to wear them!

I also bought these lovely gold earrings.
They are more yellow-gold than that - it's sunny today and the light is bright.
They're made locally in Vancouver, and were $34.00. party pictures! Thank you to all my dear friends who embraced the 70s theme and dressed up! My blogfriends below also played along - thank you!

The food:
I did sort of kitchsy 70s food: a massively-decorated veggie tray (with French Onion dip), nuts, olives, cheese and cookies.

Sausage rolls, sausage and mustard, cheddar bunnies, cheesies, fruit, chocolates and more cheese.
Oh, and sliced dill pickles. Because I'm classy that way!

I loved how our friends dressed up!
Ross the Roadie, complete with vintage Bad Company t-shirt and Red Stripe beer (stubbies!). His wig really made the outfit.

The guys really played up the facial hair.
Andrew is from Alberta (Canada's cowboy-area), so he did his thrifted leather vest and aviator shades.

Cat found her inner Maude with her feathered hair, 70s dress and headscarf. She had her make-up professionally done, as well as fake eyelashes.

Gord rocked the polyester shirt and vest combo.
And it's a brave man who will wear polyester slacks.

Speaking of brave, L always goes above and beyond for dressing.
Striped slacks, a satin shirt, my purple suede vest, gold chains (homegrown hairy chest!) and pimp-tastic fedora.
 Yeah, baby!

Chris and Alli went all-out:
 Alli's wearing a real vintage 70s dress and Chris is wearing a geniune 70s chain-pattern polyester shirt (thanks to the Vintage Expo last weekend).

My favourite couple, Nick and Karen.
Channeling their inner punks! I love the creativity.

Karen is my idol. Look at the safety pin!
The pointy end is wrapped with duct tape, and then it just stays put against the cheek. Isn't that fabulous? And I love her punk make-up!

Nick had the right attitude:
He's British. He can get away with that!

Helene and Casey:
Helene looks so classy in her thrifted 70s gear. Casey wore a black wig and was a dead ringer for Jimmy Paige, right down to the white scarf and striped slacks.

My two beautiful friends, Vero and Caro:
That Studio 54 disco-era look - so perfect! Caro's long dress is vintage 70s.

A picture of most of the ladies:
What a party!

Thank you also to my blog-friends for playing along. Here's Norma from Kicking and Screaming 55+ Petite Style, rocking her vintage.
"I'm wearing a recently thrifted early 70s two piece dress made by "My latest Leslie Fay". There's actually another piece to this set -- a full length skirt. The three pieces were found last week at a local Goodwill for $2.50. Unfortunately, I don't have any vintage shoes or accessories for this outfit. In the early 70's, I wore platform shoes, a watch with a hippie wide leather band, and lots of turquoise and silver jewelry, so I improvised with modern versions of these items."

Amazing outfit!

Next up, the fabulous Ms. Secret Squirrel of Fashion Maths, whose picture refuses to be up and down (sorry).
Turn head
Reminiscent of the punk looks of the era, she's working the skinny jeans, and the gold buttons remind me of the glam rock era. Well done!

The gorgeous Tamera of The Menopausal Supermodel showed her punky side in a lighthearted way:
Blondie was the ultimate 70s punk princess, so duh, of course the tiara is necessary!

The best accessory is a well-dressed fur-family member:
"Candy-corn is vintage candy - that counts!"
Gracie the Diva-ette in her adorable autumn dress. Thanks, Tamera!

No weekend is complete without cat pictures!
"Was that a dog?"
Vizzini was enjoying the warm sun on his fur this morning, snoozing on the 2nd level of his deck scratching post.
"I'm whacking this thing at my own pace."
Yesterday afternoon, he was "Officer Vizzini: On Patrol".
He is very vigilant as the acorns fall from the trees.
He also watches for squirrels and birds. The leaves of the maple trees are turning yellow now.

Such a face:
"I'm busy here, ma'am. Move along."
I hope you all had a rockin' good time this weekend! I have another busy week ahead (October is the busiest month of the year for me), but good things are coming.


  1. Grooviest party! Your friends look to be as fun and fab as you are, Sheila. I love your all-out 70's look and THANKS for sharing the love with Visible Monday. xoxo

  2. Do. Not. Take. Off. That. '70s. Outfit. Ever. That is awesome!! My eyes were glazed over so I hardly saw the rest of the pics here, except for L's unbuttoned manliness!!! What a couple you made. Great party. Everyone got into the spirit so wonderfully. Who knew that such fashion secrets were lurking in Powell River closets?
    I missed the linky post announcement - that's what I get for schlepping - but looks like so much fun. Mwah.

  3. I adore that grey swirly skirt, Shiela. I wonder what I would look like in it?????

  4. Wow so many things I like about this post!!
    You look amazing in your 70's get-up :) Love the wig and eyelashes!!

    Your friends all look faaaabulous - your friend Gord is hot (haha)

    I'm loving those Red Mary Janes and your tartan skirt :)

    Hope you had a great party!!

    CC x

  5. Wow, that doesn't even look like you in the first picture! Amazing how much difference a wig can make. You are a stunner in your golden get-up. They could have used you to replace Farrah on Charlie's Angels!

    Love that plaid skirt, and the paint-swirl shirt, and the red shoes, and the food, and L's hairy chest. Swoon!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. OMG! OMG! You look FABULOUS! Never better. Glad you had fun. Your friends look like a great bunch.

  7. GROOVETASTIC!!! OMG Sheila your outfit is FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE it--you look like you stepped off the set of Charlie's Angels!!!
    The party looks AMAZING!! Everyone looks like a flashback from my high school and college years!! L has perfected the 70's lounge lizard look!!!

    Love both of your other outfit!1 The new shoes are gorgeous and that shirt is stunning!

    Officer Vizzini is such a handsome fella--and so diligent in his duties!

  8. You looked awesome in the blonde wig! I'd love to see you wear it to work some day. LOL I'm inspired to have a costume party for my next birthday. Too much fun! :D

  9. Best 70s outfit and post ever! Love you in that blonde wig. Happy Birthday! xx

  10. I actually did not recognise you! Brilliant!

  11. Sheila! You look kickass as a blonde! I love that outfit too especially the leggings :-D

  12. You and L look amazing in your 70s gear! Those hot pants are so cool, and I love the wig. I do like a dress-up theme, and it's great when your friends really go for it too.
    Gorgeous autumnal looks, you are really working the jacket/skirt/boots look, Sheila, very nice! And those red shoes are delicious! xxx

  13. That is such a fantastic costume, you looked incredible! Looks like it was such a fun party too! :) So great all of your friends got so involved with the theme :)

  14. WOW. You looked absolutely amazing for your party - you are seriously rocking those leggings. Fierce! Fantastic! Happy birthday!

  15. Wow, Sheila! I didn't recognize you either. Fabulous outfit! Love the Charlie's Angels pose. Looks to have been a great party. Thanks for sharing my attempt at a '70s look.

  16. Your party looks like it was so much fun. I love your costume! You guys always go all the way and it turns out amazing.

  17. There is too much for me to comment on it all- in short- you look amaze-balls as a disco diva. And in plaid. And have the best shoes, and boots and shoes. Love the other folks costumes too! Now I'm in the mood to play dress up.

  18. Wow! Yikes! Ta Daaa! Urk! This post has it all! So fun, and I'm so glad I got to see it. You looked astonishingly unlike yourself ... great, of course, but hard to recognize! ... Well done. All the women looked great, but to tell you the truth, I had forgotten how men used to look in those days. Ulp. Love your inspired belted blazer and skirt. That's our beautiful Sheila. One has to love Vizzini, of course. ! Let's face it ... I just love whatever you show us.

  19. What a paaaartaaay! I am honoured to have joined it virtually. Apologies for my photo only wanting to lie on its side! Not sure what happened there.
    Anyway, happy birthday to you!
    You looked amazing, like a Charlies Angel (original one), and L! What a groovy 7's hearthrob! Really nice too all yor friend dressed up too xxx

  20. That is one spectacular costume - you look awesome!! Looks like everyone really got into the spirit of the 70's at the party. The punk dame is pretty amazing.

  21. Woooo! Super fun party! I adore your outfit. Also how pretty Vizzini is!! Look at the gorgeous boy. Sorry I'm late to the post, but alas, it's been a harrowing beginning of the month!

  22. wooooowwwww♥
    greetings from germany

  23. OMG - I didn't recognise you until I saw your signature pose either!!! AWesome wig. There is nothing so fun as wigs. I think you'll find it was worth the investment every time you want to channel your inner blonde bombshell!

  24. I knew you were a secret action hero, I knew it! My fave pics of you ever, Sheila, that costume is beyond compare. You totes look like you could kick Beyonce's

  25. Oh i just realized that you had hosted a party, it must have been on the week I was in Colombia. I am just catching up on blog posts...
    i have to say that I really like how you look with blond hair !!!!! were you ever blond ?

    1. Don't you remember? I was blonde from January to April this year! But it was dyed blonde. My brother and my nieces are all blond, but my natural colour is brown.

  26. Not sure if this comment will register with you Sheila, but thanks for the link. I love your 70's party and think you outfit is totally awesome. You wouldn't have looked in the least big out of place at my ABBA party. What fun you guys all had, and didn't the gang all do so well with their crazy outfits too! Fab xxxx


    1. Got it, thanks, Anna! I forget to check for older comments! You see why I had such a flashback with your party? We are two peas in a pod!


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