Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Black, White and Lavender

The light was so bad this morning - rain, dark and well..
I've colour-corrected as much as I can. Black, white and lavender - my favourite recent colour combo.

  • Jacket - Club Monaco, thrifted; purchased here for $22.95 after Christmas in December 2015
  • Top - Club Monaco, thrifted; purchased here last weekend for $4.50
  • Skirt - Talbots, consignment; first worn here in November 2015 lavender booties
  • Shoes - Cydwoq; last seen here (5th outfit) in October for a brunch out with L

This is my homage to the late, ever-great David Bowie - the quartz necklace reminds me of his outfit from the "Ashes to Ashes" video.
My first wearing of the white Club Monaco top (eh, it's a white top) and this marvelous black sparkly jacket. I loved the jacket - it felt like a cocoon. It falls perfectly over the hips, without all that flappy business that many long jackets have.

The stuff:
Are you not seeing what I'm not seeing? No shoes! I decided today to get rid of my Cydwoqs due to them hitting a nerve on the bottom of my foot. I'm also not really taken with the shape and look of them anymore - I have other black shoes that I like better. I probably only wore them about 10 times over the past 4 years (purchased here around December 2011 for about $180.00). Still, that's $18 per wear, so I don't regret it. My coworker Christina was the lucky recipient.

  • Belt - Mimi DiN, thrifted for $3.99
  • Necklace - gift from L
  • Ring - Soul Flower
  • (not shown is my crystal ring from the Uffizi Gallery - I forgot to take it off for the photo)
I showed the necklace to my coworker who is into stones and rocks (a lapidary expert, as it were), and he thought the quartz crystals were from Brazil. Cool! 


  1. It was a dark and gloomy day here...your smile brightens it up! Thank you!

  2. Am so impressed at the ease with which you pass your things on. I'm such a hoarder, but this year have plans to change. Your necklace is the favourite piece for me today. I have a rose quartz and amethyst necklace that's of the same ilk - I have to be feeling strong to wear it though as it's so heavy!
    Anna's Island Style

  3. Well 18 bucks a wear is not that bad I guess... and I am all for that unique necklace, a real statement piece.

  4. That rock crystal necklace!!! Every time you share it with us, I go weak in the knees. It's utterly gorgeous!

    The weather here has been much the same, complete with a sharp-as-glass wind from the north. We're definitely the thick of winter here in Canada.

    Big hugs & happy mid-January wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. That is what I miss about outfit blogging: being able to note "these shoes hurt" and then be able to look back and go "they've served me well enough. Be free little shoes!" I've got a closet full of clothes I'm not wearing because I can't remember why I wasn't wearing them.

  6. You are so good about passing things on - I have to have a lengthy mental debate about getting rid of things I paid a lot for before I can let them go. The long jacket is beautiful, especially with the leaf belt. That is a wonderful necklace - L has good taste in gifts!

  7. Ah, the beautiful necklace got an outing. You have styled it very well. The jacket is simple but oozes quality and lets the necklace tage the stage to shine.


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