Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's a New Year! More Green, Wine and a Casual Cat

"Really? You didn't even let me pose, woman!"
All the best to my friends and readers for a happy, healthy and peaceful 2016. I started this blog in 2008, so May will mark the start of my ninth year blogging. I don't think I've ever done anything for such a long time!

As you can see, I wore the same dress for New Year's Eve as I did for my company's Christmas party. I changed up the accessories, and (aside from blog pics) none of my friends had seen the dress. Why not?
I was super comfortable all evening, even when things got a little debauched around 3am. Heh.

  • Dress - Joseph Ribkoff, vintage 90s, thrifted; first worn here (4th outfit) in November 2015 with gold accessories
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence, consignment; first worn here (2nd outfit) a couple of weeks ago in December 2015

L and I threw a small NYE party for 12 of our closest friends (and a few extras who tagged along, hello, Ollie, Anna and Sarah!). It was so fun, although I basically moaned on the couch all day on New Year's.
Showing my awesome shoes!

And my ink.
I attempted an "action shot" of the skirt swooshing, but I was just a big green blur.

I was too lazy to dye my hair before the party (and I have a haircut later this week), so I just smushed it around and pinned a fascinator in there.
Yep, good enough! You can see I also wore the giant crystal necklace that I got for Christmas from L. It was a crowd-pleaser, although very heavy to wear on my bare skin. I think over a sweater next time!

The stuff:
Fabulous shoes!

Party bling:
One of my ear cuffs went missing during the party, and I found the other one swished on the carpet the next morning. Aw...

  • Fascinator - Heart's Content
  • Necklace - antique store, gift from L
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop
  • Death Star ring - Soul Flower
  • Earrings - Jacob?
  • Earring/cuff - Claire's

My fabulous husband was the perfect mix of casual and dressy for the party, in his new steel grey tux blazer (from Guess). His shirt is a Desigual one that I thrifted some time ago, and his jeans are purple.
I see someone peeking out of the kitchen
He's wearing the Imperial Sworfish Lestat shoes by Fluevog (link here, so you can gasp at them), which I bought him for Christmas.
Trying to get a shot of the shoes, but look who I found in the background:
"The house is all clean - are we having a party? I'd better hide."
True to form, Vizzini hid for most of the night. What a chicken-cat.

As noted, Friday was spent moaning on the couch and watching TV with L, then playing "Arkham Horror" till we got sleepy. Saturday, bright and early-ish, we were up and ready to go for our first - but certainly not last - brunch of the New Year, at Floyd's.
The "I'm not back at work, so don't really care that much about getting dressed up" look is in with all the cool kids this year.

  • Sweater/top - Jeanne Bekker, consignment; last seen here in October 2015 for a shop with Mom 
  • Skirt - Animale, consignment; last worn here for Thanksgiving in October 2015
  • Shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction, thrifted; first worn here (2nd outfit) with raisin velvet in November 2015

After lunch, L and I went to the Bay (a big Canadian department store) and bought new glasses for the kitchen (we hate our current ones), and a set of gorgeous knives. My knives were over 30 years old!
We also spent our gift cards from Chapters that L's brother got us for Christmas - I bought Jenny Lawson's "Furiously Happy" which I'm super-excited to read. I loved her first book, and am a huge fan of "The Bloggess" (link here, 'cause I love!).

And one must start the New Year with the Unsafe Ocelot coat.
As one does.

The stuff:
Lovely comfy shoes are also a good thing to start with.

Insane bling:
"I became insane, with intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Allan Poe

  • Cuff - Jezebel Charms
  • Earrings - local

Last night, we noticed Vizzini was missing - we found him under the duvet on the bed. He crawled out, and set himself on L's pillow.
"This will do nicely for me."
He settled in there for a few hours.
"This is how a cat sees in the New Year: on a pillow!"
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season - next stop, 2016!

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  1. Love the ice-queen accessories for your NYE party!

  2. Your NYE party outfit is perfect, that necklace looks great with the dress! :)

    Glad you had such a happy start to the new year - even if the first day of it was spent recovering...that's just the sign of a good night really!

  3. Two things today - the cuff is beautiful, and L's amazing shoes!
    Anna's Island Style

  4. Lovely to see your (now immortalized by Anne) green gown. Love the leather sweater too, and the "insane" bracelet. You are such a cool kid. xox


  5. What an incredibly stylish couple you are. And you can post pictures of that gorgeous green gown again and again. Adore it!

  6. That gown! Va-va-va-voom! I wish I could look this good.

  7. The green slinky dress made the cut for NYE! I'm so sad to have had to miss it! Please don't move it along just yet - I would love to be at a party where it makes another showing although somehow I think I might have missed the boat?

    You and L look absolutely wonderful She. Love you both!

  8. I should have linked to Fluevog first before posting....Logan's shoes.....I'm in shoe-love. They are so perfectly perfect. He must have been thrilled! Well done hon!

  9. Holy cow, you guys look awesome. I wouldn't think of that necklace with that dress but it's fantastic! Glad you had so much fun you felt ill-ish later. Always a good sign. Heh. Happy New Year to you and L! And V!

  10. Congratulations on the upcoming nine years of blogging! I'm very impressed.

    As usual, you and your beloved look fabulous. And the fascinator is to "live for." Thank you so much for sharing your headwear and your beauty with Hat Attack. I appreciate your support and all the best for you in 2016.

  11. That dress is so lovely on you - a perfect outfit to wear to ring in a New Year!

    When you said that you started your blog in 2008 and this May would start your 9th year of blogging, I had to stop and count, and realized that as I started in 2009, I will start my 8th year of blogging this coming April. We are seasoned pros of the blogging world!

  12. Although of course you deserve high praise for your outfit in the green gown (here is the PRAISE), it were your husband's shoes which indeed made me gasp. How extraordinarily nice.

  13. Gorgeous silhouette on you my dear Sheila . I always imagine you and the hubs walking into a room and getting a stare... so dapper !! :)

  14. Happy New Year Sheila. Sorry for the radio silence. It's been a rough holiday for me.


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