Monday, September 26, 2011

More Washable Suede!

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy thrift and consignment store shopping? I was reading some magazine recently that said over 70% of people are now shopping second-hand. I like that I'm not contributing to made-in-China cheap clothing, that I'm saving money and that I'm helping out local charities and shopowners by buying local.

Not that I'm all righteous about it! Please keep buying new so that I have stuff to buy when you consign it! Ha!

This outfit features only two second-hand items: this fabulous skirt and an orange cami that I'm wearing underneath the blouse: That's my paramecium blouse (L's name for it), with my big ol' soft suede belt (I had to cut another hole in it this morning to make it fit at my waist - the end of it is secured with a paper clip!), and this new-to-me Danier Leather suede skirt.

Just like this suede skirt and this suede skirt (both thrifted), it is machine wash, tumble dry! Love it! No dry-cleaning bills for me! I paid $30 for the skirt, and not having that extra upkeep is totally worth it.

It has a lovely mermaid shape:
The shoes are also new - brand new - and are one of the pairs I got at the Bay for $29.99 this past weekend. They are leather and I love the classic cut and colour. They were also amazingly comfy all day.

Check 'em out:
So pretty. I love that caramel colour.

And although I'm not a brand snob, I know quality with or without a good label:
Thank you, Ralph, for these lovely shoes.

I am especially thankful for this:Regular $99.00 and I got 'em for $29.99. Score! Heh, you can see that the other pair was an even better deal...

Oh, I need to look at them again...
Classic. That's a better representation of the colour, too.

Blouse (Liz Claiborne), cami (Liz Claiborne, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, consignment), shoes (Lauren by Ralph Lauren), ring/earrings/belt (Aldo Accessories).

Oh, and I almost forgot! I'm participating in Visible Monday - thanks, Patti!


  1. What a gorgeous pair of shoes !
    AND i wish there were real consignment stores here. Whenever someone compliments me on a thrifted or vintage item i tell the the origin of the garment and i get a certain "look". Here thrifting is unheard of, its almost like receiving charity.People dont get it. Its a true shame, they have no idea what they are missing out on!

  2. Fabulous top and skirt, but the real score is those shoes. They have the most fabulous and lux shape. And what a great deal. I think 80% of my shopping is second hand. I still buy new underthings and the occasional new "clearance/sale" piece, but I love my thrift stores. I hope other people don't stop donating, because otherwise I have no idea where I'd shop!

  3. The shoes! Love them forever. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday (hmmm, it almost sounds like Vizzini Monday) : >

  4. Those are some GORGEOUS classic pumps. And what a steal!

  5. A good deal on classic shoes? Can't go wrong.
    You're blowing my mind with this washable suede thing. Does that mean it wouldn't be annihilated by being caught in a New England rain shower? Seriously, blowing my mind.

  6. Wow...I haven't thought of paramecium in 30 years!

  7. A washable suede skirt! I'm in envy and the color of it is wonderful.

  8. I said the exact same thing to my sister today - to keep buying retail so there'd be a good second hand selection for me!

  9. Can't believe I was in the Bay on Saturday and missed the sale!

    Do you have a list somewhere on your site of some of the consignment shops you frequent? I am so impressed by your finds! (I'm new to your website and apologize if I'm missing it somewhere obvious!)

  10. Thanks, Lorena! That seems so strange to me - I've been shopping consignment/thrifting since I was a teenager.

    Megan, I know, right? Best Shoes! Agreed! Keep buying new! Other people!

    Patti, thanks! Ha, yes, it does. Maybe I should do a Vizzini Monday?

    Sal, thanks!

    Kelly, agreed! Yes, that's right - this skirt actually got caught in the rain and it was fine.

    Wendy, well, glad to be of service. :)

    Terri, you just have to look at the labels! They're out there!

    Cara, you're so right!

    Lorinda, I left a comment on your blog regarding your questions (I hope it's in queue for approval, I didn't see it appear). You can email me (in my profile) and I'd be happy to send you a list. Thanks for reading!

  11. Man, you're quite the bargain shopper!! I'm kicking myself because I saw some amazing sale shoes in the bay last weekend and I didn't get them and I wish I did!

    This post has inspired me to hit up my local salvation army today :)

  12. Absolutely love your shoes. Your outfit is also very flattering. I adore the top and the belt, eh.

    Cathy@dickies scrubs

  13. Emmett Katherine, I am! I love my bargains. Good luck on your hunting!

    Vanity, thank you!


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