Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And All of a Sudden - It Changes

This has been the weirdest week.

You may have noticed that since I got my new job last March, that I've seemed a little off. I don't like to disclose everything in my life on my blog (it's not that kind of blog), but I know some of my closer friends who read Ephemera have noticed that something wasn't right.

To be honest, I have had a really rough time getting a handle on my job; it was in a new field, and I had to learn a lot of complicated things quickly. It was discouraging at times, and I struggled with many aspects of it. Don't get me wrong: I knew I could do the job, and I did my best. But I wasn't happy.

But on Monday I was transferred to another office, and traded places with another employee. Starting on Tuesday, I have been doing reception and administration...and I have had some of the best days I've had in months. Months.

Also on Tuesday, the weather suddenly turned from full-on summer to autumn. It's overcast and cloudy and that chill is in the air.

But even though the sun is gone, I feel the sunshine inside. Finally.

So let's celebrate with some colour! My lovely painty blouse, and this is a new red pencil skirt that I found in a thrift boutique for $13.50 (which makes me grumble a bit because this skirt was on sale new for $19.99, but it's for a good cause, and it's Canadian made).

I had my WW meeting after work and my feet were a bit sore from the Monday shoes, so I went with the gold kitten heels, which I seem to always wear with Mom's vintage 60s chain belt. No stuff picture as I was bagged when I finally got home at 8 pm.

Blouse (Jones New York), skirt (Jacob, thrifted), shoes (Aldo, consignment), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's).

Today, I took full advantage of the chillier weather to break out some of the thrift and consignment items that I've been holding off on wearing. For example, this amazing skirt:It variously reminds me of blue cheese, snow on a black sky, or one of those black and white pictures of black tree branches. It's a thick cotton, almost a denim, and has a black velvet trim. It was around $29.00 on consignment. I couldn't find anything at all on the brand online but oh well. It feels like good quality.

Naturally, I went all matchy with the teal shoes and cardi! That's how I roll, baby!

Because my new office is so much closer (only a 20 minute walk versus 30-35 minutes), I can actually walk to work in my clothes (with runners!). I climb the 6 flights of stairs in the morning to get to my floor, as well. I felt the burn this morning!

This also means I can actually wear some of my outerwear, instead of workout jackets! Hurray!
This is a new-to-me leather jacket that I got for "free" with my credit at my favourite consignment shop a few weeks ago. It would have been $48, which is still a steal for leather. It's nicely broken in. I find you really can't be too fussy about light-coloured leather; it's always going to show dirt and wear, so you may as well just go with it.

Vizzini was showing the love this morning.

The back:
A great cut to it!

The stuff:
A good look at the pattern of the skirt. I didn't want to look too girly, so I went with my bugs and snakes and my rock 'n' roll grommet belt.

A close-up:
Scary! I got a lot of comments on them today.

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (InWear), skirt (J.J.F., consignment), shoes (Me Too), belt (swap from Ruth), snake pin and spider ring (vintage 80s, gift from Mom and Dad), bug pin (Le Chateau), snake ring (Museum gift shop, vintage 80s).


  1. You have the best outfits!!! Congrats on your new position. I sure do know how it feels to be somewhere that isn't a good fit, LOL.

  2. YAY for you, Sheila! So glad to hear that things have taken a turn for the better--you deserve it! And I may I say how fetching you look in your Monday image in particular (although you always look good, in my books!) I particularly applaud you for guarding against stress-induced weight gain during these past months: congrats for rewarding yourself instead with these stunning clothes that you've EARNED the right to fit! Best wishes in this new era!

  3. Thank you, Chrissy! That's exactly it: it wasn't a good fit. It feels wonderful to be in the new position.

    Thank you, C'est Chic! It has been tough over the last year not to turn to food to comfort myself over all the stress I've been through, so thank you.

  4. The teal is dreamy. I'm glad things are looking up! It always does eventually... ya just gotta keep on keepin' on.

  5. Thank you, Freeda. I have been trying to remind myself of that. :)

  6. That's so great they could work something out for you at work. It's so tough being in a job that makes you feel discouraged, so it sounds like this is a change for the better.

  7. Sheila, you had my heart pounding for a bit at the beginning of your post. Between your note about your HR department finding out about your blog, and the first few lines, I was certain you were announcing the end of Ephemera. Phew! So glad I kept reading! Hopefully the new position will continue to be a perfect fit! And that they love your clothes as much as we do!

  8. Now that you've mentioned it, you did look a bit under the weather for a while... I'm glad you're back into being a happy Sheila!! I love your mixing and matching ability!! The creepy stuff are the proof of it! Thanks for the welcome honey! Keep feeling summery :)

  9. I'm sorry you've been so unhappy at work; I did notice you've been quieter and busier but I was hoping it was for a good reason. Glad you've figured out a way to get yourself into a better position. Good luck!

    Love the bright colors, but the combo of the black and white and deep teal is really stunning. I don't know why that one is resonating so much with me; I am usually all over the bright colors!

  10. Most importantly I am so glad you are feeling better about your job, nothing worse than dreading going to work.

    Then I must say I love your combo of black, white and turquoise.

  11. So happy for you on your new work position, Sheila - it makes so much difference!

    Your "blue cheese" skirt is divine, and so is the leather jacket. Brava!

  12. I am glad that you were able to find a role that is a good fit for you!

  13. That blue cheese skirt is wonderful! I can tell the quality from the picture alone!

  14. Don't ask me how, but I knew there was SOMETHING off - it's like there was something bothering you.
    I am glad it's all better now ...

  15. I am SO thrilled for you Babes. And LOVE the rockin' painterly brouse with belt :)

  16. Sheila, I'm THRILLED for you! Isn't it amazing what a difference a good job can make. Congrats, and your happiness shows through in these stellar outfits.

  17. I'm so happy for you good news! (Sorry for the late comments, I've been on the go like crazy lately). You look so much sunnier, and 'sound' like you're feeling yourself again. I love the new skirt, looks great with teal! Drooling over the white jacket. Love it!

  18. I have been reading a few months but could see some ups and downs..glad all is well. It's hard not to let it effect outfits, I may they the teal and black next week, it looks awesome, as usual. :)

  19. Well, you look fabulous and in control, Shelia! I am so glad things have turned around and that your joy has returned...there are always cool breezes around the corner to help us with the hot seats we are on!!

  20. Congratulations on the better-suited gig! Your smile has a lot more power behind it in the top photo- that can only mean good things! YAY!

  21. oh, Sheila i am very very happy to hear about these changes for the happier! It's very exciting to hear that you are in a new position and things are brightening up!

    you always look fantastic in corals, roses, yellows - like a blazing sunset! and that lipstick colored skirt is quintessential Sheila! and that wintry branchy skirt with the white leather jacket....oh yeah.

    Happy autumn! steph

  22. Glad you've found a better fit at work. Obviously no fit problems on the outfit front! That black and white skirt is sublime, and the teal is such a good color on you.

  23. Anne, I am so much happier - thank you.

    Cara, aw, I wouldn't do that, on. I am actually going to work on posting more often now. And yes, they do appreciate my outfits!

    Dimi, thanks, hon!

    Kristen, thank you. I love that muted combo too - the skirt is such a star.

    Lesa, agreed, that's the worst. Thank you!

    Patti, it does, thanks!

    Rebecca, me too.

    Kasmira, thank you - it's an amazing skirt.

    Lorena, that's 'cause you've known me for so long. :) Thank you!

    Thanks, Caro!

    Thanks, Sal, yes, it is a huge difference!

    Megan, no worries, it's crazy all around these days! Thank you so much.

    Angela, thank you for reading and commenting.

    Pam, thanks so much!

    Rita, thank you. Yay!

    Steph, thanks very much for the email as well as your sweet comment.

    Kelly, thank you!


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