Monday, January 4, 2016

Dressed for De-Tree-ing, and Prepare for Adventure

Oh, good golly, it was excruciating getting up so early this morning. Look at this! 
Dark out! No one should have to work when it's dark out!

  • Sweater - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last seen here in November 2015 with Lacroix
  • Velvet trousers - Tobias, consignment; purchased here last week for $17.60
  • Shoes - Qtee Mini, Fluevog, consignment; last worn here in September 2015 with a classic combo 

I had most of my coworkers pick up on the 70s vintage-y vibe that I was puttin' down today. It's the scarf - I get that whenever I wear a scarf in my hair. I'm wearing one today because I dyed my hair on the weekend, and I have nasty purple scalp bits flaking off (yum!).
Being my first day back at work, I had to get the Christmas decorations down. No snaggy fabrics, something I can bend over in. Unfortunately, these lovely trousers are 100% cotton, and they bagged out on me like crazy! I love them, but the lack of stretch/give means that they will bag every time I wear them. Nope, not putting up with that - once these are washed, they're headed off to live with one of my coworkers. Ah, well. Can't win 'em all.

The stuff:
Easy shoes to stand in while unwrapping lights from the tree.

Colourful bling:
I'm such a cheater.

  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Earrings - vintage expo

The last time I wore the above shoes, I also wore these earrings and scarf!

Are you ready for Adventure? How about a John Fluevog Adventure?
Specifically, these Prepare Hi Adventure lace-up boots!
My awesome boss and the other 3 vice-presidents all contributed and presented me with a Fluevog gift certificate for Christmas. So much awesome!

These boots were heavily discounted from $525.00 to $199.00 and with only one pair left in my size (9.5) I had to have them. They are butter-soft leather, with zippers on the inside (so I only need to adjust the laces once). The heels and platform are a waxed suede, and the soles are thick rubber. These are not as high as they look, due to the platform and another hidden platform inside - they are also totally squishy inside so super-comfy!

Add these Adventures to my other Prepare Hi shoes, the Prepare Hi Steady in yellow waxed suede (last worn here). L notoriously hates the "Disco Dutch" shoes, but didn't mind these ones - he noted that the clunky heel and sole are balanced by the larger top half of the boots. Either way, I am excited to wear them - it'll be this week!


  1. Those boots are completely awesome! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Love the colours in your outfit but those boots really steal the show - what a great Christmas present and awesome use of the voucher, looking forward to seeing how you wear them! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Adorable 70's vibe. You remind me of Rhoda Morgenstern (from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and Rhoda's spinoff series).

  4. oooh, those new Fluevog boots - call them the "Sheila"! xox


  5. I absolutely love this outfit and the vintage vibe !!
    Sorry to hear that the trousers stretched during the day.. they were my favorite garment.
    And I totally agree, NOBODY should have to go out to work in the morning when its THAT dark.

  6. Great boots and a super bargain...nice that your managers know what you like and got together with the gift certificate,
    Happy New Year Sheila!

  7. Gulp-tastic (heh) boots. I'm glad they have a zipper - I am not a lace purist. Superb gift!! You can never ever quit your job. And I love your big earrings. Yeah! I'm so into big ones these days. Is it a phase? Can't wait for your visit.

  8. Those are delicious boots - when I see Fluevogs like that, I really wish I could wear them. Interesting that L doesn't mind the Prepares when they are in tall boot form. Your boss obviously knows what kind of gift you would most appreciate.

    I took all our Christmas decorations down in the office the day before we closed for the holidays (December 23). It was a major challenge getting out of bed on time on Monday.

  9. I think if I had to chose a favourite element of your closet it would be your footwear. Today's shoes look so funky and am green with envy about these boots. What a wonderful establishment you work for to reward you so handsomely! Hurrah - I'm sure you deserve it x
    Anna's Island Style


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