Sunday, December 18, 2016

Triple Outfit Saturday: Snowy Brunch, Velvet Theatre and Sci-Fi Party Dress

We woke up to more snow on Saturday morning! It was a light dusting, but still coming down, so much warmth was needed for my "walking to town" outfit. 
L and I went for brunch at Floyd's, then shopped for Vizzini's Christmas presents.

  • Sweater - J. Crew, thrifted; first worn here in September with camo pants 
  • Skirt - TKStyle, thrifted; first worn here with red plaid in October
  • Boots - Ash; last seen here (5th outfit) for a weekend grocery outing
  • Coat (below) - Hilary Radley, thrifted

This was a good mix of comfy (lots of stretch) and warm (the sweater is wool, layered a cami under it).

This is such a funny shaped skirt.
I like the "fin" on the side.

I wore this exact same outerwear for each of the three outfits I wore on Saturday.
My Danier fur toque and scarf, and these long vintage cream wool gloves. This coat is getting my money's worth. I'm down to at least a dollar per wear now.

The stuff:
Not having a car anymore (we sold it in August) means that my flat boots and shoes get more wear on the weekends.

Nostalgic bling:
Droplets of water from the boots left in at the bottom
This scarf belonged to my Dad - in the early 60s he was in a dance band, and they all wore matching blazers and scarves. I can't imagine how bizarre that looked. I've owned this scarf since I was about 16 - it wasn't just jewelry I pilfered from Mom! I "borrowed" stuff from Dad too!

  • Scarf - vintage 60s, Dad's
  • Earrings - local

When I saw that we had snow in the morning, I phoned Mom to make sure she could still drive - we had a theatre matinee in the afternoon! Fortunately, it was fine out her way (she lives on a hill), and we made it.
My first wearing of this beautiful dark chocolate brown dress!

  • Blouse - Ralph Lauren, consignment; last seen here in November with vintage 70s suede
  • Dress - Mimi Bizjak, thrifted, vintage 90s; purchased here for $19.95
  • Boots - Baroque Velazquez, Fluevog; last seen here (6th! outfit) in October 2015 with mad pearls and lace

It was so cold, and I couldn't wear the dress on its own to walk to and from the theatre, not to mention sitting there without a coat on. I also respect Mom's wish not to be confronted with all my tattoos when we go out. I'm cool with that.

I really loved the ruffled blouse layered under the dress.
I was nice and warm, except for the very underheated pub afterwards, where I shivered and huddled under my coat.

The play was "This Little Light", which was a modern update of "The Little Match Girl" with singing. Spoiler! She dies at the end. Mom and I were prepared for this (but thought they might have changed it), but the little girl sobbing her eyes out a row behind us was certainly not expecting it! I cried, but it was not a great play overall. Too emotionally manipulative and rather preachy.

The stuff:
I am really shocked that I haven't worn these boots in a year! They are amazing and very comfy to wear - I walked in the snow (less than an inch) to and from the theatre/pub in them. I'll have to make sure I wear them more over the next few months.
I had many admirers of them in the theatre lobby before the show started.

Gold bling:
Bits of water on my boots.

  • Earrings - local
  • Ring - Sarah Coventry, vintage shop

No time to rest after that outing - we've got a party to go to! Our dear friends Nick and Karen throw a marvelous Christmas party every year. I had another outfit in mind, but I was feeling like not wearing something restrictive so I changed my mind and went with this red dress.
Some of you have never seen this dress on me, but it's been loaned out to two coworkers since I last wore it.

  • Dress - Lori Ann Montreal, thrifted; last seen here for my birthday in October 2010!
  • Shoes - "I Know" by Irregular Choice, gift from Louise; last worn here in August with blue and magenta

Nearly all of my ink is on display - this was the first time that some of my friends have seen my new tattoos.

But the dress! I bought it at the WIN Warehouse store for $8.00 and first wore it here for December 2009 New Year's Eve, where we were first starting out with our current group of friends. It was crazy, reminding them about that night - we drank all the booze they had at this little Korean BBQ restaurant. Ah, good times.

I was pretty tired by this time after such a hectic day, but I redid my makeup and put more goop in my hair.
Bathroom selfie so you can see my fabric flower pinned at my shoulder and my Star Trek pin on my dress.

A terrible picture of my tummy, but I love pics of L and I together.
I wore these shoes (and my socks showing - so classy) to walk to the party. L wore similar practical shoes, but spent the party in his ninja socks. My love, thank you for being such an awesome guy and snappy dresser!

The stuff:
In a shocking turn for me, I didn't wear heels to the party! I decided to do these Star Wars flats and I was so happy that I did. I showed them off to all my friends, who were appropriately awed by them.

Space-age bling:
I mixed my sci-fi franchises! Star Wars and Star Trek - but I'm confident enough to say that I really don't care - I love them both. I need to go to see Rogue One this week!

  • Flower pin - Le Chateau
  • Star Trek magnetic pin - MoPop gift shop
  • Bangle - Glee
  • Leaf bracelet - thrifted
  • Earrings - Jacob
  • Fulvia Ring/lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

We staggered home around 3am - hey, why is everyone leaving so soon? - and crashed into bed. Vizzini woke me up with a paw in my mouth. Feed me!
"I let you sleep in till 7am, Woman."
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Linking up to "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. Yes to the dress - that red number is a beauty. You and L look stunning together - the fun you have reminds me of my rela. with Sandy - best friends and love for life.
    I often get a paw in my ear to wake up. xox


    1. Thank you! We are a great couple. Isn't the paw thing cute/awful?

  2. We're so lucky that the temperature is still mild here at the moment. It's been so long since we've had snow here, years I'd say. Bundling up seems to be de rigeur for you currently but you're doing it in style Sheila. I do like the crazy fin skirt and bet that it's uber comfy. The brown suede dress is wonderful and looks pefect with that blouse. And the boots, heck what's with the hiding of the beautiful boots woman? Hahaha!
    I thought it was a brilliant move to wear your Star Wars shoes with that fabulous dress - who but a true fashionista could get away with that? Your dress showed off your body art to perfection Sheila. A fab post, thank you x

    1. We're back to mild again - our usual. The dress is velvet, not suede, but yes, I was really happy with how the outfit came out! I know, I need to wear those boots more! Thanks for supporting my nerdy tendencies, hee hee!

  3. HAPPY CHRISTMAS, Sheila, thanks for your fabulous posts. xx

    1. Merry Christmas to you, Elizabeth - thank you so much for reading.

  4. Sheila - Help! I am wearing a dress for New Year's that is very similar to your red one shoulder. Your boobs look great! What kind of bra are you wearing? Thanks! Liz W

    1. Liz, I'm sorry, I don't know the brand. I bought it at at specialty lingerie shop a couple of years ago and paid over $80 for it. Don't skimp!

  5. Ooh some lovely outfits there, Sheila, I just love the brown velvet dress with the blouse underneath and those boots are mad! But beautiful, too - very Victorian/Steampunkish.

    The red dress is a cracker and don't you L look lovely together? The Star Wars shoes are a great idea and looked fab with the dress. Loved the Star Trek pin in the red dress and flower pin on the shoulder.

    1. Thank you, Veronica! I enjoyed dipping my toe into the steampunk look again (I was heavily into it a few years back). Thanks - I had fun dressing up!

  6. Star Trek pin is amazing on that dress - so fun! Really look forward to your posts, thanks :)

  7. Wow. So many great outfits. Not sure where to start. Love the faux fur animal print coat. Wish it wasn't 90 degrees here so I could wear something like that. (Not trying to rub it in!!!) The velvet dress with ruffle blouse reminds me of 60s Carnaby Street Mod fabulousness. And the Fluevog boots I want badly. The one shoulder red dress is a showstopper. And I totally love how you've accessorized everything, especially the Star Wars and Star Trek touches. Brilliant :)


    1. Thank you, Theresa! I so much appreciate your comments.

  8. Lovely velvet dress and you looked beautiful wearing that red one shoulder long gown, I like how the shoes and tattoos matched.

  9. Love all of these outfits, but especially the cobalt sweater with finned skirt. That blue is magical on you!

  10. Sheila, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Have read your blog for years, and I love your fun sense of style. Always fun how we get to evolve and reinvent ourselves year after year. Blessings to you in 2017!

    1. Erin! Of course, I remember you - so nice to see you again, and thrilled that you are still around and grateful that you're still reading. :) Gosh, I go back in my archives and it's such a big change over the years! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a Happy New Year!

  11. I LOVE clothes that have odd pieces attached to give them a unique shape, so the finned skirt is a winner in my book! The Mimi Bizjak dress looks great over the ruffled blouse, and those boots are my favourite ones of yours for the colour and the faux-victorian style. You and L look Party Perfect!

    1. I know, right? They're so cool. Thank you so much, my dear!


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