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Fashion Stuff (2008-2012)
Some of my favourite links to large posts that I've done on Ephemera over the years. I've stopped updating this, as I've been blogging since 2008 and there is too much! You're welcome to browse my archives or use the "search" tool to find something in particular. If you have a question, please leave a comment or drop me a line (my email's in my profile).

Wardrobe Challenges and Theme Weeks (2008-2012):
I love doing wardrobe challenges! They're a great way to boost your fashion creativity and to meet other fashion bloggers! Again, I have stopped updating as of 2012 (there's just too much!). 

The 2012 "30 For 30 for 12" Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

30 clothing/shoe items for 30 days...for 12 months. 

Starting in February 2012, I built a unique 30 item capsule of shoes and clothes from my (admittedly) huge wardrobe every month for a year. Go here for my original post and my "rules."

I wrapped up the challenge at the end of January 2013. Each month was recapped with analysis and voting for favourite outfits:
Wild Card Voting (results revealed here, after the jump)

Dress Weeks (2008-2012): 
I have a lot of dresses, and I love to wear them! Dress Weeks are a fun way for me to showcase some of my favourites and to wear them in new and creative ways. And yes, all the titles are based on old horror movies.

Stuff About Me:
Want to know things about me? Here you go.

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Sheila and Ephemera in the media and other awesome mentions by fabulous people.

Book Blurbs + Books I've Read
In 2010, I wrote a small review for every book I read. Since 2016, I have listed all the books I read in the previous year in one of my first January posts of the following year. 
My goal every year is to "meet or beat" the previous year's total. I don't always succeed! 

I used to give out Major Awards to my favourite people in the blogosphere. Check 'em out!


  1. Hello Sheila!
    It was a pleasure meeting you at the VSEIII this weekend~

  2. Sheila-

    I just wanted to say that you rock.

    That is all.

  3. hi just found your blog like your photo's and how your your hair has changed colours and style over the years how often do you go and get it done ? thanks

    1. Thanks for reading! I get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks, and I colour it (myself) every 4-6 weeks.

  4. I love your blog, and I was wondering whether you might be on Twitter and/or have a YouTube channel as well?

    my blog
    my YouTube
    my Twitter

  5. Hi Sheila - I read your blog all the time and enjoy your sense of style. I wanted to leave this comment on your post on Orange Shirt Day where you use the term "our First Nations" a couple of times. I have been told that it is not preferred to use that possessive term "our" when taking about First Nations and I wanted to draw your attention to it. I am a settler trying to learn, and share what I'm learning, and this is one way to do it. I also found this link, which is a great little summary of what we can all do to take a step on the path and journey to reconciliation:

    1. Thank you for the info - I have changed the "our" to "the" in that post. I appreciate the link!

  6. Hi Sheila!

    I am getting very excited about the idea of making you a threadpainted piece. I have ideas. . . but need I think it would help if we could communicate directly. Can you see my email address here? If not, let me know yours, or I will put it in a reply here, hoping no "bots" are watching this space!

    You can see some of the pieces I have done on clothing that either was mine, or thrifted for this purpose, on this Pinterest board: You'll notice that I tend to do seasonal images, or images based on my locale in the desert.

    Can't wait to hear from you. . .

    1. Hi, Linda! My email is nepenthes [at]

      I will check your stuff out - thank you! How very cool of you! :)


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