Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wear - A Jumpsuit!

No Ulty yesterday (not enough people could play), so L and I walked to town to meet up with our friends for lunch. I had a completely different outfit on, and then changed it at the last minute to this:
Good ol' tried and true. You can't go wrong wearing a dress - I last wore my lettuce dress here.

The original outfit was my green puffy skirt and a t-shirt (almost this same outfit), but I was just not liking the skirt at all, so it is going into the consignment bag.

Dress (Taylor, consignment), shoes (Wild Diva, swap from Caro).

Last night, Caro and her husband threw a 100th birthday party for their house. I have been saving this outfit for this occasion: Disco Diva!

I got the jumpsuit at my favourite consignment store last weekend for $22, along with the belt ($10) and earrings ($7). I had credit so I didn't actually pay anything. I was leery at first of the jumpsuit as I used to have one in the 80s (click here if you dare, to see me in it - that's my dad, and I'm about 21 years old there, circa 1988).

However, I really liked how this one fit: nice drapey fabric (that didn't wrinkle), neutral colour and not too bulky. I was pretty challenged taking these pictures, though - I'm just not used to wearing flowy pants!

The back: The elastic at the waist was set a little high, so this was a tad crotch-tacular all night, and needed frequent adjusting.

Outside:I dyed my hair last night as well. I love the red shoes and belt with this!

The stuff: The belt is Le Chateau, and based on the fact that it's leather (most of their belts aren't these days) and the design of the buckle, I'd say this is a late 80s/early 90s belt. I like that it's slightly curved so that it sits well on the waist.

These shoes were very comfy to wear all night...except for when we tried walking home 3 km from the party around 1:30 am. Bad idea. My feet are just killing me today. I recall that I walked barefoot for at least 1 km. The sidewalks hurt, but the grass was cool and wet.

A better shot of the accessories: Annie gave me the cuff for free! I love the coppery colour and that the skull has red jewel accents. People commented on the feather earrings all night - they felt like soft little kitten paws on my neck.

I got a lot of compliments on the outfit at the party. My gal Vero said that this was her very favourite party outfit I've ever worn! Wow! Thanks, hon!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Jumpsuit (Linea Domina, consignment), belt (vintage Le Chateau, consignment), cuff/earrings (consignment), shoes (Locale).


  1. I'm glad I read to the end of the post to find out those were feathery EARRINGS! I wasn't sure if they were hair extensions of some sort or not :)

    You look great in the pantsuit - and I like the brown/red combination.

    Sorry about those sore feet. That is a miserable feeling!

  2. The jumpsuit is So Great! (I wouldn't recognize you from 1988 - you're so different!). I adore the earrings too and the cool cuff bracelet. I too have walked home barefoot, and preferred it to the agony of de-feet.

  3. Love both looks~and who would think we would wear jumpsuits again?

  4. If I ever lose enought weight, I might try a look great and have inspired me. But it will take a lot more work, before I am there. I love the earrings...I have toyed with buying some myself!!

  5. What a fab jumpsuit. It's VERY different from the 80s version. I love the red accents, those sandals are killer. The new hair color is fab.

    Sorry to hear about the beat-up feet though. I hate when I end up having to do more walking than I planned for.

  6. That lettuce dress is one of my favorites.

    Ha, I remember Le Chateau from the late 80s. I think I still have a killer black dress from them down in my basement... :)

  7. Gosh those red suede shoes look fantastic.

  8. Your caboose looks really cute in that jumpsuit!

    I'm still loving the lettuce dress, of course!

  9. You are rocking that jumper !
    I can imagine you wearing a blazer over it, or tying a shirt at the waist... or rolling it up and walking the beach.... :)
    I dyed my hair this weekend too - I really do not know what I am going to do in the coming years with my gray hairs if at this age I am going insane :(

  10. LOVE the whole description of the infamous pantsuit and the walk home, She!!! That pic of you and your dad is PRICELESS! Love from Caro.

  11. That jumpsuit is so fun, and a 100th birthday party for a house -- what a great excuse for a party! Sorry your shoes didn't go the distance, but then again walking 3 km in them might have been a bit ambitious.


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