Monday, September 12, 2011

Blue Monday - Matchy-Matchy Overload!

I fell in love with today's outfit, so I wanted to post it tonight rather than wait. I totally overloaded on blue: I found this amazing dress at a consignment store yesterday (thank you, Velvet Crease, for being open on Sundays - finally!) for $29.oo. It's a slinky polyester jersey and wow, don't you just love the rich blue?

I have very little blue in my wardrobe - it's just not one of my "go-to" colours. However, I had enough to really go to town...Matchy-Matchy Town!
That's my off-white tux jacket, and my fabulous crazyass Oxfords from Paris only worn here and originally here (scroll down past all my travel pics), along with the scarf Megan sent me.

Here's a shot of the dress solo:
It has a ruffle of flowers all along the neckline (front and back) made from the same fabric. I'll be wearing this as a WW weigh-in/pre- and post-Ulty dress on the weekends, for sure! I love the little capped sleeve too.

The stuff:
All the blues together! Those shoes make my feet sweat, so they were perfect in my frigid office.

A close-up:
A blue pin, my ring from the Louvre and some cheap earrings.

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), dress (Just...Taylor, consignment), shoes (Belle Woman), scarf (swap from Megan), pin (The Bay), ring (the Louvre gift shop), earrings (Jacob).


  1. First, every time I read "Luvre" I read it as "Lurve", as in an affected way to say "love". Perhaps it's time to sleep!

    Second, that dress is unbelievable! I think that jar of pennies sitting on my desk is now going to be my "flight to Victoria to go shopping with Sheila" fund.

  2. I love that dress. The design is very attractive and blue is a great color. You can't go wrong adding white and more blue to the outfit!

  3. So much matchy love! Great way to incorporate that scarf. That blue dress is GORGEOUS, and you look AMAZING in it. You (and I) should consider blue more often. It plays so well with red hair.

  4. The dress is gorgeous--really and truly gorgeous. I have looked for a white tuxedo jacket all summer without success so I am admiring that as well.

  5. What a fantastic and unusual combination! Love it! Kisses :)

  6. I love this whole is gorgeous...I am really drawn to blue lately and this is a fabulous way to do BLUE! Great job! Hope you got a chance to catch my three posts on Fashion Night Out in San Antonio...there was a lot to look at.

  7. Love the blues! Those shoes are amazing, in the very best way.

  8. You look fab in blue.
    The dress is perfect and your Louvre ring too !

  9. Cara, ha, my ex used to say that to me. Isn't the dress amazing? I would love it if you came to visit!

    Ally, thank you! It's such a simple cut, but sometimes that's all you need.

    Megan, I had to wear the scarf with the dress (I wanted to wear it in my hair)! I think I will be collecting more of this blue. Thank you!

    Terri, thanks! I hope you find a tux jacket!

    Dimi, so good to see you. Thank you!

    Pam, thank so much - I did read your posts!

    Patti, thanks!

    Lorena, thank you!

    Wendy, aren't they insane? I love them.


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