Monday, December 5, 2016

Bigass Vacation Weekend Wrap-Up: Trip to Seattle! MoPOP, SAM, Yves and Football

Hey, I'm back! Miss me? L and I both took Friday and Monday off and went to Seattle for a vacation! I will say, I am thoroughly sick of this outfit. 
We are both very light packers, and due to our planned activities, we didn't take any fancy clothes with us. I wore this exact outfit for four days straight (I changed my socks, underwear and long-sleeved tee every day, don't worry!).

  • Sweater - TopShop, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) for a Sunday social outing in October
  • Camo pants - Gap, consignment; last worn here for my Hallowe'en costume in October
  • Boots - Doc Martens, consignment; last seen here last week for a quick WW meeting 
  • Coat (below) - North Face, thrifted years ago

What I looked like 25% of the time (when I was indoors). 

"There are nefarious shenanigans afoot, I know it!"
This sweater was nice and warm, without being too bulky.
The pants were urban camouflage - I had no desire to stand out at all this weekend.

This is what I looked like 75% of the time, when I was outdoors (which was a lot).
I used to wear this jacket daily for walking to and from work, 5+ years ago. It's light, waterproof and warm, although not warm enough. I could have used about 20 more layers. It was darned cold this weekend!

I always take a picture or two of Vizzini before we leave, so that I can look at them on the camera and miss our little bud.
"You're going away! I can tell by the backpack!"
We had some pats and cuddles before we headed out the door on Friday afternoon.
"I'm going to bite you if you leave!"
And he did. Chomp! He's a bitey little feller.

L and I - obligatory trip selfie!
We're on the Victoria Clipper (info link here), which is a high-speed catamaran passenger ferry that runs between Victoria and Seattle. We bought a Clipper-hotel package a few months ago - they are a great way to get between these two (not very accessible) cities.

The Clipper is big - it's like being inside a big, wide airplane.
They serve light meals and drinks, which is the way I like to start my vacation.

Goodbye, rainy ol' Victoria!
It was dark by the time we left.
Aside from the cold, I like traveling this time of year - all the holiday lights are up. Very pretty.

And hello, rainy Seattle!
The trip is about 2.5 hours, harbour to harbour. L and I both got lots of reading done on the trip. I finished two books (my 39th and 40th of 2016).

We walked from the docks to our hotel. I loved the light behind this spooky/artsy staircase.
Tile mosaic and wrought-ironwork gate. Cool.

Our hotel had a view of the Space Needle and Seattle Centre.
We found a fabulous pizza place for dinner (we loved it so much, we ate there twice) - highly recommending Serious Pie (link here, 'cause I love).

Seattle has some amazing art installations.
I loved this popsicle with the autumn-leaved tree, but L was not impressed.

On Saturday, we walked to Seattle Centre.
Getting close! I see a familiar landmark!

It's the Space Needle!
I've been up in it once, when I was a kid.

Our real destination was Experience Music Project, which has changed its name to MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture). Link here (it's a very cool place!).
I can't imagine how packed this must be in the summer - it was very quiet for a Saturday!

Love this incredible building.
It's designed by Frank O. Gehry.

We had some specific exhibits in mind. Example: I am a major "Star Trek" nerd fan. Mission number one: Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds, for the 50th anniversary of the series/movies.
Yeah, owning that captain's chair. Me and my hat pet Tribble.

L looks like he's just gotten an important communique.
From aliens, no doubt.

I took a zillion pictures - no, don't run away, I'm only going to post a few. I'll chortle with glee over the others by myself.
Bones and Kirk's actual uniforms! From the original Star Trek series.

My favourite is "Star Trek: Next Generation."
Data's uniform and a painting of his cat, Spot. Yes, I know these things.

The museum has a lot (a LOT) of interactive stuff, like movies, hands-on exhibits, but you put a Jeffries Tube there, and I am going through it!
"That way!"
I couldn't do this in heels.

Look, I'm fixing...something!
"Fix, fix."
From there, we went into Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic. Look at this amazing tree-form, all made of metal leaves.
L and I are both fantasy geeks, and proud of it.

L with the actual sword used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Conan, the Barbarian"!
L is trying to look cool and pensive. He's a serious fan.

We are also Dungeons & Dragons fans.
What? Original editions!? I swoon.

They had a section on "The Princess Bride", one of my favourite movies ever.
From left, Inigo Montoya's outfit, Princess Buttercup's wedding dress, and the Dread Pirate Roberts' outfit. Yes, we named our 2nd cat after Inigo Montoya. Vizzini (cat #3) is named after a character in the movie as well (he's the one played by Wallace Shawn who says, "Inconceivable!" a lot).

Inigo Montoya's sword.
And the sword and glove worn by his arch-nemesis, the Six-Fingered Man ("Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.").

After that, we went to Can't Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film. So many amazing actual props and costumes from movies we love!
That's Jason's mask and machete from the "Friday the 13th" movies!

I am a big fan of the "Alien" franchise.
 Gah! A xenomorph!

But they also had mainstream horror, like Mr. Pointy, Buffy's stake from the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series (we're very big fans!).

Ooh, the face-hugger from Aliens!
Yes, this is what I like to do on my vacation.

'The Shining' is one of the scariest movies.
That's the axe used when Jack Nicholson does his famous "Heeeeere's Johnny!" scene.

One of the interactive displays lets you make shadows, then shapes and forms sprout from them.
L and I hogged this a bit. It was so fun!

We visited Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction next. I love sci-fi!
Run! It's a Terminator!

This was a cool optical illusion of a hallway.
L, looking at me. I'm quite the professional photographer, ha ha!

Ah, nostalgia.
That's Robin Williams' spacesuit from the early 80s TV show "Mork and Mindy" - I loved that show!

We meandered around the museum and found this crazy guitar/musical instrument sculpture.
Some of the guitars were playing.

L pretended to spin the original Grandmaster Flash's turntables.
Wow, that's hip-hop history. We didn't do the Jimi Hendrix, the Nirvana or the "12th Man" exhibits. Too much!

We did go upstairs and did the "On Stage" interactive experience. You pick your song, bash away on whatever instrument you want (you're in a soundproof room, no one can see you or hear you), and they record you.
We bought the poster of L and I jammin' out to "I Love Rock & Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. We even got "concert tickets" (apparently, it'll cost you a cool $60 to come see us). Our band was called "Umlaut" (aka, those two dots over vowels in band names).

From there, we went to "WOW: World of WearableArt" Exhibition.
There isn't a lot of MY fashion in this post, but these are some of the amazing wearable art costumes created over the past several years. Instead of me blathering on about who did what, I took a picture of the caption cards for you. Enjoy.
Amazing piece; it looked like leather.
"One tattoo too many" - heh, nope, that's not me...

This reminded me of somethign Sia might wear.
Or maybe Lady Gaga.
I was boggled that this piece used no sewing.
All the loops are cut out of felt and interlock to create the garment.
 The level of detail in these was breathtaking. No wonder they've all won awards.
All the pieces were etched with floral designs.
This pink piece was the "icon" for the exhibit.
It was very sparkly in person.
We watched a spectacular video showing some of these pieces being worn, with performers in complementary costumes.
That is made of FELT.
Many of the pieces had little side-boards with a sampling of the materials so that you could feel them.

This one was squishy, padded vinyl.
Car dress!
I would totally wear those shoes. That's a great heel.

 Incredible armour.

 Moulded leather. So elegant.
This one represented a woman living with cancer.
 The shoes looked like the heel spiked through the foot.
And a final, and very appropriate quote.
I agree!

Of course, we went through the gift shop. There was only one thing I wanted:
A Star Fleet pin (it's from "Voyager" but I won't quibble)!

After a nice lunch in the restaurant, we strolled the opposite direction, past the famous Public Market.
L and I have been there before, and it's a throng of tourists, even at this time of year.

I had another destination I wanted to see.
The Seattle Art Museum's (SAM) Yves Saint Laurent exhibit! I saw the movie "Saint Laurent" with Elaine back in August 2015 (here), so imagine being able to see some of his clothes in person!

It was quite crowded (being Saturday afternoon), so I only took a few pictures.
From A-W 1966. Those are Andy Warhols in the background.
What a cool dress. I quite like all his "Pop Moment" dresses.

The Mondrian dress:
From A-W 1965
Imagine finding one of these in a thrift or consignment shop! Not likely.
All A-W 1966. These still look totally modern.
I'd wear any of these now. Maybe not the "lip boobs" one.

The detail on these was mind-boggling.
The one on the right is from A-W 1991, from Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.
I remember footage of these two gowns from the movie we saw.
Both from the A-W 1976 "Opera-Ballets Russes" collection.
And another inspiring quote.
After my boring weekend ensemble, I'm going to have to step up my game this week.

Walking back to the hotel past the big Ferris wheel thing.
Pretty lights.

Sunday was clear and crisp.
And cold. Did I mention COLD? Very cold.

We'd browsed in a few shops on Saturday, and while I didn't buy anything, a pair of half-price, last pair shoes haunted me. We went back and I got them. While we were out, we saw Henry Winkler (remember him as the Fonz from "Happy Days"?) - how cool! He walked right past us.
They are a deeper fuscia pink, they're suede and I love the rolled vamp and the wee tassels.

And such a pretty heel! I love the peep-toe too.
They are by Coclico, handmade in Spain. They were $188 USD after tax. I didn't have fuscia pink shoes! I bought these at a lovely store called Alhambra (link here, 'cause I love). Hello, ladies!

The main reason for our trip was to go see my NFL team, the Carolina Panthers, play live. I have been a fan for 21-22 years and although I've seen 3 football games, none of them have been my team. It's about time!
However, if you know anything about football, it's that Seattle's fans are...rabid. That's Blue Thunder above, their official drum marching band.

I get very anxious in big crowds, so we went to the stadium early, before it got too crazy.
Everyone was geared up in Seattle Seahawks colours. L supported me and wore a Panthers jersey (and of course, I wore one!). We were far and few between, we Panthers fans.

Going into the stadium. We sat way up there on the left, in the nosebleed section.
So. Many. People.

Looking over the field as we climbed up and up and up.
There's my team, in the white!
Getting some practice drills in, warming up.

The sun started to go down.
See how far up we are?

Just below all the roof rigging.
It was a sold-out game. Not an empty seat.

And stretch it right out there, guys.
You need to be very limber against the Legion of Boom, aka the Seattle defense.
Sun setting...getting colder...
Nearly time for kick-off! They wheeled out this big steel Seahawks tunnel.

And as the Seahawks ran out onto the field, the fireworks went off.
Ah! Flags with more fireworks!

More fire!
In contrast, the Panthers jogged onto the field to a chorus of "booo"s. No love lost between these teams.

The rippling US flag for the national anthem.
You can see all the seats are filled.

Not so much here, at the end of the game.
Hard to read, but the score was 7-40. My team lost badly. Very disappointing!

However, the weiner dog races at half-time were pretty cute.
Thanks to Cat for the picture!
Small consolation.

Today, we were up at the crack of dawn (6am, gads, that's early) to get back on the Clipper to go home.
It was raining and cold in Seattle when we left, but by the time the sun was up, we could see patches of blue. That's the Olympic Mountain range in northern Washington State there. Buh-bye, USA.

And there's blue skies - we're nearly home!
The Coho car and passenger ferry goes to Port Angeles, in Washington.

And we're in the harbour! There is the Johnson Street Bridge!
I always take pictures of it, because it's being replaced. I will miss the ol' girl.

Victoria seems to have missed the big dump of snow that Vancouver got. Another reason to stay home.

Here's what was waiting for us:
"Where are my people, fool?" - caption and photo by Cat
He's been a very snuggly boy on this very chilly day. Aw, do I have to go to work tomorrow??


  1. So many awesome pics! The Star trek stuff is my favorite - the captain's chair!! I have a badge from the Nu!Trek (medical), but i also have some older pins thanks to blogger friend Debbi who passed on her insignia pips and some other related Trek stuff.

    1. Me too! I took so many pictures of that exhibit! So cool - I remember you telling me that you got those pins.

  2. I've never been to Seattle, but I would love to see those museum exhibits, especially the Wearable Art one - what fantastic stuff!!! I'm afraid the football would have bored me, but I would have enjoyed the weiner dog races. Looks like you had a wonderful long weekend away.

    1. I know, I'm so glad we were able to fit it in. Football is not for everyone, that's true.

  3. What a fantastic trip! Those museums look like so much fun.

  4. When we were in Vancouver in 2000 we visited both Victoria and Seattle. I loved both places. The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle looks fabulous and what amazing exhibitions. I think the idea of putting samples of the materials beside the displays so you touch and feel them is a genius idea.

    The Saint Laurent exhibition also looked wonderful - style never fades.

    Your pink shoes are magnificent!

    Shame you have to go back to work...


    1. If you are ever out my way again, you must tell me! It was so neat to have the samples to touch. Thank you! I know, gah, work...

  5. Where to start.
    What a fabulous and full feature post!
    First love the camp jeans and furry sweater, a great look and perfect for travel.
    All the sites of Seattle, the rain,, the big possible statue, the super cool pink icon piece, and the cool ferry that look you over, the Clipper si how I wish I could travel. I am sure you missed Vizzini, so taking the shots would help!
    Work. Tomorrow. too bad.
    xx, Elle

    1. Thank you, Elle! It was a fabulous trip and although we were cold, we had an excellent time!

  6. Sounds like a great vacation !!! I mean Seattle, YSL exhibit, Star Trek AND a F Gehry building ?!?! what could be better ? Oh the shoes....

  7. great pictures and great holiday by the looks of it all!!!


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