Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Orange Gerber Daisy and the Forgotten Scarf

My colleague Camille is responsible for the post title - she charmingly gushed over my outfit as she tried to describe it. She's French (from France!) which makes her even more endearing. 
Having done an image search for "orange gerber daisy", I can tell you, I do resemble one. 

  • Blazer - InWear; last worn here in October 2023 with my Gaultier ribcage sweater and leather
  • Blouse - Rebecca Minkoff, thrifted; purchased here for $14.95 
  • Trousers - BCBG Max Azria, thrifted; last seen here in June 2023 with silky leopard
  • Shoes - Super Fine Cardinal, Fluevog; last worn here in March with velvet and chains
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here in March

See? It's uncanny. 
Stunning resemblance! 

I was so frazzled I completely whiffed on a 20-person group arriving first thing in the morning. "It's Wednesday?"
But I'm a pro, and rolled with it, and all was well. The clients loved my outfit and my colleagues were thrilled to see me. 

I was glad I'd gone for all comfy clothes. So busy! 
The slouchy rust pants are a favourite - the waist is elastic at the back. 

And they have pockets! 
This is the first wearing of this Rebecca "I didn't know she made clothing" Minkoff top. 

I like the ragged ruffled sleeves. I am not as enamoured of the tassel tie in front - it's a little too boho for my taste, so I might pass this along.
I had a surprisingly hard time styling it - it doesn't go with my spring/summer wardrobe palette at all, and it's too light to wear in winter. 

But I liked it plenty in this outfit, so I may try it again. 
I agree with Camille that all this orange, red, rust and gold looks great together. I felt pretty badass. 

It was a frigid 4 degrees when I left for work in the morning. 

I was roasting on my walk home. 
Oh, Spring, you fickle season. 

I had completely forgotten about this scarf, which I've had since December 2017 (here, enjoy my Christmas pictures - I'm wearing today's belt in the first pic!), purchased at the now-gone My Sister's Closet for half-price. What that price was, I didn't say(!), but it was probably around $12.00 - they always had great sales. 

  • Scarf - consignment
  • Gloves - Principles, vintage, thrifted

It's long and skinny silk, printed with chrysanthemums. The fringe has strands of bugle beads, which a certain feline companion likes to bite at, so I've been storing it for years in my closet. I moved it out to my accessory wall where I can see it, and there you go. It's un-forgotten now! 

The stuff: 
The best shoes are the ones you wear to death - these are always comfy. I did a lot of running around today and these were awesome. That is an easy and stable heel. 

Gold bling: 
I picked that mesh/chain belt up at WIN probably around 2016. I recall it was $2.95? Maybe $1.95. 

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Red eelskin bangle - vintage 80s, consignment
  • Brown eelskin bangle - fake Gucci, vintage 80s, gift from Mom
  • Branch brooch - vintage pop-up
  • Klimt ring - consignment
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Earrings - thrifted, Seattle 

And now, I'm on vacation, woo hoo! I'll be here and there - and Mom-Day is tomorrow - so please do stop in and visit and say hello! 


  1. Happy Breaking-Up for a Holiday! This suit suits you down to the ground, a great colours and a sassy cut and a excellent description by Camille! Have a lovely Mom day! xxx

  2. I love orange, red and rust together. I discovered it a few years ago. Maybe you can remove the tassel? I am also not a fan of tassels for me. Lise

  3. Agree with Lise, maybe the tassel can be removed, especially if that’s the major obstacle to enjoying the top. As for styling it, I’m not able to picture your summer skirts and pants but am imagining it styled with some patterned bottoms…
    Everyone could use some orange gerber daisies to brighten their day! That’s a combination boss lady outfit with smile inducing on the side. :)
    Yippee for the coming Mom Day and several days off!
    Cheers, Laurie

  4. Hello Gerbera! I love the description! You look gawjus- I love the orange and the trouser shape is parfait! Could you not cut the tassles off??x

  5. You're colleague's right, you do look like a Gerbera!
    The scarf is gorgeous, but I can definitely see the appeal to a certain feline companion. I'm glad it's now un-forgotten though!
    Have a wonderful vacation, Sheila! xxx


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