Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jury Selection, a Cat Sandwich and Slouchy

As I mentioned on Monday, I had to go to Jury Selection all day on Tuesday. I most adamantly did not want to get picked; I'd rather be at work. The last time I did jury selection, I was about 20 years old, and I wore thigh-high purple boots. I did not get picked.

This time, I went for kooky and colourful, in the hopes that I'd be sending conflicting messages and they wouldn't peg me as a middle-aged professional woman (what I am): My coral skirt, my "Queen of the Faeries" blouse (3rd outfit down), my khaki jacket (2nd outfit) and my leopard flats (2nd outfit) for walking to the courthouse. And of course that bigass flower is enough to scare anyone!

I also wore my leather flower on my wrist:
And a blue belt! How's that for a lot going on?

It was a little more sedate with the jacket closed:
The bad news: stood in line and sat around all freakin' day, only to be told that selection had been postponed for two weeks. Gah! However, when I got home today, L told me that the Sheriff's Office had phoned - they settled the case out of court! I'm dismissed! Yay!

I'd like to think my outfit contributed.

Jacket (Bianca Nygard, thrifted), blouse (no label, consignment), skirt (Rocket, thrifted), shoes (can't remember), belt (Landes, thrifted), flower cuff (consignment), flower pin (Le Chateau).

On Tuesday night, I had my WW group. We are doing a promo right now, can you tell?
Yeah. I don't like wearing logo t-shirts, but I am making the best of it.

Let's move along:
I do love that skirt, though. I need to wear it again soon. The t-shirt, nah, not so much - it's going into the "Ulty t-shirts that I sweat in" collection.

T-shirt (Weight Watchers swag), skirt (Cabri, thrifted), cuff (Shi Studios), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction (swap from Cat).


Brought to you by the delicious Cat Sandwich:
Take one part sofa, one part part big squishy pillow and allow cat to squeeze in between. Enjoy! But watch the teeth and claws - they're sharp!


Today was hot. I mean HOT. Like, nearly 30 degrees (that's around 90 for those of you on the other scale). For us delicate West Coast flowers, that's wilting weather.

However, I still have icy-cold air conditioning at work, so I had to wear sleeves:
My favourite blouse - it goes with so many colours! I last wore it here with red, beige and black; previously here with olive green and black and white; and here with a dark grey dress (that dress went in the swap pile right away, bad colour near my face).

I adore this shiny velvet skirt:
It's sort of a bubble-y hem, and don't you just love the pockets? I was all louche and insouciantly slouchy all day!

The stuff:
My funky Campers - I'm always amazed at how heavy they are! The soles and heels are solid rubber - it's like getting a workout just wearing them around!

My groovy necklace:
I love a big splash of red.

Blouse (Marcona, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Camper), necklace (Plum).


  1. I would have picked you for a jury in your "avoidance" outfit... you look responsible but independent-minded... a perfect juror for a criminal defense attorney!

    I am so in love with your blouse in the last outfit, and the skirt looks like it feels wonderful.

  2. I like both of the colorful skirts. I have done jury duty twice already, and got picked to serve once.

  3. Congrats on not having to go to jury duty! I don't know what I'd do about it. Is it fashion blogger-y of me to stare at your outfit going "what's so crazy?" I love the skirt.

    Wow, I love how you can make even a promo tee look stylish. That skirt is perfection for setting off the blue. I love shirts like that for sleeping though. D and I have a ridiculous store of freebie tees that we lounge/sleep in.

    Awww sweetie cat! Look at those paws and innocent eyes. Not only does he have a little beard, his wittle toes are tipped in white. What a fashionable tux-kitty.

    90s are actually a reprieve compared to some of the heat we've experienced. Except insanely, we're having 60F (15.6C) ones which is down right fridged in comparison.

    I just love that crazy print top. I think it's got a very evil-eye vibe going on.

  4. 'Doll, yeah, but then the prosecution could veto your choice - win! ;)

    Ha, Megan, I know - everyone at jury selection was in jeans, shorts and t-shirts - it was just shameful how poorly they were dressed.

  5. I love the "big ass flower" and the cat sandwich. Every time I get called for jury duty it is in the middle of my summer vacation...I like the way you dressed up a tee, I hate wearing them too.

  6. You're funny. I pick juries every month or so and have seen many attempts to avoiding being selected but I've never seen anyone DRESS for that purpose.

    Today's outfit is fabulous. Both the skirt and blouse are fabulous and go well together.

  7. LOL, the flower kept you out of jury duty! I am dying over the idea.

    Yeah, printed t-shirts aren't my thing either, but you did well with that one. The turquoise skirt saved it.

    Sigh. That red necklace is still one of my favorites of yours; if you ever get to point of wanting to consign it, I will buy it from you instead!

  8. Yeah, I'm with lawyerdoll, you look like perfect jury material! But you lucked out, yay! Love your favorite-blouse outfit. I want to feel louche all day too : >
    Just give me that kitty right now so I can nom him, that's all.

  9. Kristen, deal. It's yours when I'm tired of it. :)

  10. I am also not a big fan of logo Ts, but you really created a chic outfit with it!

  11. Yeah, being on a jury can be a pain espcially if it runs more than 1 day! Glad youdidnt have to do it.
    Love the print blouse and skirt--great print!

  12. That last skirt is amazing! I can think of a bazillion places to wear it, outfits to wear it with and reasons why I need to find one like that!!

  13. outfit number 3 is just wonderful and I love the Campers. The blue skirt is pretty wonderful too. Glad you lucked out of jury duty. Got my fingers crossed I'll never be called for it again. Took them 3 days to dismiss me.

  14. Lord i love that khaki jacket!! i have three right now, but i'm always looking for more ;) they are my fashion 'knights in shining armor', they'll save almost any outfit for me!

    that is a great outfit. i love the gigantic flower - i can just imagine the security guards wondering if you're concealing a camera (or a squirt bulb!) in there...

    look #3 is so wonderful! gorgeous patterns and textures in lovely lovely colors...sigh...and so clean and no-fuss. the ideal type of look!

    it's funny, everyone i know who has actually been picked to be on a jury ended up finding it just fascinating and they were really happy that they had the experience. even hard-core anti-jury-duty types (small business owners, etc.) But it is a complete logistical nightmare, and all that standing, sitting, bad public announcement systems, junk food vending machines.....i'm glad your strategy 'worked' (intention is all!)

    Happy Friday!! steph

  15. OMG - I honestly do not know what I would do if I was even considered for jury duty !
    I have an aunt who has been picked like 4 times and cries her eyes out as it's usually really rough cases :(
    However IF I ever get called I think I will borrow your purple boots from a few years back and hopefully not get picked :)
    I really like that last outfit, that is actually one of my very favorite skirts. I n fact i could pair it with my Zara Sheila top.

  16. Hrm. Jury duty is a disruption, but umm...what if you (or a loved one) were wrongly put on trial and needed a jury to see that? How would you feel if all the smart and fair thinkers did their darndest not to be there for you? Did you know that juries used to be made up of only white men by law? And everyone knows how fair they are, especially to those who are not white and/or not men...

    I don't get why it's such a "thing" to get out of jury duty. Am I missing something? It seems like it's something automatic anymore.

    Luv ya Sheila, but I just had to say.

  17. Thanks for your comment, Someone, but of course you aren't getting the full picture. I don't disclose my entire life on this blog by a long shot, and there are other factors going on that caused me to really need to *not* be on a jury for an indefinite period of time.

  18. The Marcona blouse is too die for, as well as the bubble-ish skirt. I would wear them all the time, if I had your legs. :)

  19. I need to see you in thigh-high purple boots, STAT.


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